The Top 5 8th Generation Exclusives… So Far

The 8th generations of video game consoles are still in the early stages of their life cycle. The PS4 and Xbox One have only been out for a year and half, while the WiiU has been around for two and half. While the big hitters for a console don’t normally start coming out till year 3 and beyond for a console, there have been some great games released so far. With more exclusives on the horizon like Legend of Zelda, Halo 5, Bloodborne and many others. This list will definitely be changing before the year is up. Here is my list for the top 5 exclusives of this generation so far.


#5: Forza Horizon 2


I must admit that I have never been a really big sim racing fan. The only racing games I have over owned are Mario Kart racers. This reason is why I have stayed away from the Forza Motorsport series. If it were not for the Xbox live demo of FH2 I would probably have never played this great gem of a racer. The thing this game does best is toe the line between arcade and sim racer. You are able to race through beautiful cities or across wide open country sides sometimes all in the same race. With over 200 customizable vehicles and hundreds of miles to explore you will not find a better racer out there this generation.


#4: Super Mario 3D World


With every generation of consoles there is always that great Mario game that is one of the flagship for the Nintendo console. This generation’s game is called Super Mario 3d World. It’s made by Koichi Hayashida who also helped make Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 and Super Mario 3d Land. The level design is amazing where each level starts with teaching you a concept for how the level will play out. From there it builds on that concept and then pumps up the intensity by adding on to that concept with a twist on how it will play. While a simple idea the game does it so well that is such a joy to play and anyone with a WiiU should not miss out on this experience.

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  1. From somebody who has clearly never played a PS4 before.. Ori isn’t exclusive and Resogun is the best indie on any console this generation so far if it can even be called that as its made by a fully recognised developer.

    • Those were my thoughts as well. He also mentioned that the devs of Ori, Moon Studios are a first party dev, but is that true? I know MS published Ori but I wasn’t aware of them being a MS exclusive developer. Also a bit of a stretch to call a collection of old games w/ a single new remaster job the best game of the 8th generation so far, based off of review scores alone (as well as the majority of gamer’s opinion) TLOU Remastered should be the reigning champ in those regards.

      • He says in the last sentence before going into the list it’s “his” top 5. This is obviously his opinion. I don’t get why people get so bent out of shape over others’ gaming opinions.

        • His opinion is still biased as he’s not played a PS4 he should state top games of xbox and wiiu not of 8th generation. But my point still stand Ori is NOT an exclusive

  2. It’s an opinion, not my opinion, but an opinion.

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