Following Zelda Wii U’s Delay, Here Are 5 Other Video Games That Could Be Delayed This Year

2014 was “the year of the delays” with many big games moving from 2014 to 2015 release dates. Included in the 2014 delays are titles such as Arkham Knight, The Division, The Order 1886, The Witcher 3, and Dying Light but that was just a few of the many delays that happened in 2014. As we move through 2015, many of us thought that the big delays would not be that frequent but we was wrong. Within the last month, each console has lost a big exclusive to 2016, Uncharted 4 for the PS4 and Quantum Break for Xbox One, and The Legend Of Zelda for the Wii-U.

It made me think, with these recent delays what games could be next to get the “delayed until whenever” news story. This isn’t to say I think all these games will be delayed, but that there is a good chance that at least one of the chosen five will be delayed I think it’s safe to say that in gaming there are some games you can call “locks” to be released on time and those games are both Assassin’s Creed and Call Of Duty so I wouldn’t expect a delay from either franchise this year.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and/or The Division

The Division was first shown at E3 2013 with a planned 2014 release, but was delayed until 2015. Since then not much has really been shown in terms of gameplay, and not long after the 2014 to 2015 delay a source close to the development team was quoted saying ‘Sadly I still think that the(2015) date is a tad bit optimistic as we still don’t have a functioning game and still have massive problems making our multiplayer component work at the concept stage’

The team working on this game have made it clear they are not going to release an unfinished product, and won’t think twice about delaying the game until 2016 if it’s not ready for the planned release date.

With Rainbow Six Siege there is just not enough information or videos about this game to even think this will come out in 2015. Ubisoft has said themselves that the game would be released sometime in fiscal year 2016, meaning it could be released from now until March 31st 2016, so a release date of 2016 does have a chance of happening.



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  1. First, The Developers and Ubisoft both have been adamant that Rainbow Six: Siege and Tom Clancy’s: The Division will both be released in 2015. Also.. On that note, The Division is seemingly in an alpha stage and will be cleared for a Beta soon, rumors are floating around that Rainbow Six: Siege is doing the same. As for Rise of the Tomb Raider, it isn’t Microsofts choice when Tomb Raider is released, I am assuming it will actually release in 2015 as well.. They might bump back a different game.. Maybe even Halo.. (I know I will get some slack for that one..).

    The Witcher 3 has been delayed a few times, and the last delay was only a month and a half.. They would have delayed it further if they really thought it was going to take a long time to optimize, but they didn’t, so I believe that is a good sign that it is finally on track.

    Also.. you forgot to mention that Batman might get a delay.. it was recently delayed 20 days or so.. and that could possibly lead to a further delay if they are uncertain that small amount of time will help as time draws closer.

    Finally.. E3 is right around the corner.. (bout 2 months, roughly) and That is why most of these games haven’t had much info shared about them.. If we don’t see more info on them at E3.. you can almost be assured they will be delayed.

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