Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell Review (Xbox One)

For the past few years Saints Row has been about one upping the previous game in the crazy and wacky department. In previous games we have fought Zombies and Aliens, but this time we are literally going to hell in what I personally think is the craziest Saints Row game to date. Sadly while it may up the craziness, it doesn’t do much in the terms of new ideas which I will go in to much more detail later in the review.

In Gat Out Of Hell you will not play as the leader of the saints, you will have the choice to either play as Gat or Kinzie which can be swapped around whenever you feel like. The boss has actually been sucked into Hell, and has been forced to marry Satan’s daughter Jezebel, so it’s up to Kinzie and Gat to raise as much hell (no pun intended) to get Satan’s attention so they can save the boss.

To get Satan’s attention you will need to keeping increasing Satan’s Wrath meter until it gets all the way to the end. To increase the meter you will need to complete the main quests. In these main quests you will meet historical figures like Shakespeare and Blackbeard who will help you in your battle against Satan. The problem I had with these quests was that they are just a bundle of side activities with a hellish twist to them, which means you won’t play many actual missions in Gat Out Of Hell. It also means the main game doesn’t last long too, with my own playthrough taking around only 3 hours to complete.

These side activities you complete range from old classics like fraud, were you have to purposely injure yourself to get as much money as possible, and mayhem were you just simply blow things up and cause mayhem just like the title says! Then there are new ones like Hellblazing were you get to really test out the new flying skill as you have to fly through checkpoints as fast as possible whilst using stamina carefully which can make for a tough activity. Then there are activities that are new but just aren’t very good like Extraction Facilities, were you have to capture 3 parts at the same time which is similar to the one used in Call Of Duty. You can also complete these activities with different medals depending on time/score you get in the mission if you don’t get a bronze, silver, or gold rating you will start the activity over.

The Final Verdict 

Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell isn’t going to something I’d recommend to people reading this review unless you are a big Saints Row fan who needs their fix of wackiness that Saints Row always delivers. I wouldn’t recommend this game because it feels too much like a quick cash in, while it does add some cool new features like the flying power the fact still remains that you are basically playing through a game full of side activities that rarely has cutscenes or even main missions.

+Flying power

+Still an overall fun Saints Row game with great humor

-Too many side activities used as main missions

-Feels too similar to past Saints Row games (The format is getting tiresome)

-Too short



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