Why 2015 Is Going To Be The Year Of The Xbox!

This year really is going to be the year that the Xbox One excels. That’s not to say that Sony and the Playstation aren’t going to do well too, but there are a few things Xbox have up their sleeves that might just trump their console war competitors!

We’ve already caught wind of one delay for the Sony guys with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End getting a pushback until Spring of 2016, and with other delays a possibility it’s looking like Xbox are going to have the best Christmas line up of games. Let’s take a closer look at what games are in store for Xbox this year.

Firstly, as I said in a previous post, we’re looking at a new Gears of War, or at least some sort of Gears of War Collection for the Xbox. This is a fan favourite that will bring in plenty of Gears fans from the last gen which will make up a huge majority of the sales for this game. This is a really exciting concept that I hope sees the light of day this year.

Then, we have Fable Legends and a New Halo coming. These games are awesome in their own right, but also have the same effect seen above with the possible Gears collection. These games have spawned up fan bases on the 360 who are sure to upgrade when they see their favourite game are “better on Xbox One”!

This year we’re also going to see a controversial Xbox exclusive Tomb Raider. Some people in the gaming space saw this as underhanded as Microsoft penned a lucrative exclusivity contract with the developer of this beloved franchise. We are yet to find out how this affects future ports of this game but you can be sure that as Microsoft are publishing, there will be little to no Sony PS4 advertising associated.

There are just a few of the games we are super excited for at This Gen Gaming this year, be sure to keep your eye out for games like Crackdown and Quantum break too, as well at a lot of smaller arcade titles with Games with Gold.

Enough game talk. Although they are the brick and mortar of this industry, we still need the foundation to build upon. This is where Microsoft’s plans for a Windows 10 kernel come in. While it’s not confirmed to be added to the console in 2015, the new Windows operating system will be available for PC users sometime this year. We have an article already which goes a little further in depth on this, but allow me to cover the main talking points and point out how being partnered with PC’s will benefit the Xbox.

All Xbox owners with Windows 10 PC’s will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Streaming Xbox One games directly to your PC – Playing games from your Xbox One on your PC, laptop or tablet device over your wireless connection.
  • Cross device multiplayer – Play against people on PC while your play your Xbox. Fable Legends will pioneer this new feature!
  • Staying fonnected to friends, games and achievements on the go – Better smartglass integration with PC’s, tablets and phones!
  • Capturing, editing and sharing game-clips directly from your PC – Easy gameplay recordings with the GameDVR and use of Upload Studio on your PC.
  • Better graphics and game performance with DirectX 12 optimisation – High end games look and play better, this could make the difference this year!
  • And more…

Just head on over to Xbox’s website and search Windows 10 to find out more, there’s some exciting stuff in there that makes me happy to be an Xbox owner!

But back to the matter at hand, there’s a lot of good stuff coming to the Xbox One this year alone, making it the perfect time to be an Xbox One owner! In the run up to Christmas I predict the Xbox gets a huge bump in sales mainly due to exclusive games, remastered collections of older games and new software and technology.

What do you guys think? Are we going to see the Xbox get a huge boost this year? Will it be enough to get back on level terms with the Playstation in terms of sales? Have your say in the comments below!

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  1. I’m pretty excited too.
    Should be a great year.

  2. Does anyone own a xbone ?

    • Only die hards, everyone else smartly stayed away.

      • Haha very true my friend. After what they tried to pull with the always online no used games forced kinect.
        It amazes me anyone bought one at all.
        Then the fact that at launch it was much more expensive for weaker hardware lol
        Anyone who bought that shit would have to be a massive Microsoft fanboy.

    • yeah the people with a brain that didnt buy a console just because of hype

      • Yep all the smart people bought a ps4

        • loll they look stupid now with all the mediocre exclusives dont they princess

          • What? Bloodborne out in five days what’s out on the bone oh yea nothing 🙁

          • fast and furious expansion wipes the floor and the best fighting game character is coming out this week then we have
            state of decay
            halo 5
            forza 6
            tomb raider
            quantum break

            while ps4 has

          • That is a list of indie and free to play games hahahaha man the xbone is shit

          • loolol dude fable alone wipes the floor with whole ps library without even trying. hahahaha talk about indie games look at your ps4 thats all it has on it dude your so dumb

          • 20.2 million ps4 sold
            10 million (shipped) xbones
            Its clear who’s wiping the floor :)) trololololololololo

          • Game facts:

            Did you know: In a full playthrough of Ori you can pass The Order: 1886 2.4 times, this number increases to 4 if you could skip the cut-scenes.

            Did you know: For the price of 1 copy of The Corridor: 1886 you could buy 3 copies of Ori for you and your friends

            Did you know: The Order: 1886 is actually a great and unappreciated game… according to ponies

            Did you know: After more than a year, PS4 still has no good exclusives

            The more you know

          • Thought xbots don’t like indie games? Lmfao did you know ryse was only 4 hours long? LMFAO what a fail

          • Lmaooooooooo you got owned dude Ryse has multiplayer atleast and was a launch game and was no where near as terrible as the order. Ori is published by Microsoft it isn’t an indiestation type of games it is huge and is easily better than anything sony has ever released in their whole lifetime

          • Lmfao your about 6year old get back when Microsoft have sold some consoles lol LMFAO

          • Hahahahaaha that salty reply when you got owned lmaoo let the salt flow through your veins. Come back when sony has just ONE half decent game worth playing hahahahaha

          • You’ve been ripped mate. Halo 1 trololololololol

          • Whatever mate lol halo 1 hahahaha the salt is real hahahahaha

  3. I have to say, Microsoft haven’t shown a single thing that’s going to encourage anybody to get an Xbone so far. Every couple of months it seems like the delusional Microsoft paupers convince themselves into thinking that a new exclusive game will “save” their dying console and those games always end up being overhyped, unfinished messes.

