PlayStation 4 Exclusives That Could Be Announced This Year

As the PlayStation 4 continues to hold it’s hefty lead in the 2015 console war, boasting at over 20 million units sold to date, we look to Sony to give more reasons to newcomers to pick up this stellar next-gen console in 2015. What plans does Sony have for 1st and 3rd party exclusives that may be hidden up their sleeves? Rumors have been flying around saying that Fallout 4 hitting center stage at the first ever Bethesda press conference, glowing reassurances from Sony of The Last Guardian’s continued development and even a new Gundam video game to come over the horizon!

However, ThisGenGaming has a list of video game franchises that have been laying low for too long and would be perfect as console sellers! Read through to see which PS4 exclusive surprises we would love to see announced at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles!

God of War IV

With the PS3 version of God of War III getting a next-gen makeover later this year, is Sony trying to pull the wool over our eyes? This unexpected and underwhelming announcement makes many gamers and critics alike, raise their eyebrows in disbelief as this could be a sneaky attempt to get fans groomed for the inevitable God of War IV. Now sequels are never a bad thing when given proper time to develop but story-wise, what is there left to do? After conquering Mount Olympus and “sacrificing” himself for the sake of the entire world, which worlds left for Kratos to conquer? Hopefully, whatever best-laid plans Sony has in store for GOW fans, it’s worth waiting for and a worthy console seller for the 2015 holiday season.

New Sly Cooper

It’s almost been half a decade since we’ve last seen the elusive “Thievius Raccoonus,” otherwise known as Sly Cooper! After the 2011 release of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, fans have been wondering when they will be able to pull off more heists as the expert raccoon thief and assisted by his buddies, Murray the heavy-hitting hippo and Bently the over-thinking turtle and overall brains of the Cooper Gang. Realistically there is good chance that we will see another Sly Cooper game grace the PS4 after the announcement of a full feature animated film coming to theaters in 2016. This seems to be the perfect chance to at least create a tie-in video game that can have movie goers/players further explore and steal everything in this movie’s comic-esque universe. Since Sony is bankrolling and directing this movie, it’s only logical to assume that they are planning to introduce a new generation of gamers to Sly Cooper and rejuvenate a treasured franchise to be one of the faces of the PlayStation 4 experience.

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  1. How can you forget Gran Turismo 7???

    • I am almost positive GT7 will be released this fall..

  2. You’ve already covered the main ones I’d like to see, my wishful thinking would have to add:
    -Uncharted Remastered Trilogy
    -Resistance 4
    -Twisted Metal
    -Last Guardian
    -Anything Killzone related

  3. Umm… Thieves in time came out in 2013. Not 2011. But yes more Sly PLZ!

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