GTA Online Heists – Why We Are Hyped!

With the announcement of the release dates of both the PC version of GTA V and GTA online heists, now is the time to be excited about the future of this game!

When heists were originally announced back in summer 2013 everyone was ecstatic, but as the months went by with nothing but hints and speculation many began to lose hope, and GTA online heists became something of a Half-Life 3 joke. We were told to look out for them in late 2013, then Q2 2014, and since then Rockstar seemed to have kept it on the down low. Whether this is some sort of marketing stunt, reason to keep people playing or further polish on what we hope to be one of the greatest feats of co-operative gaming ever (maybe a combination of all 3) we don’t know. All we know, is that they are finally coming – March 10th 2015!

I’ll start off by giving you guys a little insight into my hopes and expectations. There are a lot of ways Rockstar can take these heists, but with less than 5 banks in the game, I don’t expect just 5 bank robberies. I both want and expect there to be a lot of car theft, as the title of the franchise suggests, FIB and IAA stealth(?) missions, stealing documents about secret government operations and screwing with Merryweather… cause let’s be honest, we all hate Merryweather!

My personal favourite scenario would probably not fit into the lore of GTA Online, but I would love some kind of mission or heist mirroring this. The display has a grainy, sepia feel to it. The vehicle of choice is an early 1900’s 4-door. The weapons are M1911 pistols and Tommy guns. All of your crew members are dressed in black suits and it is the classic bank hold-up from the early 20th century. The whole feel to the heist would be a bank job for the mob. I doubt it’ll happen, but if this content is even half as good as how i envision it in my head, we’re in for a treat!

Now let’s get down to what this article is about, why are we so hyped about this DLC? Well, allow me to explain. Rockstar are an incredible company with an incredible track record, giving birth to some of the greatest single-player experiences of all time in GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and IV. The very fact that GTA V is the third best selling game of all time should tell you enough about how capable Rockstar are of delivering excellent games and gaming experiences. We’ve seen a taster of this within the single-player heists in GTA V and with “over 45 years of ideas” I’m sure these are only a few of the things they have in store for us later this month.

I think having so much time to really look into what people liked and what people disliked about the single-player heists is also a reason why they were delayed, and why we should be excited! The single-player heists were exciting, and the build up was great, you chose your direction, grabbed your gear and were ready to kick the doors down and party. But multi-player heists are going to be so much better! There are going to be new mechanics in the multi-player heists that we will bridge the gap between GTA Online as a third person shooter, and an MMO.

Offline heists were a cool challenge, but being able to rely on yourself for all 3 roles (Michael, Franklin and Trevor) is too softcore. Phase forward to online heists. You have to have a team who really want to be there, and who work well co-operatively. Imagine all of the roles in the single player heists happening all at the same time, with one mistake causing the downfall of the whole heist. This is also a perfect time to mention possible down-sides to failing heists such as assets seized and cars taken from you. Remember, these heists aren’t just going to be missions added to the game, but a content patch with other things as well.

My final point and the reason we all overlook is that this will be a truly co-operative experience. You and 3 buddies will team up to take on these challenges (which hopefully will feel akin to raiding in Destiny) and come out with money to spend on flash cars and fancy apartments! Overall, after almost 18 months of extra polish on these heists, building hype surrounding them and fitting them into a game we already love dearly, Rockstar are unlikely to disappoint and I’m sure we’ll be praising them on a job well done once more on March 10th.

Are you hyped for GTA Online’s heists? What are you excepting from the new heists? Or are you not hyped after all the delays? Let us know your opinions in the comment section below, we want to hear everyone’s thoughts!

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