5 Sequels Rockstar Games Need to Make!

We all can agree on one thing, Rockstar make some cracking games. We here at This Gen Gaming think this trend needs to continue, and what better way that with sequels to some of the best loved games from the company. Any new IP they spin up is sure to be a success too, but today we’re going to focus on some of the existing home-run hitters from Rockstar.

1. Grand Theft Auto VI

I’d like to start out with an easy one, and one that Rockstar themselves have said will be a benchmark of the studio for years to come, assuring us that they have over 20 years of ideas for the series. That being said, we probably aren’t far off seeing another game in the GTA series. GTA V was released in 2013, with Rockstar taking a heavy focus on the online mode of the game. We can probably expect an announcement for the next instalment at E3 2016, with a release date possibly sometime in late 2017 or early 2018. I hope that they take a step further on the character system, possibly 2 main protagonists rather than 3, and one of them being a woman would go a long way for variety.

Not much more to be said about this one, there almost a 100% chance that we will get another GTA game as it is so popular, and I expect to see it in 2017 or 2018.

2. Bully 2

Ah, Bully, one of my fondest memories from childhood. This was a fantastic game, so much so that I still hear the music in my head from time to time. (Is that weird?) This game was actually known as “Canis Canem Edit”, meaning Dog Eat Dog, here in the UK as Bully was considered an inappropriate name. Regardless of that little tangent this game was just what I was looking for at the time. I was looking for a new game and Rockstar nailed a new franchise within the GTA style, but it focussed on the underlying issues in the, primarily American, school system. Firstly, there were clear cut groups of students, including jocks, nerds, preps and greasers. Then you’ve got the schoolground fights, as well as actual lessons where you solved puzzles.

It was a phenomenal game that absolutely deserves a sequel. I’m not sure how they would go about it, maybe following Jimmy through college or university, with much the same feel, but different situations.

3. Red Dead 3

Now we come to another fan favourite game, that would blow the roof off of any conference it was announced at. Red Dead already has 2 games in the series, so we know Rockstar are not opposed to more games in this series. The first one, named Red Dead Revolver, focussed more on storyline and less on open world interaction and was slightly more comical than the game that followed it. Red Dead Redemption is the game most people know this series for. The open world horse-riding cowboy game, with the multiplayer ranking up system was quite simply a masterpiece.

If you’re a gamer who owns a Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360, you can buy this game for near enough free. You absolutely have to experience this game. Nothing rivals it, and the only way it could be beaten if it was given a next-gen sequel.

4. Max Payne 4

Max Payne 3 is one of my favorite games of the last generation, although it was well received by critics it didn’t really get noticed as much as Rockstar’s other video games. It didn’t sell as much as Rockstar was expecting but still sold a decent enough amount that another Max Payne game could happen. For Max Payne 4 to happen, Rockstar might have to move away from the linear style of Max Payne 3 and make it free roam which appeals to a more casual audience, but still keep the gameplay elements from Max Payne 3.

Could Max Payne 4 still work as the tough and linear game that Max Payne 3 was? You’ll be surprised how many people who play video games like easier games, and don’t like the challenge of a video game anymore. The fans of Max Payne also need to be thought about because Rockstar would lose a good chunk of the fanbase if they move away from what Max Payne is about. It’s a tough situation, but I’d love to see Rockstar have another try because they did really good the first time.

5. L.A. Noire 2

L.A Noire was another revolutionary idea from Rockstar. They took the best of 2 genres of games and combined them into a complete powerhouse that people loved. Firstly, you’ve got the detective genre, one of my favourite styles of gaming. Examining the crime scenes, finding clues and even picking up on facial gestures of suspects. Mix that up with Rockstar’s signature third person shooter, run and gun mechanics with an open world, cool cars and different guns. Then you’ve got police chases and twists and turns all the way through the campaign. L.A Noire truly was a shake up of the third-person shooter category and pushed other developers to add new mechanics to their games. It’s been a fair few years since this game came out, and I’m confident with the upgraded hardware and better knowledge of what people liked about this game that Rockstar could smash both the sales numbers and the game complexity of the original and push the sequel to a whole new level.

Those are my picks, there are a lot of grand-slam world renowned games that Rockstar put out. They are clearly one of the most advanced studios out there and are capable of making their games sell out expertly with their heavy-hitting marketing and the way they craft the most unique experiences. Personally, the game I’d like to see most of those picks would be Bully 2 or Red Dead 3. It’s a close one, but I wouldn’t be in the slightest bit disappointed if any of these games were announced this E3.

Let us know which of these games you’d like to see most out of the ones listed down in the comments!

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