5 Reasons Why I Now Fully Support the Xbox One!

So it’s been about a year and a half since both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 both launched. Although we call it the “console wars”, it was clear  that the PS4 was head and shoulders above the Xbox and Microsoft had some clear catching up to do following their 2013 E3 conference. In the lead up to launch, Xbox dropped a lot of their most disliked policies, the biggest being the always online DRM, in the hopes of catching up to Sony and the Playstation. It worked to an extent and now being seen as a supporter of the Xbox One is not a bad thing. In fact, this article is going to list some of the reasons I think that the Xbox One is at least as good as the PS4, if not better!

1. Snap

At first, snap didn’t seem like that big of a deal. It just seemed to be a little add-on for fantasy football while watching TV. But it’s so much more than that, it goes hand in hand with the dashboard and gives the Xbox the ability to keep you immersed in your games, without pulling you to the dashboard to join a party, send a message or even launch another app.

It’s also incredibly useful for those grindy games where your working on a project for hours (e.g Minecraft building/mining). You could open up Youtube in snap and either watch a video tutorial while you play, or just listen to some music to pass the time.

Snap, in effect, is like the guide from the Xbox 360, upgraded with the ability to use it while playing and with a smooth (mostly) interface.

2. The Promise of a Windows 10 Kernel Later This Year & Smartglass

This one is especially exciting for people like myself who really want to bridge the gap between PC and console gaming. Now don’t get this twisted, it isn’t going to turn your Xbox One into a top of the line PC that runs every game on ultra high settings. What it will do, is give you better integration with your PC, having apps specifically catered to Xbox.

The applications seem almost limitless with Microsoft’s reach, but just a few things being offered with this huge update are: The ability to stream Xbox One games to your PC over wi-fi, Cross device multiplayer between PC and Xbox, editing and sharing game clips from your Xbox on your PC and with DirectX12 also becoming available in this update, super impressive graphical step-ups.

Smartglass is already a hit in itself, being able to access the information from your Xbox on the go means you’re always connected, so we know Xbox can deliver that. Now it’s the developers turn. With help from Microsoft, I think smarglass is going to be the game changer. Imagine playing the next open-world masterpiece, and being able to grab your tablet and see the map, while you are riding your horse across the world, seeing things happen in real-time as if your character were reading the map in-game. Cool concept, huh?

All told, these pieces of software are going to be a real game changer in the console wars.

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  1. Have you always supported the Xbox One? Or are you still not convinced. Leave your thoughts here!

    • Sorry double post.

    • Sorry still not convinced. Both systems are embarrassingly weak but if I had to choose, I would choose the PS4 because it at least is the technically superior system with a lot of the technically better multiplatform games. The exclusives on both are so so, but the X1 has even more technically unimpressive exclusives like Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Ryse, Halo 5, Halo 2, Killer Instinct and Dead Rising 3, which are under 1080p and “meh” games. I know the fanboys wont like this but sorry that’s my opinion based on what I see.

      • “Under 1080p”. Sony pony spotted

      • Halo Mcc, scream ride, fantasia music evolved, Forza 5, forza horizon 2, project spark, Max curse of the brotherhood. In the future. ….smite, quantum break, scale bound, fable legends, ori and the blind forest, rise of the tomb raider, battle toads, gears of war 4, lost odyssey 2, forza 6. 1080p isn’t even noticeable. It’s funny how indie games are awesome because most of them doesn’t involve a gun, and yes….ps4 has some awesome indie games, but when fanboys argue over their favorite console they always talk about graphics. But yet, indie games don’t have amazing graphics and they’re awesome so cut the 1080p cap. Just because most of ps4 games are in 1080p, so now that’s the run to statement. It’s hilarious!!! The order was trash, killzone was trash, drivers club trash,infamous was decent, LBP was ok, TLOU was a remake. Guilty gear is cool and you have an exclusive baseball game. HAHA!!! What’s up with your lineup? ??

    • Yes, it’s awesome, but the UI sucks ass

    • I have both (and the wii-u) since launch: I use the X1 waaaay more than the ps4. IMO: better controller, better online service and the kinect is awesome. I don’t play kinect games, but the voice command is amazing, especially for watching tv. All my consoles are plugged on a LED 240 fps bravia, and I don’t see a difference in between with multiplatform games yet. I recently turned on my ps4 for the order 1886, but haven’t since last summer for silent hill. Can’t wait for bloodborne and uncharted though!! My X1 is on pretty much everyday, the wii-u, like 2-3 times a week. The 360, 2-3 times a month. Ryse may not be 1080p, but imo is the best looking console game so far.

      • Ryse looks dogshit

      • And I have all 3 also, and I use the PS4 and Wii U waaay more than I use the X1. IMO: much better controller, better online service and no gimmicky useless shoved down our throats crap like Kinect. You can use voice command on the PS4 but seriously who uses that crap? Except, oh that’s right, MS fanclowns. There is no such thing as a 240fps TV you idiot, learn technology. You man a 240hz interpolated TV, which probably is only really a 120hz panel on a PC. But not even a 120hz for TV or games. Btw, what idiot would use motion interpolation on their games? You like input lag and motion distortion? And the better the tv the more the difference show between them, and you can most definitely see the difference between the mutliplats. Nice denial there. And anyone who’s playd Ryse knows it doesn’t look that good. Only the prerendered cutscenes do (read: video). I seriously regret buying the X1, but hy that’s what you do when you’re coming from a 360 right? Wish I had never bought it.