    Last year, for example, the low – IQ Microsoft sheep spent most of the year shouting about how the Halo:MCC was going to move 10 million consoles and return the Xbox to the top of the charts and what happened? The game came out, it was garbage, it failed to move consoles and the Xbox continued to die at the bottom of the sales charts where it belongs. The same thing goes for Sunset Overhype and Flopza Horizons as well.

    And now the Microsoft sheep have again been decieved by the lies, overhype and underdeliver of shovelware games like Halo 5 and Forza 5. Those games aren’t anything new, they’re the latest failed entry in two dying franchises which have alrwady proven they can’t move consoles off of shelves.

    • Seriously, just calm down. You have a problem and need help. Play your Playstation and stop resorting to all this B.S.. The Playstation has better hardware, but it also has a minor CPU bottleneck. Just enjoy playing games and stop mocking others for their choice of system to also play games on. The Xbone is actually selling fairly well when not in direct comparison to the PS4. You know what, Sunset Overdrive was actually pretty fun (system seller no – but it was still FUN). That’s the reason to play. You keep talking about overhyped XO games, but where are the PS4 games? I have had all of the Playstations and Xbox’s since they’ve both come out. I don’t have a PS4, you know why?? I’m waiting for the GAMES that I can only buy on the PS4. Looks like I won’t be getting one now that Uncharted is delayed. Well maybe sooner if that red PS4 comes stateside. Anyway, chill out. We’re all just gamers. If you want to brag about raw system power, get a PC.

      • 720p tho LMFAO lol “next gen” the xbone is a disgrace if you ask me

    • Very well said mate. Its a massive flop and anyone who thinks otherwise is deranged. Better luck next gen Microsoft

  4. HaAhAHaHAHHAhHAHAHhAHahHAHAHAhaHAhAhAH!!! ……………..no

    • the order HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude xbox is slaughtering sony this year.
      halo 5
      tomb raider
      forza 6
      quantum break

      sony has

      • Fable LMFAO lol isn’t that some shitty free to play game? Shows how desperate your list is putting that on there lol hilarious

        • fable destroys anything sony has coming this year and next year to be honest. I bet people will be playing fable for months and playing uncarted for days lol

          • 20.2 million sold the majority disagrees with you.
            Guess people don’t like playing games at 720p lololollollololol

          • ryse is 900p and better looking than any ps4 game LOLOLOLOLOLOL
            forza horizon 2, mcc, ssod, ki, mcc are all above 720p you goose lmaoo and the order (best looking ps4 game) isnt even 1080p LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          • You angry? You sound about 6 mate .
            20.2million sold
            Xbone 10 million (shipped)
            Oh dear what a fail 🙁

          • lollllllll link?
            oh and sales means justin beiber is the best singer and cady crush is your favourite game (wouldnt be suprised its probably better than any ps4 game anyway hhahaahaha) oh yeah and iphone has better games then ps4.
            btw halo 1 – 97 metacritic higher than any ps exclusive ever made LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL UMADBRO?

          • Xbone is as popular as aids 🙂

          • Lmao your mum must love it then dude

          • Nah but I’ve heard your dads got it 🙂

          • I think you will find the last of us remastered is the highest rated game on metercritic for both the xbone and ps4 😉 haha

          • Halo 1 -97 higher than any ps game ever made. And mcc is only 86 because it had network problems I bet you if it came out the way it is now it would be 98 anyways enjoy your 8 hour experience and keep hanging on to the only half decent sony game in history

          • Halo one? Thats not the xbone lol halo mcc on xbone that gets 78 🙁 shitbox

          • Lmaaaaooooooooooooo tf u on about you idiot haha your specific dumb and butthurt

          • LMFAO thats how shit the xbone is lol
            Using a 15yr old games review score hahahahaha

          • Shitstation 4 got no games for you to be playing? Or just a bunch of indies rated higher than all AAAs on there hahahaha let the salt flow through your veins dude trololololol

          • So you don’t like indie games now? You was going on about ori and the blind forest before lmfao lol what a fail
            The godstation 4 has already got 3 triple A exclusives games out or coming soon 🙂
            The xbone has yet to release one triple A exclusive this year man what a fail
            No wonder its not selling LMFAO lol

          • hahahahaahahahah
            ori is published my microsot its nowhere near an indie game plus it SHITS on any ps game ever made.

            this year

            forza 6
            halo 5
            quantum break
            tomb raider


            what games were you talking bout dude hahaha plus there hasnt been not a single game worth playing since the ps4 released in 2013 TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL but the xbox has had tonnes of brutal exclusives that you ponies always start petitions to get hahaahaah go play some indie trash you sony peasent and enjoy bloodborne for a week or two because the rest of the year is empty for you TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          • Is that it? Lmfao god things on xbone are a lot worse Than I thought.
            Many many more exclusives coming out for the playstation 4 haha we already have the order 1886 bloodborne and god of war 3 coming in the next few weeks.
            What’s come out for the bone? Oh yea one indie game LMFAO lol trolololololo


            fast and furious
            halo 5
            tomb raider
            quantum break


