PlayStation 4 Exclusives That Could Be Announced This Year

The Last of Us 2

In a perfect world, we would have already played additional The Last of Us DLC and maybe even a new prequel based on the events during the mass panic of the clicker infection. However right now, it’s still a BIG assumption that Naughty Dog would ever create a sequel for one of their biggest IPs this year. That’s just who they are. As eager as we all are to get back into the worn down shoes of Ellie and Joel, the entire team of Naughty Dog are utterly focused on the development of Uncharted 4 after the recent delay from their prime 2015 holiday spot to a less desirable 2016 release date. Fingers crossed that we see an amazing cinematic reveal trailer like the original 2011 announcement sometime in early 2016. Ideally, coming completely out of left field and wowing the public Silent Hills PT-style.

New Ratchet & Clank

Unlike the Sly Cooper Series, the Rachet & Clank franchise looks like to be a solid candidate for a new original video game, featured exclusively on the PS4! After also showing off an animated movie trailer, Sony wants to introduce new gamers to the cat-like Lombax hero, Rachet and his sentient robot sidekick, Clank. Sony has already hinted at a “re-imagined” version of the very first Rachet & Clank game. Though appreciated by both older and younger fans, everyone could agree that a overall new Rachet & Clank game would be greatly appreciated. With a franchise with almost 15 years under it’s belt, Rachet & Clank deserves a proper next-gen introduction to the PlayStation 4.

Bioshock 3

After the bitter shutdown of Irrational Games in 2013, the developer of all of the Bioshock games, fans are wondering the current ruffled state that the Bioshock series is in? For almost 2 years now, 2K has been sitting on the rights to the Bioshock universe with no announcements of a new game. Since they are still on shaky ground, 2K might be in the right mood to sell their next Bioshock iteration as a Sony PS4 exclusive. A good bet would be that they have been silently developing Bioshock 3 or something similar to recapture the feeling of silent wonder and horror that Kevin Levine was famous for instilling in gamers. We could potentially see past choices in the Bioshock universe unfold and maybe bring rapture to the surface; warring with other futuristic cities. Just guess but hopefully we can get a less confusing ending that doesn’t involve a over-the-top multiverse plot that doesn’t require us to look up the ending meaning on gaming news sites.

Fez 2

Being in the works for a few years after the initial release of the first Fez, many Fez aficionados were soon expecting the Xbox exclusive release of Fez 2. What many fans were not expecting to happen was one of the creators of Fez, Phil Fish to call it quits after being harassed by a stinging internet personality. He then packed up his bags and told the whole wide world that there would never be a sequel to his amazing 2D puzzle platformer. Fast forward to last year, when fans found that Fez receiving a next-gen port to the PS4 and eventually ended up on the PS Plus monthly free game listing! This seems odd that Fez would go cross platform but it could be a sign of good will from Sony to the creators of Fez. With the right schmoozing from Sony representatives, Phil and team could start back up on completing Fez 2, put up blinders when negative online criticism and sign a lucrative deal that makes Fez 2 a valuable PlayStation 4 exclusive worth buying!

What PS4 exclusives do you see being announced this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. How can you forget Gran Turismo 7???

    • I am almost positive GT7 will be released this fall..

  2. You’ve already covered the main ones I’d like to see, my wishful thinking would have to add:
    -Uncharted Remastered Trilogy
    -Resistance 4
    -Twisted Metal
    -Last Guardian
    -Anything Killzone related

  3. Umm… Thieves in time came out in 2013. Not 2011. But yes more Sly PLZ!

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