    • I have both systems and prefer the PS4 to the Xbone. Controller feels better, and the games line up interests me more. Also going through comparisons, the PS4 always wins out graphically. Since I can’t keep up with all the PC upgrades, I’d rather have the system that performs better, and it’s still definitely the PS4. I play Xbone for COD with friends, other than that, PS4 has most of my interest.

      • While true (sometimes subjectively, a handful of times actually noticeable) these things are only noticeable because we force them to be. Sony must love that DF and others do all the marketing for them. I’ve seen side-by-side shots where they have to zoom into 1/50th of the screen to point out what the Xbox One version is “missing”. Gamespot even did a blind test thing where the asked editors to tell the difference and for the most part nobody every got it right (between PC, Xbox and PC). Even then, some games actually ‘look better’ on Xbox One. Evolve runs at 1080p on PS4 vs 900p on Xbox One, yet Xbox One has AF which is completely missing in the PS4 version (environmental shadows missing in areas entirely). It’s not JUST about the resolution.

  2. ahahahahahahaha….5 promises that microsoft broken…..come on stop being a fan boy its a gaming console show me some exclusives beside forza halo and gears

    • Screamride, Ori, Scalebound, Sunset Overdrive, Kalimba, Max, Fable, IDARB, Smite, Threes!, Cuphead, Ryse, D4, Crackdown, Killer Instinct, Phantom Dust, Dance Central, Quantum Break….
      (that’s a direct response, don’t bother listing Sony exclusives because it’s not part of your argument/request)

      • Scream ride… I had zero interest in the game. I’m not a fan of the build stuff genre cause I have zero creativity.

        That being said I downloaded the demo and was hooked in about 30 seconds lol. The game is just simple fun and I keep on going back to it.

      • Im sorry but accept for QB, every other game on that list is complete and utter crap. I mean seriously Dance Revolution? What are you some sort of nerd or are you a chic? No wonder the system is being outsold.

        • 7 of them aren’t even out yet so I fail to see how you can say they’re utter crap (especially since the one you do mention also hasn’t come out yet).
          Dance Central, not Dance Revolution (which, as written, isn’t even a game)
          What does being a nerd have to do with anything? Does it invalidate my opinion? Does being a female gamer make my taste in games inherently automatically different than anyone else?
          Not to mention that Dance Central is critically a better game than The Order, as per Metacrtic….

      • LOL, this list made me laugh, but hey when its all you got.

        • Clearly not an exhaustive list of games, just showing that there’s more than 3 games for the system. I could just as easily say Uncharted, Killzone and Gran Turismo…it doesn’t mean anything.

      • Dont forget rise of the tomb raider

      • why you didn’t mention Dead rising 3?

  3. Except they really aren’t,.. They can consider themselves lucky if this gen ends with only 2:1 PS4 lead

  4. $0N¥ Paupers can’t afford to be like real gamers. It’s already clear from a few of the comments here.

    • As long as you keep trying to represent the Xboner community, Sony will always be better. Thank you for your continued support of the PS4.

    • They cant be real gamers because they don’t care for half of this useless sh*t? And who are you to talk when youre obviously a M$ Pauper. Btw, you’re making English people look corny. Sad, little obsessed manchild.

    • You’re an inbred moron, that’s clear from every comment you’ve ever made.

    • Poor Lionheart, you must be so frustrated now your guest vote macro doesn’t work anymore. 🙂

  5. Still not convincing enough to make me play over my PS$, but good for Microsoft.

  6. I have two tvs in my room since before the Dreamcast days. So I’ve always been aboe to do snap, only better. I welcome everybody to where I was in the 90s.

    • Two TVs and snap is hardly the same thing

  7. Kinect, the Cloud, and the exclusives? Those are exactly the reason why I don’t want one.

    • Kinect – okay
      The Cloud – Your loss. Even Nvidia showed impressive cloud tech at GDC with a very limited chip. That’s where the industry is headed.
      Exclusives – you wouldn’t want a console for exclusives? that’s a dumb thing to say.

    • Cloud hasn’t been mentioned since late 2013 early 2014

  8. Who are these “people” you claim in your article, oh never mind you meant just yourself, just another xbox fanboy opinion piece, got it.

    • No one on ThisGenGaming are “fanboys” we own and review games for ALL consoles, and write positive/negative articles about ALL consoles.

  9. I agree totally with this articles reasons and you can also add in the fast monthly updates,customer feedback votes for new features, and hololens. The X1 just keeps transforming every month and I cant wait for E3. Phil Spencer has truly changed this console for the greater and its totally different now from when it launched.

  10. I’ve got both consoles

    I like both consoles

    If I was pushed I’d say the X1 has better games right now (Console Exclusive wise) & while the Kinect is average at best for games, I’ve found the TV integration to be excellent

    My PS4 is my go to place for indie titles at the moment, played the hell out of Steam World Dig (may have name wrong), Hotline Miami & Trine I bought 1st day I had the console

    Both offer me a good experience

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