          • Yea god of war looks amazing:) can’t wait another exclusive coming to godstatation 4 🙂

          • Hahahahahahaha that literally looks like a ps3 game I wouldn’t play that QTE fest even if you gave it for free lmao you have the lowest standards in gaming dude

          • Mate the xbone is irrelevant the only good game Microsoft had this gen was halo master chief collection and it was broken:( oh dear what a fail
            The war is already over the godstastion 4 has won
            Ps4>>>>>>>20.2 million (sold)
            Xbone >>>10 million shipped
            Oh dear

            ki>whole ps library
            fh2> whole ps library
            ssod>whole ps library
            mcc> whole ps library
            ori> whole ps library
            titanfall>whole ps library

            ps4 = sales lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
            enjoy your sales dude and enjoy listening to your fav singer justin beiber since he sells the most and enjoy your favourite game candy crush while we play AAA games TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          • 20.2 million sold trolololololo

          • hahahaha how pathetic thats all you have. Enjoy your sales shareholder.. oh wait trololol your just a junkie with no games to play trolololololol

          • 10million shipped LMFAO lol oh dear


          • Did you know the Dreamcast sold 10 million in its first year? Lmfao look what happened to that 😉 bye

          • even if sony sold 2 billion and xbox sold 20 consoles. Its just more embarassing that the xbox has better games and exclusives worth playing and it will STILL be the better console hahahahahahahahahahah enjoy your terrible indies in 20fps

          • The xbone I done mate the wars over they couldn’t even get a halo remaster working how embarrassing


          • Don’t worry bloodborne will get good rating 🙂

          • I sure hope it does dude sony will get humiliated if not. Though i think it will thats why its going to be my first ps4 game since tlou and finally i can turn my dust collector back on for a week. Then its back off until uncharted.

          • Not as embarrassing as the halo mcc 😉 naughty dog would never release a game in that state. And its rather embarrassing for Microsoft at the minute I mean what’s come out lately?
            What’s coming out to compare to bloodborne? Thats right nothing.
            Microsoft are dead and buried this gen mate.

          • hahahahaha ori and the blind forest alone just destroyed anything sony has ever made then we have
            fast and furious
            halo 5
            quantum break
            tomb raider
            forza 6

            and you have

            LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sony is dead dude all they have are multiplats haaha hope you enjoy them with the rest of the year being so empty for you puppets

          • For a start tomb raider is only a “timed exclusive” so that game don’t count quantum break is coming 2016
            Sony 2015
            The order 1886
            Hell divers
            Until dawn
            The tomorrow children
            Everybody gone to rapture
            Alien nation
            Tear away unfolded
            Gow 3
            And theres more to announce at e3
            Thats why its sold 20.2 million 🙂 for the gamers

          • lmaooooo tomb raider is exclusive and quantum break is coming this year…. That whole list is terrible dude seriously open your eyes. only game people care about is bloodborne this year and thats it

          • Nope tomb raider is a timed exclusive Microsoft are pathetic they need some 1st party studios like naughty dog lol on ps4 we get to play the new tomb raider and the much better uncharted 4. Trololololololololol XD

          • lmaoo tomb raider buries uncharted in every way possible dude

          • Its already looking good for bloodborne game of the year 🙂 what’s coming on the xbone tomorrow nothing:( this looks like another mega hit like the last of us exclusive to the godstation 4 http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/bloodborne. LMFAO lol

          • bloodborne lmao wow one good game against



            dead rising






            so 8 good xbox games against one good ps4 game that people will forget in a week and then theres nothing on ps4 for another year hahaha

            here take this http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox/halo-combat-evolved

            once a ps game gets higher metacritic come speak to me TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 🙂

          • Hahahaha SALTY

          • Hope you enjoy it for a week then I hope you enjoy multiplats for the rest of the year hahahahaha trolololololololololol

          • What like xbots this year ? Enjoy hardline in 720p lol ill be playing bloodborne 🙂

          • Lmaooooooooo enjoy it for a wweek, I will Too. Then my ps4 will collect dust until next year while it watches me play mcc 😉 hahahahahaha

          • Hahaha even you have submitted to the greatness that is ps4 thanks 🙂 I would never buy an xbone in a million years,Microsoft couldn’t give me one for free hahahaha welcome to the playstation nation 😉 and thank you for adding another nail in Microsoft gaming grave 🙂 hahahaha

          • lol dude i own all consoles on day one im not a tight ass little kid like you who waits for my mother to buy me the cheaper console. Hence why i know why console is better and the x1 trumps ps4 in every single way possible theres not competition when it comes to games. Enjoy 1 good game after 3 years of waiting for greatness TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

          • Only hardcore xtwats like yourself own the xbone thats why the sales are terrible. Like I say I wouldn’t buy a xbone if Microsoft paid me.
            I own all the other consoles though. Just not the xbone its an hilariously bad console lol

          • Lmao shits on every console without even trying dude. You finally have one game to could get xbox one launch titles lmao

          • Yea bloodborne is great your totally right. Only playable on the godstation 4 LMFAO lol hahaha

          • Lolll wow the owner of sony must be penetrating you every night

          • Xbox scum really are sad, pathetic creatures, aren’t they?

          • They are more and more irrelevant.

