Five Things That Will Make Far Cry 5 The Best In The Series

1. Overhaul Safe Zones

The Far Cry series is known for its gigantic game world in which players could jump off cliffs and wingsuit across vast landscapes filled with roaming enemies and all forms of wildlife. Yet the world doesn’t feel dangerous or particularly authentic, and a large reason for this is that an outpost, small village or otherwise inhabited location was only a few minutes walk away regardless of your location. Running low on bullets? There’s an outpost about 200 meters away. On your way to hunt some honey badgers? Oh look, there’s a little shack on the way where you can do some racing!

When you load up on armor, bullets and equipment in a safe zone and venture out, it never really feels like you’re setting off on an adventure fraught with danger, because the world just feels too *busy* to be dangerous and unpredictable. The game would also become too easy once you captured more outposts. Ubisoft has offered solutions, like resetting them all or replaying an outpost assault, but these solutions exist outside of the game world and don’t mesh with the story in any way imaginable.

What Ubisoft should do instead is have a main city where most quests and supplies are given, and present the player with the choice of whether or not to capture outposts that have been wiped clean of enemies, with advantages and disadvantages. Choosing to capture an outpost, for example, would provide the player with a safe zone, but capture too many and you’ll stretch your ally’s forces too thin and risk having more of them retaken. Capture a few, and you’ll have less safe zones to return to, but they’ll be better defended. The result is that you’ll have a game world still filled with danger, where supplies have to be chosen carefully before stepping out the door, and a new level of strategy that affords players more control while requiring a little more thought.

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