GTA Online Heists DLC Update – Review/First Thoughts

So as I write this, thousands of people are crashing Rockstar’s servers trying to access the eagerly anticipated Heists DLC, in a similar fashion to when the game’s online mode launched back in October 2013. Some of you may be reading this article that have not been able to play any of the Heists yet, so i’m going to be trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible. With that being said, this DLC is not just a few new jobs. There is a sizeable list of additions including minor graphical updates, new cars and guns, new clothes, new jobs and even a daily bounty system that we have seen in so many MMO’s and RPG’s as of late. So a fairly huge update for Grand Theft Auto Online that could even have been sold to us as a separate DLC, but wasn’t and we have the folks at Rockstar to thank for that.

Of the couple of heists I played, there were no glaring bugs and didn’t seem to be any lulls in the activity for any party. You are usually split up into a couple of teams to accomplish goals that will lead to the success of your crew on game day. When all of the setup missions are complete, you move on to what they call the heist finale. On game day, as predicted, each crew member is given a role by the leader of the heist and that role is specifically crafted so that these heists are extremely re-playable. You might be doing something completely different as a getaway driver than you are as a sniper, which is really cool. Then once you’ve done the job, you split and take your cut, which is decided by the heist leader (so make sure its someone you trust!!), unlock new items and of course it helps to have a wad of cash in your back pocket to buy new weapons etc.

The rest of the DLC is excellent. As i predicted in my previous GTA article, this is not simply a mission update, but a content patch, with new weapons, a whole ton of new clothes, as well as some new cars you unlock by playing the heists. The overlooked parts of this DLC are the quality of life changes that people won’t notice as they are overshadowed by the immense amount of things to do in this patch as well as the things you can do already in GTA:O.

Some examples of new features added into this update are:

  • New PvP gamemodes (Siege Mentality, Hasta La Vista, Come Out To Play)
  • Daily objectives that reward you with cash and RP. (Doing them on consecutive days will net you bigger bonuses)
  • New Free Roam Activities (Destroy Vehicle, Distract the Cops, Plane Takedown)
  • New Achievements and Trophies
  • New Cars for Sale
  • A Lot of New Clothes and Heist Gear

And thats just a few, there were so many bug fixes and nice little changes my brain went numb trying to read them all.

The only major downside to this Heist DLC is the networking problems. The way I see it, there are 2 issues that could’ve been solved by Rockstar to make this launch run more smoothly. 1) There was so much hype built up around these heists that on day one there was always going to be issues. Everyone who logged onto online on the 1st October 2013 as well as everyone who has bought this game since then just signed on today and poked around to see what all the fuss was about, which caused extreme overload once again on Rockstars servers, which seem to be either unfixable or they just won’t dish out for an upgrade. 2) It’s the servers, there just doesn’t seem to be any urgency or reason for the developers or publishers to even attempt to fix the problems that plagued this game on its online launch week.

After weighing up the pro’s and con’s of this DLC I think it delivers and is exactly what it intended to be, which is free DLC, with end-game content and some new features. Did it blow me away? No, was I excited and immersed while playing them? Absolutely. I can’t recommend you go out and buy this DLC because it’s free, but what i can recommend you do is grab some buddies and play through a few of these heists over the next fews days. They are some of the best co-op content available at the minute and if you don’t already own it, GTA V is 100% worth the buy.

Heists overall score – 8.5/10

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  1. This is the part were I normally ask how much everyone is enjoying it, but I guess the question with this is going to be…

    Has anyone been able to get in to a heist recently?

  2. Would you be able to give Heists a review score of any sort?

    • Sure. I’ll ask the writer of the review to put up a score.

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