          • Where? Uncharted 2 gets well better reviews and won more game of the year awards. Anything that comes from naughty gods is amazing 🙂 Microsoft wish they had there own naughty dog 🙁

          • Hahahahaaha naughty dog is terrible dude all their movie are seven hours with the worst mp and gameplay ever beside a half decent story. Naughty Gods hahaha wow your a puppet go suck them off dude

          • The world disagrees mate.
            There not called naughty gods for nothing

          • Lol little sheep like you Disagree. 343> naughty dog any day of the week

          • 343i are a joke mate they’ve nearly killed the halo brand

          • LOLLLLL it wasnt them who done the multiplayer and with halo 5 it has literally destroyed any ps franchise ever made just alone with the beta hahaaha open your eyes you goose 343> naughty dog anyday

          • Yea the halo 5 beta in glorious 720p LMFAO pathetic 🙁

          • Lmao a year before release. BTW how do you like that bloodborne downgrade?

          • Halo 5 720p
            Bloodborne glorious 1080p hahaha Microsoft are devastated

          • Halo 5 beta at 480p> bloodborne at 4k

          • 343 haven’t made a good game yet mate halo 4 wasn’t bad but halo mcc was terrible naughty god would never release a game in that state

          • Lmao tlou says hi

          • Awww what an amazing game that is and its full 1080p 60fps on the godstation 4

          • Lmaooooo on the indiestation 4. It’s the only 1080p 60fps on the ps4 and that’s because it’s a last gen game hahahahahahaha

          • Don’t forget no mans sky too that looks amazing 😉

          • LMAOOOOOOOO i wouldnt play nms if you payed me

          • No exclusives this year on xbone yet where’s all the games? Microsoft are laughing at their own fans hahahaha at least there’s tv and sports right hahaha pathetic

          • this year

            forza 6
            halo 5
            quantum break
            tomb raider



          • Fable is a shitty free to play game (lmfao)
            Smite really? LMFAO a pc indie game hahaha pathetic
            Quantum break is not out till 2016 haha
            Tomb raider is coming to ps4 to thats a fact

            So all your left with is halo and forza again LMFAO lol that’s pathetic mate hahahahaha lets hope halo works this time. We all know halo hasn’t been the same since 343i took over 🙁
            The bone is finished mate its got nothing on the godstation 4 :))

          • hahahahah fable alone wipes the floor with anyting indiestation has ever made

          • It doesn’t mate everyone is laughing at how bad the new fable is. What has Microsoft done ?

          • Lmaoooooooooooooo new Fable slaughters any ps game ever made dude your mum knows it ask her )

          • My mum? Hahaha you fail hard at trolling mate

          • Still waiting mate 🙁 must suck having no games ps4 already has the order 1886 and bloodborne. Microsoft have only released a indie game so far LMFAO trololololololololol

          • Ori is better than anything sony has made and is published by Microsoft so it isn’t a indie trololololol what does sony have after bloodborne? That’s right nothing till next year LMFAOOOOO

          • Thats another timed exclusive hahahahaha what a fail Microsoft don’t know what exclusive are

          • Hahahahaaha so you just make up stories and talk shit don’t you

          • Halo mcc was broken on the xbox done LMFAO what a shit console. They couldn’t even get a remaster right hahahaha pathetic

          • Hahahaha the game is only broken to butthurt ponies like you because it alone destroys anything sony has ever made hahahahaha salty much bro?

          • Broken hahahaha the broken chief collection hahaha Microsoft can’t even get a remaster right hahahahahahaha XD

          • like driveclub? or broken like bloodbored with 40 second loading screens lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo next gen console they say..

          • Driveclub was fixed well before Xmas unlike the broken chief collection.
            Bloodborne is game of the year.
            If you wanna talk about frame rate and resolution
            Dr3 on the bone is hilarious at 720p 18fps man what a fail that was hahahahaha

            only 1080p 60fps game is forza 5 on the x1 TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL shitstation 4

          • Show me where the order is 20fps we are talking about the ps4 here not the xbone 🙂

          • Lmaooooooooo the order 800p 20fps two years after launch and still got 4/10 hahahahahahahahahahahaha jokestation 4 enjoy it dude only people with the lowest standards will enjoy that rubbish so I wouldn’t expect anything else from sony fans trololololol

          • When mate ? Solid 30fps the order best looking console game by a mile.
            Like I say I’m talking about the ps4 here not the xbone.
            The xbone is known to have issues most games run at a lower frame rate and resolution than the godstation 4 😉 there’s nothing on ps4 like dead rising 3 at 720p 18fps oh dear and them graphics are awful just like sunset overhype at 900p what a fail 🙁 players on the godstation 4 can play great looking games like the last of us remastered the highest rated game on metacritic.
            And play it at 1080p 60fps
            The xbone is done this year bloodborne out on Friday at 1080p :)) what’s out on the bone nothing 🙁 oh dear

          • BLOODBORNE 25 FPS LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO 40 SECOND LOADING TIMES WHAT A PATHETIC CONSOLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ryse> the order any day of the week and that was a launch title hahahahahahahahaha sunset> any ps game ever made hahahahahahahahahahahaha shitstation 4 suits you dude

          • 20.2 million sold hahahahahahahahahaha

          • hahahaha how pathetic thats all you have. Enjoy your sales shareholder.. oh wait trololol your just a junkie with no games to play trololololololololol

          • 20.2 million sold Microsoft could only dream of them numbers haha what a fail
            #ps4 domination;)

          • hahahaha how pathetic thats all you have. Enjoy your sales shareholder.. oh wait trololol your just a junkie with no games to play trololololololololol

          • xD 20.2 million sold the fastest selling console of all time.

          • lllllllllllllllmmmmmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo its more embarassing when theres nothing worth playing on it hahahaahaaa

          • Not as embarrassing as the halo mcc LMFAO lol

          • mcc> any ps game ever made in history hahahahahaha

          • You say the ps4 has no games but its got double what the failbox has got 😉
            No wonder Sony have sold 20.2million its for the gamers 😉 with many more games fact !!!!


          • Behold the (lack of) intelligence of your average Shitbox fanboy.

            Enjoy putting up with PC ports and tired, milked franchises while SCE continues to put out more and better games on the PS4.

          • Lmaooooooooo 1 half decent game and mediocre trash. Enjoy them dude seriously bloodborne counters xbox one launch titles lmao

          • Bloodborne seriously counters most of the shit on the Xbone.

            But hey, PC ports of MMOs will redress the balance!

          • Lmaooooooooo not really see halo 1 -97 dude highest rated exclusive 😉 love how you miss all the other games too. Plus I prefer killer instinct over bloodborne anyday of the week

          • You mean that game that’s not on the Xbone except as a port on the Disaster Chief Collection which hit 85 and is still broken? What a terrible machine the Shitbox Done is.

            Of course you’d take Filler Instinct over Bloodborne, you’re an Xbot. You’re used to eating turds.

          • I would take Ki over anything sony has ever made and oh yeah mcc multiplayer is fixed but halo 1 campaigns worked on day one and yeah highest rated exclusive at 97 hahahahahahahahahahahaha enjoy one game in three years and now wait because theres nothing on ps4 till next year hahahaha

          • Bwahahahahaha Filler Shitstink
            Bwahahahahaha Disaster Chief Collection
            Bwahahahahaha content patches and broken online

            Go pre-load your two year old PC MMO and your 360 port. The Shitbox Done has no games.

          • Hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahhaahahahahaha xbox launch line up destroys anything sony has ever realeased on the shitstation 4 how do you like them indies dude you payed 400 for a console flooded with indies and ONE good AAA game LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

          • You wish. Resogun destroyed the Shitbox’s launch lineup and it’s got worse for you since. Poor lad.

            How do you like those no games on the Shitbox Done? :^)

          • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha resounding highest rated ps4 game indiestation owners hahahahaha killer instinct alone destroys whole ps library dude go play crap indies you need maybe one day mommy will buy a xbox

          • No, “Resogun,” you abject moron. And I said it was the highest rated launch game. Multiple PS4 games have got higher ratings since. The Shitbox Done hasn’t had a 90+ MC exclusive…ever. When is the Xbone library going to stop being so utterly mediocre? :^)

          • halo 1 – 97 highest rated exclusive available to play on x1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA when will sony have a game rated as high? lmaooo never

          • A fucking port! Hahahahaha! When’s the Shitbox Done finally getting some games, son?

          • this year
            the order (BIGGEST FAIL IN GAMING)

            halo 5
            tomb raider
            forza 6
            quantum break


            When’s the Shitstation indiestation 4 Done finally getting some games, son?

          • You forgot Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, Ratchet and Clank full remake and Disgaea 5 among others.

            In reality, Ryse was the biggest fail in games.

            Fable is on PC, Smite is a PC port and TR is a cross-gen rental. Pathetic. When is the Shitbox Done getting some games? 🙂

          • lmaooooooooooo
            tearaway LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
            until dawn looks horrible
            disgea LMAOOOOOOOOOOO sorry im not asian dude

            fable alone curb stomps that whole list of rubbish. The order takes the award for biggest fail in gaming.

            Smite is HUGE cry some more tears dude if its not pn ps4 its console exclusive to xbox 😉
            TR was better than uncharted 3 so thats all your hopes and dreams down the drain lmao and uncharted and any naughty dog game are always the ones up for rental and returned within a week lmfao

            what do you have for the rest of the year? LMAOOO dust thats what

          • Fable is F2P garbage they stuck on PC to try and get people to care.

            Smite is MMO garbage and two years old. No one cares.

            Edgy Raider is a joke and Ryse was the biggest fail in gaming.

            Xtards wish they had a developer as good ad Naughty Dog.

            Watch SCE get a higher critical average

          • LMAO
            smite > any ps game ever
            fable > any ps game in 2015
            tomb raider > any ps and naughty dog game ever made
            Ryse shits on the order and driveclub lol go sit in a corner dude and wait till next year for a decent game to play lmfao

          • Smite = shit

            Fable = shit

            Ryse = shit

            Tomb Raider = pointless for a decade

            Xbone has no games. Crawl back to ZootPlays’ sad blog. :^)

          • LMAOOOOOOOO
            smite > ps4 library
            fable > ps4 library
            ryse> ps4 library

            wait for greatness which will hopefully come next year cause this year is dead for the ps4 hahaaha

          • Zzzzzz. Keep repeating your fanboy bullshit. Xbone games are trash. When’s the Shitbox finally getting a 90+ exclusive? 2016? 2017? Greatness never coming to the Shitbox Done!

          • halo 1 – 97 highest rated exclusive playable on next gen consoles

          • A 14 year old Oxbox game! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

          • playable on x1 😉

          • A port! Hahahahaha!

            Shitbox Done’s library is so tragic.

