5 Reasons Why I Still Play “The Evil Within”

I’ve been playing The Evil Within almost non-stop whenever I get a bit of free time. This game makes me feel something I haven’t felt in a game since 2007 when BioShock came out I remember the feeling of beating the game and immediately wanting to play it straight away just to learn more and more about the lore. It was the exact same thing to me with The Evil Within but honestly a little more so with this game… So I wanted to take a look at the 5 reasons of why I still play this game and what it is that makes me feel so happy to play it again and again. I hope you enjoy my reasons and maybe you have your own reasons as to why you continually play any game, I would love to read about it in the comments! Alright here we go;

1.It’s the closest thing to another Evil Dead movie we’ll (likely) ever get.

Now when I say this I don’t mean the re-make of Evil Dead we received a few years ago, I mean the cheesy campy 80’s horror movies that had so much charm and so much terrible acting that it was actually funny. The Evil Within gives me those vibes throughout the entire game. Sure the monsters of The Evil Within can be quite terrifying but so were the Deadites in Evil Dead. The architecture of the cabins throughout the beginning chapters of the game remind me of the cabin from Evil Dead too, it has that creepy vibe to it that screams “Some weird crap happened in this place and I’m here to cleanse it”. Ash Williams and Sebastian Castellanos look damn near identical in many aspects. Ash Williams blurts out cheesy one liners that are meant to make you roll your eyes and say “did he really just say that?” Whereas Sebastian says one liners and other such things throughout the game but is meant to be taken completely seriously, but you just can’t help to want to laugh at the things Sebastian says.

 2.The Sounds and music

Now this may sound extremely vague and you’re probably asking yourself “what does he even mean by this” and that’s just it. I think the entirety of the sound in this game serves its purpose PERFECTLY and never oversteps its boundaries. The music, the sounds, the atmosphere. It all compliments each other so perfectly and sucks me back in time and time again; making me jump out of my seat from glass shattering to this very day. I have never had a more satisfying sound in a game than the sound of when you pop an enemy’s head, there’s something about it that sound that feels so… rewarding. The music is masterfully done, I get such strong emotions whenever I hear Claude Debussy and David Oistrakh’s Clair De Lune playing in the background of whatever area I’m in. I can’t help but sit and listen to the song paying even for just a few minutes. I could sit there all day and listen to that masterpiece; it fits such a somber and depressing world that the game takes place in. All this could just be because I am a sucker for classical music and this game has it in bucket loads but this games music and the sounds it produces makes me feel something no other game has ever even come close too. The game came out almost half a year ago and I still listen to the soundtrack almost daily.

3. It Rewards You For Finishing It

When I beat The Evil Within, I just loved the experience I had so much with the game I wanted to go back and replay it straight away to begin with. However after the credits rolled I found myself with a new gun and I could play with all of Sebastian’s previously acquired abilities plus the fact I unlocked a harder difficulty made me so obsessed with it again that I instantly jumped straight back in. New game plus felt excellent and made the harder difficulty more enjoyable to play-through and less frustrating. Yes resources are harder to come by in the harder difficulty but with additional sprinting speed and more health added for a good balance, which was exactly what anyone would want from a harder difficulty in any game. If you manage to beat hard mode you even unlock another difficulty mode, which if you loved this game as much as I did then you will be straight back into the game; it has taken plenty of hours away from me and its one of the few games that I have been able to sit down and lose track of time playing.


4.Plenty of collectables to find

In total the game has 151 collectables to find throughout the 15 chapters of the game. 47 keys, 28 map fragments, 21 newspaper articles, 16 personal documents, 16 documents, 15 missing persons posters, 10 audio tapes. I have put a collective 40 hours on the two platforms I’ve played this game so far and I still haven’t found all of the collectables. They are hidden in such good places that sometimes if you just don’t look close enough you will not see it. The game will take multiple play-throughs to find everything in this game. To say it doesn’t have any replay value is a very upsetting thing I often hear about this game.

 5. The Characters Are Loveable

Now I’m certain I’m going to get a ton of hate for this last point but this is a list of why I still play the game to this day, I don’t know what it is but I just loved every character and every creepy monster you meet, fight with, or fight against. Sebastian is the Ash Williams of the game as I stated before and that’s exactly what he reminds me of. Julie Kidman is the Ada Wong of The Evil Within, she’s beyond mysterious and I loved watching her story unfold however not much they didn’t go into it a ton and they didn’t in with Ada Wong Resident Evil 4 either; they really went into Ada’s Backstory in Assignment: Ada the expansion pack which is exactly what they are doing with Kidman. Joseph is a rookie cop with a lot of smarts. His dialog is actually interesting to listen to in my opinion I love hearing him and Sebastian yelling back and forth about the creatures as they take them on together. It’s extremely interesting and it’s all helped by the perfect A.I of your partners. They actually help out and the amount of time Joseph has saved me from Haunted with dynamite in their hands is ridiculous.

The cast is wonderful and I wouldn’t change anything about the way they are. So what the game is completely cheeseball in parts that’s what it so good about the game to me which is all games ever are and ever strive to be. Games don’t have to be loved by everyone but as long as someone loves them then that is fine in its own right. I hope you enjoyed my look back at The Evil Within and are as excited for The Assignment Part 1 as I am.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts of The Evil Within? Should there be a sequel? Are you still playing it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Finished it on Akumu. I sure as hell hope they don’t put that mode in the DLC as it was frustrating as f*ck. Great game though, totally agree.

    • That’s awesome! I haven’t gotten the courage to take on Akumu mode yet… Hopefully the DLC will provide some good story answers as well!

  2. Excellent article. Games journalism in its most honest form. ”Why I love this game”. I’ve not played this game yet, but I think i’ll pick it up since it’s almost always on sale wherever I go. It’s articles like this that sell games to me, I’ve unsurprisingly lost faith in reviews. Games are such an important medium, thank you for sharing your experiences of what i’m now certain is a game i’ll also love.

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