Following Zelda Wii U’s Delay, Here Are 5 Other Video Games That Could Be Delayed This Year


Star Wars Battlefront

This is the first Star Wars Battlefront game we’ve gotten in 10 years! It skipped a generation of consoles, that’s how long it has been since we last got our hands on a new Battlefront game. With it being that long since the last game in the series, this has to be almost perfect, so a delay would actually be welcomed by fans of the series who have waited so long for another game.

We are sadly going through a time period in video games were many games are being rushed, and there is new, shocking concept were some devs are now actually caring about what they release to the people buying game, so they delay the game when it’s not working or ready to be released… crazy right!

So yeah to sum this one up, fans have waited a long time already so a little longer wouldn’t hurt to get this best Star Wars Battlefront possible.

The Witcher 3

Now hear me out before everyone goes crazy over this choice, I didn’t say every delay would be a move to 2016. I just have a feeling that The Witcher 3 will get one more delay. This is because the developers really do care about giving the payer customer a game that is not full of problems on release date like other games over the last year. This would be a similar delay of the recent Batman Arkham Knight one, with the game being delayed by just 3 weeks.

When the game was last delayed in December 2014, the reason given for the delay was “the game’s ambition means there are still bugs that need to be fixed and some features are not yet working correctly.” What if these bugs and issues are still causing the development of The Witcher 3 problems? They won’t release a game that has so many problems so a delay further into 2015 could happen.

But hey lets hope this isn’t the case because who doesn’t want to play The Witcher 3 in May!

Rise Of The Tomb Raider

The Xbox One has got an easy fall 2015 against the PS4 as Sony’s Uncharted 4 was just delayed which was really Sony’s big exclusive title for the fall unless they have some surprises cooked up for E3. Xbox One has Forza 6 and Halo 5 coming at the end of the year with a rumored Gears collection to be announced for fall 2015. The Xbox One also has the timed exclusive “Rise Of The Tomb Raider” to give the Xbox One a decently stacked fall 2015.

Could Xbox One’s fall 2015 line up be too stacked meaning some titles will get moved to 2016? Phil Spencer thinks so, even saying  “It just might be too crowded and we might purposely try to move some things out to spread it.”

Currently there has only been a teaser trailer, and no videos of gameplay. We have only heard a few details about what is to be expected from the game, but other than that nothing else. Could a lack of details and gameplay footage mean a delay is coming or is it just waiting for the right time to show the footage? We’ll have to see because the first Tomb Raider of the reboot was originally scheduled for late 2012, but was delayed to early 2013.

What do you think of the choices in this article? Do you think all will get delayed, some, or non that I’ve listed? Is there a game I’ve missed out that you think will be delayed then leave a comment in the comment section below.


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  1. First, The Developers and Ubisoft both have been adamant that Rainbow Six: Siege and Tom Clancy’s: The Division will both be released in 2015. Also.. On that note, The Division is seemingly in an alpha stage and will be cleared for a Beta soon, rumors are floating around that Rainbow Six: Siege is doing the same. As for Rise of the Tomb Raider, it isn’t Microsofts choice when Tomb Raider is released, I am assuming it will actually release in 2015 as well.. They might bump back a different game.. Maybe even Halo.. (I know I will get some slack for that one..).

    The Witcher 3 has been delayed a few times, and the last delay was only a month and a half.. They would have delayed it further if they really thought it was going to take a long time to optimize, but they didn’t, so I believe that is a good sign that it is finally on track.

    Also.. you forgot to mention that Batman might get a delay.. it was recently delayed 20 days or so.. and that could possibly lead to a further delay if they are uncertain that small amount of time will help as time draws closer.

    Finally.. E3 is right around the corner.. (bout 2 months, roughly) and That is why most of these games haven’t had much info shared about them.. If we don’t see more info on them at E3.. you can almost be assured they will be delayed.

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