          • So we have
            Tomb raider
            Forza 6
            Phantom dust
            Gears of war 4
            Fora horizon 3
            Quantum break

            And you guys have
            God of war
            Some crap horizon

            Lmaooooooooo who’s done dude? Xbox has been curb stomping the ps4 since launch lmfaoooooooooo you have nothing this year hahahahahahahaha

          • You are the pinnacle of retard Shitbox delusion. The most unwanted MS IP ever (seriously, who gives a fuck about Halo) that’s now on PC, washed up Halo, a timed exclusive, regurgitated Fartza, a 2016 game, a game in dev help, a 2017 game, a 2016 game, a game that doesn’t exist and a 2016 game.

            So that’s 2 full exclusives in the Shitbox versus 6 full exclusives on the PS4 this year.

            Lmfaooooooo the Shitbox Done has no games Hahahahaha keep waiting 🙂

          • So we have
            Tomb raider
            Forza 6
            Phantom dust
            Gears of war 4
            Fora horizon 3
            Quantum break

            And you guys have
            God of war
            Some crap horizon

            Lmaooooooooo who’s done dude? Xbox has been curb stomping the ps4 since launch lmfaoooooooooo you have nothing this year hahahahahahahaha and next year LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREATNESS AWAITS DUDE LMFAOOOOOOO

          • Buahahaha repeating the same bullshit long after I debunked it. Newsflash, idiot: the Shitbox Done has no games. But hey, maybe by 2017 the Shitbox Done might have three games worth getting that pizza orderer for. Chances aren’t good though. :^)

  5. Yes this is the year of Xbox if Microsoft play their cards right especially if there are no delays with the exclusives this fall because they have the opportunity to bundle them and make a killing with sales. Their Windows 10 coming to X1 can be a game changer as well if they allow users to play steam games on X1.

    • Yeah its the year for xbone alright, if Sony simply stops putting out any games for PS4, maybe.

      • The delay for Uncharted 4 really hurt Sony this year not saying they will not continue to sell or have anything at E3 that will be awesome but that game is a true system seller and was really what their fans was looking forward to playing this year. Now if Microsoft comes out with all their exclusives this year without delays they have an opportunity to gain momentum and make a killing with sales if they bundle up their exclusives and bring out the hololens. They also have the Win 10 coming out this year as well as the DX12 api these can be game changers for the X1 division and allow Microsoft to really stand out from the competition. The X1 will never catch up to PS4 worldwide but they can take back turf from the US and UK.

        • Project Morpheus say hi!

          • LOL nobody cares about vr dude peoject morpheus is going to be dead like psnow and 3d tv’s

          • No.. see the problem with VR in the old days was accessibility.. Now.. There is so many PS4’s and PCs in homes.. there is a much wider possibility for it to be main stream. VR will catch on.. It isn’t some gimmick this time around.. I can promise you that.. There is a reason your beloved Microsoft has been looking into VR as well..

          • VR is an expensive accessor which only a rare few will buy. It wont take off. It will be a short lived faze. Who the hell wants to wear a helmet while playing video games.. I can say the casuals wont and they make up most of thid business.

          • LOL wait and see dude it will be dead before it comes out

          • “…nobody cares about vr…”

            Substantiate that claim or STFU.

          • sorry 20 people care hope youre not going to cry

          • I’ll cry when you present facts. Until then: Sorry your an opinionated moron.

          • your an opinionated goose who loves indies

          • Cool Story Brah…..

          • Umadbro

          • Yeah, me and the whole world are mad you weren’t aborted….trolololol

          • Your mum should have swallowed

          • Trololololol no indies to play?

          • Trust me Hololens is much more consumer friendly and safer because it is augmented reality other than the Project Morpheus which is virtual reality because Sony still has to deal with motion sickness problems with that device and I do not see consumers keeping that on their head for hours.

          • Trust you? Have you used a Hololens? Have you used a Morpheus? A Rift? A Vive? No, you haven’t. Your just talking speculative shit.

            Jesus Christ you are literally the most transparent fan boy dillusionist ever.

        • You do realize you are putting too much expectations on Microsoft right? You have said many things that just won’t happen.. There is absolutely No Gears of War collection announced, and there definitely isn’t a Gears Game coming this year, mark my words on that one.. Holo lens is not coming out this year either. DX12 will take years for people to fully get a grasp of it.. Games are just going to drop their development mid cycle to work on DX12. It will start to show up more and more within the next few years.. The Windows 10 thing is a gimmick, What benefit does it have.. really?

          The PS4 has pretty much won every single month since launch, besides 2.. and that was just a loss in one territory. Not to mention the PS4 has been doing all this without games.. and the Xbox one has had a better price point, better bundles, and “more games”. It still isn’t out selling the PS4.. what makes you think they can turn it around because one single Sony Exclusive was delayed?

          Also.. How do you know that Halo won’t be delayed? Or Fable Legends? Or something else? You just don’t.. So.. its pure speculation, and until a game “goes Gold”, there is always a possibility that it will be pushed back.

          • Felt like saying something along these lines, but it has been a long night and you’ve pretty much summed it up for me.

          • Windows 10 a gimmick? please do your research because you have no idea how asinine that sounds. Windows 10 universal app platform will allow devs to port games to X1 and multiple devices much faster like in 1 day that means more games coming to X1 with ease it also will be cross platform compatible. This will give Microsoft a big advantage over Sony because mostly everyone has Windows PCs in their home than PS4. And if you read my comment correctly I said if Microsoft does not delay their games they will make an impact in the US and UK.

