EA Sports Add “Price Ranges” to FIFA 15 – #RIPFUT Trends

EA Sports from today onwards have introduced a new policy that has a set price for all items on Ultimate Team. In a EA Sports post it says


“Once this feature has been activated, all FUT items (players, in-forms, consumables, and club items) in FIFA Ultimate Team will have a Price Range that sets the highest and lowest Coin prices that each item can be sold on the Transfer Market. 

These new features are designed to:

  • Help FUT gamers understand the value of the players in their Club.
  • Make high-rated players more attainable for all FUT gamers and ensure a level playing field.
  • Further restrict illegitimate coin transfers on the Transfer Market.”


Not long after this announcement, #RIPFUT trended due to the negative backlash from this new policy as it will stop coin trading from happening amongst other things.

Lets us know what you think about the new policy in the comments section below.

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  1. Oh and I see the problem right there. Most the retarded market for this shite is the hashtag generation with a “rise up and fight back” method that will achieve NOTHING. Well done, keep herding the sheep EA.

  2. They left out it helps them corner the market and put more money in EA pockets by forcing its fifa customers to buy their overpriced fifa points. way to go EA, just another big “fuck you customers give us your money” to the fifa community. This company is disgusting!!!

  3. #PEASENTS easports

  4. #EAidSports #RIPFUT #TeamRant #TeamNoSleep THIS IS AIDSSSS Well done on fucking up for the millionth time EA really out did yourself this time. *claps*

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