5 Reasons Why: Rockstar Should Bench GTA for a Bit

5. Something Different

Grand Theft Auto is an outstanding game series, and one that constantly pushes the limits of the systems that it dons. It is a privilege to play a game such as this because you can truly see the craftsmanship that takes place when the title is produced. While we will argue too that games such as Red Dead and Max Payne 3 were fine additions in their time as well, looking at the current portfolio Rockstar has seemed a bit stuck in a rut. The last 8 games that they have released have all been monster hits, but 6 of them have been very similar in make up. GTA V, Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare, Max Payne 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, and the Episodes from Liberty City all share very similar mechanics and style which makes their launches feel just a bit robotic with the releases.

When Rockstar decided to step outside the box a bit with LA Noire, they showed how truly universal the company can be. Thinking differently with the title, they were able to show off their truly amazing story-telling ability but in a different way than other titles. The game felt fresh and new and was something to build upon in the future. I won’t spoil the ending for those that have yet to play it, but LA Noire, per say, would not make for a game to build a sequel on to but something along those lines feels like what the doctor is ordering for Rockstar.

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  1. Ugh seriously you know they only realease a gta game once every 5 years since san Andreas.

    2004 Gta san Andreas
    2008 gta IV (tlad and tbogt were expansion and thus don’t really count).
    2013 gta v

    So no don’t shelf it and that san Andreas 2 rumour confirmed fake

  2. Thank you for the comment dapaintrain, the reason for the suggested shelving is because it is unfortunate that we have not seen enough uniqueness from them of late. If you tak into consideration their expansions, and much of it like a stand alone title, that they are due for a few more releases before they bring another GTA out. Yes it’s 5 year bits Red Dead is sue, Bully is due, heck even Max Payne and Manhunt are due. Not just that hit the need for something like a LA Noire game should be there before GTA. Rockstar needs to get new stuff pimping from them again. Hence the suggestion. Thanks again for the comment and keep tuning in!!

    • Enough Uniqueness? Every Entry in the GTA series can be considered a Unique experience.. and many of them take place in a completely different city each time. They also changed the way the game works a lot this time around for GTA V. They incorporated more than 1 person in the storyline, blended it beautifully and also meshed a very solid online play. I really don’t see how you consider them to not be innovative. They also have several studios working out of Rockstar.. They have a lot of solid series, and it is rumored that they are coming out with a new Red Dead Redemption for this new gen.

      Rockstar also has an exclusive Sony game that they will announce sometime soon.. I mean it has been quite awhile since they said something about “Agent”, and I’m guessing it will be cancelled or changed into a different game.. Regardless they still owe PS an exclusive.. so expect to see that sometime soon. Maybe E3?

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