Why E3 2015 Will Be The Best We’ve Seen In Years

We’re only 3 months away from E3; the most iconic video game convention ever conceived and that will proceed to blow our minds sky high with behind the scenes previews of upcoming games and amazing reveals that will leave us talking for weeks to come! In preparation for the impending electronic entertainment expo, it’s time for ThisGenGaming to line-up all the video game industry’s heavy hitters and give a rundown on why this will be the best E3 for this next generation of gaming!


With a surprising announcement earlier this year, Bethesda has decided to host their very own E3 press conference! This means either they have discovered a way of synthesizing gold or they’re going to reveal Fallout 4, Dishonored 2 and new IP all together! Regardless of which amazing video games are shown, everybody wins as the announced games will most likely be multi-platform and have some sort of online multiplayer element not commonly seen in Bethesda’s traditional single-player titles. Of course, Bethesda has also shown that it can adapt this year in order to reach a larger gaming audience. With the release of Elder Scrolls Online for the PS4 & Xbox One on June 9th, Scrolls fans will see Bethesda’s only online game switch to a free-to-play model which was a good call on their part and helps bring in new and old console gamers alike into the fold.


As the marketing campaign for the Xbox One ramps up this year, Microsoft will be heavily promoting on their ability to grow a larger amount of console exclusives they can bring to the table. Ori and The Blind Forest has proven that Microsoft can still create beautiful games to the Xbox One that both excite and entertain their dedicated fan base. Some of the highly-anticipated exclusive games in Microsoft Studios arsenal include Halo 5: Guardians, Crackdown 3 and Scalebound. While these established games are welcome news, will we also see an announcement along the lines of a new Gears of War game or a new IP from Black Tusk studios? They have recently denied the rumor that they were creating a Marcus Fenix HD collection port for the Xbox One. I’m sure Xbox fans would be happy to see that happen but also get their hands on something new alltogether.


It no surprise that EA has been having a few semi-rough years when it comes to their video games performing after hitting the market. No longer is that the case after the relatively positive public reviews to their recently released Battlefield: Hardline, a cops and robbers take on their ever popular Battlefield series. Chief among the games that EA plans to roll the year is the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront that will be tied with the release of the new Star wars movie, releasing this December. Another excellent game franchise that we’re dying to get our hands on again this year is Mass Effect 4. EA hasn’t exactly been subtle when hinting about this follow up to one of the most popular sci-fi RPG dramas of all time. We would love to see something concrete like a cinematic announcement trailer instead of just concept art or vague story ideas. When June comes around, we will be keeping a hopeful yet close eye on what EA has to offer for the rest of the calendar year!


We’ve seen a resurgence of great games coming from Ubisoft last year such as Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed Unity. Ubisoft is likely to keep stride, even though each game had minor release problems that turned off a lot of newcomers and Ubisoft veterans alike. With that in mind, Ubisoft looks like they have learned their lesson and given 2015 games like Assassin’s Creed Victory, Rainbow Six: Seige and The Division more development time to make each game shine brightly. There is also a distinct possibility that we will see several back-burner IPs emerge from out of the blue or fingers crossed, a sequel to the critically acclaimed WWI side scroller, Valiant Hearts.


Sony has always been one of the industry’s juggernauts when it comes to creating exciting new games for their Playstation consoles but with Uncharted 4 put on hold until 2016, will they have enough exclusives to entice holiday shoppers? We know for sure that Persona 5 and Gran Turismo 7 are in the works and will receive a release date this E3. There are also a loy of rumors swirling around about a entirely new God of War or an HD remake of the main trilogy. Also Quantic Dream, developer of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain have announced that they have a new IP peaking over the horizon, most likely to be shown at this year’s E3.


Our friends across the Pacific ocean, other wise known as Nintendo have been making a lot of big corporate moves even before the month of E3. One news story that everbody will be looking for at E3 is Nintendo’s partnership with DeNA bearing fruit in the form o Nintendo licensed games for mobile devices. Traditionally for the past couple of years, Nintendo has created a per-recorded company announcement called “Nintendo Direct” that airs during the expo and gives Nintendo a chance to focus strictly on the juicy details that fans want hear like news on their mysterious “NX” system. It still might be early in development but Nintendo could officially announce details on the “NX” which reportedly will change video gaming life. While preparing for future en devours, Nintendo will also continue to focus on the Wii U and show off the full capabilities of this under-rated system with first hand looks at the upcoming Starfox game and more gameplay footage from the new The Legend Of Zelda!


Finally, let’s not forget that 3rd party games are coming back with a vengeance in 2015, which has fans clamoring for whichever console 3rd party developers pledge their allegiance to. Video games like No Mans Sky, The Witness, Planetside 2 and many other games slated for this year can determine the fate of the video game industry as a whole. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have already realized this and have gone to great lengths to tempt these small studios by offering larger audiences, easier development cycles and extensive technical/network support. If this past GDC was any measurement of where the industry is going, the big leaders of the industry are looking for talent and the next “Minecraft” to help make their systems more valuable in the consumer eye.

Overall, it’s still a very close contest for who will be the top dog for the 2015 E3 and if we can learn anything from last year’s expo is that any ground-breaking feature or exclusive game can make or break a company’s winning streak in the public eye! Publishers are learning that video game fans are more tech savvy than ever before and have the power of social media to help troubleshoot with developers directly. This Pre-E3 news already has succeeded in getting everybody here at ThisGenGaming chomping at the bit to see the future of gaming that will be revealed in Los Angeles this June!

We want to know how you feel about E3 2015, are you hyped? Do you think it’ll be the best one in years? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. A new God of War isn’t just a rumor, Cory Barlog outright confirmed it at PSX last year. Worldwide Studios have tried to ignore that he got frustrated and spilled the beans that it’s in the works.

    Guerrilla Game’s new IP has been rumored to be an open world RPG, with mechanical dinosaurs and it’s also rumored to be officially announced at E3 this year.

    Overall this E3 should be pretty awesome!

  2. My E3 2015 Wishlist

    1.Mafia 3
    2.God Of War 4
    3.Gears Of War 4
    4.Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End More Gameplay
    5.Quantic Dream’s New IP
    6.Quantum Break Gameplay And Release Date
    7.Sony’s Project Morpheus Games
    8.Beyond Good And Evil Reboot
    9.Red Dead Redemption 2 Or Bully 2
    10.Call Of Duty
    11.Assassins Creed Victory
    12.Star Wars Battlefront
    13.Open World Star Wars Game
    14.Banjo Kazooie
    15. The Last Guardian
    16.Watch Dogs 2
    17.Half Life 3

  3. There’s also the PC Gaming Show for the first time.

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