      • bloodborne is all they got dude nobody cares about all their crap indie games

        this year.
        halo 5
        tomb raider
        forza 6
        quantum break

        sony has

        • That’s it for Xbone? I think you should take a better look at the incoming PS4 exclusives…


          Ratchet & Clank
          Until Dawn
          Dragon Quest heroes
          Disgaea 5
          Persona 5
          Tearaway Unfolded

          And even FF X/X-2 HD Remaster, just to mention a few AAA titles since there are many more. Have fun digging all of them yourself, digital included. Oh, and Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive.


        • Until Dawn?
          MLB The Show 2015?
          Persona 5?
          Yakuza 5?
          Disigaea 5?
          Ratchet and Clank Reboot by Insomniac?
          Brand New IP’s by Sony Bend / Guerrilla Games?
          So much more… Why even act like they don’t have games? There is still more announced games for the PS4 than their is for the Xbox One..and you better believe that Sony will be piling on the games this fall to make up for the delay of Uncharted 4.

          All of this.. just off the top of my head..

          • Until dawn lol any one care?
            mlb loooooooll enjoy dude thats like the most irrelevant game on the planet who the hell plays baseball games
            persona, yakuza, disgea – sorry im not an asian nerd into anime crap lol id rather play monopoly
            ratchet and clank lol who even wants that seriously
            and obviously microsoft will destroy sony at e3 like they do each year

    • No way will Valve allow Microsoft to put Steam on the Xbox One.. It simply won’t happen. Valve would instantly be murdering its own SKU, i.e. the “Steam Machines” in one small move if they did.

      • Microsoft can make a deal with Valve because they are already working together. Valve is using Microsoft OS to make most of their profits and until they can make their own OS which I believe they wont because of how much success steam has achieved on Windows OS Microsoft can ask them to allow steam pc games to be streamed to the X1 which will not damage Valves SKU. The alien-ware steam machines will flop hard trust me they have no market.

        • You are deluded. You are just insanely deluded.

          IDK where to start. What about Valve’s OS…you know SteamOS.
          So what you “believe” about Valve can sit the fuck down and STFU.

          Microsoft can ask Valve anything they want. Valve don’t owe Microsoft a thing. And they’re not “already working together” at all. Where did you pull that sweet bit of BS from?

          But lets examine why either party would (not) benefit from that:

          Microsoft allows Steam games on Xbone. Microsoft doesn’t receive any royalties from Valve nor would they be in any way entitled to them.
          So Steams not only cheaper, but significantly more expansive catalog opens up to Xbone users. They in turn see the lower prices, larger catalog, larger community and wonder why they bother with Xbone games at all. Bear in mind they already have a PC capable of playing these games. So the Xbone is an expensive accessory at this point.

          Now lets also consider Valves up coming Steam Link. A device sold by Valve which was specifically designed to stream PC games to a TV.
          Take with that Valves very blatant assault on console gaming with Steam Machines. Explain why Valve would give it’s (arguably) primary competitor a huge leg up? How does that help Valve?

          You can’t justify anything you’ve said. You keep telling people to trust you and yet you continue to espouse the kind of garbage a poorly educated 14-year old know it all would come out with.

          Get some facts or STFU.

          • Listen retard steam does not have all X1 exclusives in their store so the X1 will still make profits for Microsoft and a steam client app on the X1 alone will increase X1 sales even if they have cheaper prices than Xbox live just more options for the gamer. Valve will benefit because they now will have the opportunity to reach the console gamers who never heard of steam so its a win for both .

          • Your a moron.


          • When steam comes to the X1 your going to look like a idiot

          • LMFAO. You already look like an idiot.

            Dream on you delusional little goon.

          • Ok dunce will see before this year is over

          • We will. Remember this conversation when you’re proven completely wrong.

            Kinda like how you were completely wrong about Valve making their own OS……remember that? LMFAO.

    • LOL. Steam games on Xbox.

      I mean, come on. Delusional thinking much.

  6. The PC gamers will humiliate and destroy FPS players on X1. Should be fun

    • Pc players need to use a x1 control to play xbox one games unless its something top down like fable where you play as the villian, do some research dude.

      • “We did Shadowrun and enabled cross[-play] on PC and Xbox 360 and I think it was OK. I don’t think it changed gaming when it came out but it was a good investigation of control input and fidelity, and I think you’re going to see that same creative focus as this evolves to figure out which games are great for cross-platform play and which aren’t. Resolutions between PC and console will be different in certain cases. Controllers versus keyboard and mouse is sometimes an issue that people sometimes get hung up on.”

        “My job on the platform side is to provide the tools and let developers figure it out.” Phil Spencer – Xbox Boss Man

        The control scheme is a Dev decision not a MS one.

        Do some research dude.

        • lol k nerd get over it

          • Ohh sorry, do you not like being wrong?

            Cry me a river kiddie…..

          • you cry me a river dude lol

          • Cool Story Brah….

  7. Last fall was suppose to be huge for Xbox.. Sony increased their lead to 8M units.

    • Even so…Xbox took the holidays with a whooping +2mil over Sony.

      • Did you see the desperate deal Microsoft was doing over Xmas? They outsold Sony in the us/uk for 2 months
        So what’s that now 14-2 to Sony then?

