The Order 1886 Controversy: An Honest Opinion From A Gaming Journalist

Controversy surrounding new video games is rising at an alarming rate. In the last 12 months we’ve had downgraded games like Watch Dogs, completely broken games being released like The Master Chief Collection, Evolve’s overuse of DLC, and also bug filled games like Assassin’s Creed Unity. The Order 1886 can now be added to that rapidly growing list of games that are receiving pre release backlash due to early leaks. Many in the gaming community have now called out gaming journalists for going into “damage control” but in this article, it is a true and honest opinion from a gaming journalist.

If you are unaware of how The Order 1886 backlash started, here is a brief version of the story. YouTuber “PlayMeThrough” got an early copy of the highly anticipated “The Order: 1886” for PS4 coming out next week. He has posted an entire YouTube walkthrough of the game which consisted of 5 hours run time on his channel, which has since been taken down. To clarify The Order: 1886 is a purely single player experience with no addition of multiplayer. Now depending on your view of video gaming as a media source you as a player can decide whether or not you are willing to pay full price for a game that is rumored to clock in at around 5 hours. 5 hour long campaigns for games aren’t new; almost every Call of Duty game that releases has a 5 hour single player; however you do get an extensive multiplayer portion of the game as well.

Many others who have their review copies and the developer themselves (Ready at Dawn) stated that the game is much longer if you actually take your time and do all the side quests and activities. A few others on YouTube have stated that the game has taken them upwards of 10 hours for completion, however it was not stated whether or not they played just the campaign or did the additional side objectives. If a game is extremely innovative, with vastly gorgeous graphics, smooth controls and the best story you’ve ever experienced in a video game but only clocked in at 5 hours would you buy it for full triple A price?  Only time will tell if Ready at Dawn’s upcoming shooter The Order: 1886 will be worth it, stay tuned to ThisGenGaming for our review.

I feel that The Order: 1886 will be a good game for what it is, but I don’t expect it to be anything fantastic. Ready at Dawn is primarily known for PSP, Wii and a few PS3 ports which makes me nervous for them to take on a fully fledged next gen title. Ready At Dawn has a promising team comprised of ex Naughty Dog and ex Blizzard employees but I still have a worry in the back of my mind the controls are going to feel off just because they’re mainly a mobile developer. Now after that what ties the whole mobile gaming into why I feel the length is actually 5 hours like the aforementioned YouTuber showed is that mobile / handheld games are shallow and quick. They are not meant to suck you in (with a few exceptions) they are meant to play while on the go, on the bus or in a car or something of the sort.

The Order: 1886 from what we’ve heard from people who have gotten a chance to play a demo of it and all the footage found online and through popular YouTubers impressions I’ve come to find that there holding back A LOT on the “mutants” and that wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t such a driving point to the game, it’s a zombie style apocalypse in the 1800s sounds awesome but if you’re hiding such a selling point to the game either the game is super long and you’re saving the good bits, or there’s a distinct lack and such a shallow small experience. When I think of this game I get a real “Aliens Colonial Marines” vibe and it makes me very uneasy. The Order talks up a lot of very cool enemies and features and things that you’re supposedly going to do but they don’t SHOW any of it; and that’s exactly what happened to Aliens Colonial Marines a lot of talk to get the hype up but delivered a brutally short game that was undercooked at the best of times. With the recent trend of games releasing with crippling bugs I feel The Order will be no different. I want The Order to prove me wrong and be a great game but given what I know and the info they have given it makes me feel like the game will be short, dull and undercooked.

Leave your thoughts about the article, the whole controversy, or whether you’ll be buying The Order 1886 or not in the comment section below. We want to know!

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  1. What do you think about the controversy surrounding The Order 1886? Leave your thoughts here!

  2. I’ve played the order 1886 preview build and it is very good as the story gets you very involved with the game together with the lore as it something different for a change compared to same old COD, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed as all those type of games that have been around for generations are the same game almost which are overrated in some cases.

    We should be promoting developers like ready dawn and others to bring new ideas to the industry and create these new IP and ignore the critics from the bad gaming journalism which has very poor of late, as I hope Quantum Dream on Xbox One does very well too.

    This game isn’t bad what you think it is It never felt that way at the IGN event in London last week!!

  3. Im a big boy now so there for I don’t need so called gaming journalists (which most are jealous microsoft staff) shit opinion on how good a game is, I will play this game and find out for myself and I’m sure it will be a great game
    Gaming Journalist

  4. I’m a Sony fan and from the get go reveal The order just wasn’t my type of game. But i still check out the previews and the comments sections of gaming sites and the only people complaining are the people who probably had no intent on buying it.

    I’m not buying it but i’m not hating on it either i mean i might check it out when it’s under $10 or rent it to try it just to check out if the hype was worth it. But serisouly the gaing community as a whole will completely forget about this game come the 1/03 or at the very latest 20/3 when everyone who wanted it has finished it and disected it on reddit. I.e Dying light, Far cry 4 came and went and we now hear barely anything about them good or bad.

  5. You know why critics blasted The Order for it’s length? Because they had to pick something to be angry at.

    They started with claims of downgraded graphics, then they claimed it had too many QTEs, then said it was an interactive movie or the controls are clunky. Finally the game is in the hands of the actual players and it turns out that it’s actually really damn good.

    So what do they complain about? That there isn’t enough of this awesome game.
    No matter how good the game is, someone is going to complain about something.

  6. $60 for 5 hours no ty.most people DO play it on easy or normal for first run trough.5 hours long and this game was still pushed back? they deserve all the crap they are getting about it.

  7. The game is fine for me I enjoyed it I needed a break from Destiny and plus i like games with good graphics and if it’s not your cup of tea personally then don’t buy it, but as a TRUE Gamer, and not a journalist I enjoyed this game. To truly enjoy The Order you have to immerse yourself in to the game set the atmosphere turn the lights off not played the game with a critical perception looking for negatives. So think about it no videogames no job for you guys. This game is highly polished and I think they did a great job. As a gamer who played the game from the start to the finish I recommend this game.

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