GTA Online Suffering From Connecting Issues Due To The Heists Update

GTA Online is currently down due to so many players trying to get in to games, this is obviously because of the brand new update that went live a few hours ago which included the long awaited heists.

This seems to be a widespread issue that is happening to all consoles. If you try to join a game you get the old “The Rockstar game services are currently unavailable right now” message which gives us bad memories of the terrible launch issues Rockstar had with GTA Online when it was added to GTA V a few weeks after release.

Along with issues connecting to GTA Online there are also problems for the people who can actually get on GTA Online. They are unable to join heists or are getting kicked from heists randomly. The message “The job failed to load”, “Files required to play GTA online could not be downloaded from rockstar games service” and, please return to GTA V and try again later. or “Failed to join job or activity” also seems to pop up too.

No word from Rockstar yet on the issue although Rockstar support sent some generic tweets out to users complaining about the issues. Hopefully this will be fixed today, because like everyone else… I WANT TO PLAY SOME HEISTS!!!

Let us know in the comment section below if your GTA Online is working or not.

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  1. This needs to be sorted by rockstar we’ve waited long enough and still they cannot deliver

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