        • You are not making any sense. Please do your research before answering any of my comments.

          • Done 🙂
            20.2 million ps4
            10 million (shipped) xbones
            Microsoft are getting killed by Sony 🙂
            But mate give up you look to fat and old to be arguing anything.
            P.s please don’t have a heart attack 🙁

      • IN AMERICA. Worldwide they still had their asses handed to them.

      • What happened when they put the price back to “profitable”?

        • You know they had a holiday sale right?
          You cant call a sale a sale if you dont rise the amount for a while, there are something called marketing laws.
          Anyway…the X1 is around 25% cheaper now than last year (in my country) and its not because they made un-bundled the Kinect.

          • The xbone is a failure mate
            >>DEAL WITH IT 🙂

          • I do know they had a sale. Everyone does.

            Because that was the only period in which the Xbox outsold the PS4, in Europe and America.

      • And yet Sony’s lead got bigger…..

        • A lot bigger selling nearly double what Microsoft could manage.
          #playstation domination 🙂

  8. Way to shill there George, but hey I understand its all about wishful thinking for you xbone guys, thanks for the article though it was good for a laugh.

    • Your insecurity is showing again lol thanks for making me laugh.

  9. By your arguments, 2015 will be year of Windows 10 and not of Xbone…

  10. November/December do not equal a year.

  11. Thats three years in a row for xbox and next year the slaughter continues with gears, scalebound, crackdown and phantom dust.

  12. More like it will be the year of PC. Why would anyone buy an Xbone if they can play 99% of its games on Windows? 😀

    • My brother games mostly on pc, difference between him an me…..just time. He has lots, I have very little. PS4 is lightning fast to get on and play a game and then put away. PC is more for the enthusiast with the luxury of time. P.S. I used to be a PC gamer back when I had time, when C@C generals, Homeworld, ground control and all these awesome games were coming out. Jagged alliance 2 was one of my fav games

    • mostly retard people who bought it, ps4 plus a pc is the best duet

  13. I cant see why 2015 is going to be the year of Xbox. It has little going for it except broshooters that are waiting for the new Halo game. Nothing yet that indicates that XBO is the console you should by over the soon to be 10 million more sold rival PS4.

    I own both consoles and have done since they launched. The XBO is a dust collector. I would have used it more if I did not have a PC. But now that Ori and the Blind Forest and more games are going to come to PC. I see little reason to actually keep the XBO.

    If Quantum Break comes for PC also it’s the nail in the coffin for XBO for my part.

    • agreed bro, look at my comment above

  14. This article is hilarious hahahaha Microsoft shills begging people to buy the irrelevant bone haha man the desperation is hilarious.
    What are the sales at now ? Oh yea
    Ps4 20.2 million sold
    Xbone 10 million (shipped) LMFAO lol
    What a massive flop the bone is when compared to the mighty ps4
    #playstationdomination :))

    • .,.

      • Here’s the Microsoft defense league lol drm is great right? Lmfao lol Phil and Microsoft love you :))

        • So you are not in a Xbox article desperatly trolling to make your poor choice of a console sound better? Sorry kid, but you failed.
          Try harder.

          • Sorry fatty your a bit late to this discussion. Must take you longer to move round with all that extra weight 🙂 the article was trying and failing to troll.
            As for me being a troll ? Trolling what? Its all true what I said.
            I will let my up votes speak for themselves 🙂

          • Your “upvotes” only proves which camp has the most a-holes.
            Congrats for your “win”. 🙂

          • Thanks 😉

      • He’s not a pony, he’s a full grown war horse. Ready to stomp micoscum ass. Cannot wait to see Xbox real sold through numbers….. gonna be friggin hilarious….
        Bbbbut the cloud, bbbbut master chief, bbbbut direct x18. Pathetic. Had a 360 last gen, replaced it 3 times, wouldn’t buy anything from microsoft again, once they are in a dominant position they shit all over their consumers. Sony put manners on them

        • Well said my friend had 4 360 last gen all rrod.
          I would never buy another console from Microsoft again.
          The xbone though lol its a laughing stock I’m surprised its had the sales it had.
          It must be the die hard xbox fans trying to save the sinking ship 😉

  15. Good…… Good……. And good!!!


  16. Well Sony is kind of working from a negative with ‘The Order 1886’… but we will have to wait and see what titles actually appear for MS this year as still possibility for delays?

  17. So many Sony fanboys here defending their mediocre console, in one of many positive Xbox articles.

  18. Halo 5 is a HUGE GAMBLE based on how bad 343 fucked up MCC. I could see H5 getting delayed into 2016 as well.

    Fable looks like garbage

    Quantum Break and a Gears Collection sound amazing but that hardly makes up for an entire year.

    Phil Spencer is doing a helluva job but the Xbone and the PS4 need more games period

  19. play streaming from other device –> ps4 is the first
    cross buy —> ps4 ps3 and vita are the first
    homolens —> ps4 is the first to implement agumented reality
    bc —-> ps now announced first

    game :
    1. gaylo = a game where you shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, and throw grenade at the same alien over and over and over and over again.
    2. tomb raider = timed exclusive.
    3. gears of gay war = probably the same as gaylo

    so yeah, its the year for shitbox……for crying, and overhyping outdated technology that ps4 user already enjoy long ago. and enjoying overrated games

  20. Fuck fable fuck halo 5 fuck queers of war u fucking xtwats u lot suck phil spencers dick u bunch of queers

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