Mortal Kombat X Review (PS4)

Here is a list of every fatality code in Mortal Kombat X for both Xbox One and PS4. Keep this saved for Tuesday!


Mortal Kombat has always been my favorite fighting game series, it’s not your hardcore fighting game like Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat was always that fighting game that you could pick up and play with almost no experience and have crazy fun with it. Mortal Kombat 9 was a huge step forward for the series with the gameplay improvements which saw the series move to a 2.5d style. MK9 also boasted by far the best story mode in a fighting game. I’m happy to say Mortal Kombat X is even better!

First of all I have to applaud just the sheer amount of kontent (see what I did there?) as well as the replay value you will get with Mortal Kombat X. The content includes, living towers, traditional towers, story mode, fraction wars, test your might and luck minigames, and the Krypt were you can spend your hard earned koins on extras like fatality codes, alt costumes, concept art, brutalities and much more!My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-04-12 20-35-09

Living towers is similar to a classic tower, were you move up a tower after beating other combatants until you reach the final boss although there isn’t a final boss in living towers. In living towers there are three different towers, one which is updated hourly, daily, and premier which is longer than a day. Each tower has “dragon challenges” that rewards you with koins if you complete them. Challenges range from not using an X-Ray attack and win to win with over 30% of health left.

Each tower also contains modifiers that are added to all tower battles. Modifiers include Rain using his bubble attack move to damage fighters, health lowers throughout a fight, tilting arena’s, Smoke’s smoke attack, or a mix bag of all kinds of modifiers. There are of course a lot more modifiers with those few just being an example. Upon completing any of the three towers you will be given a final score depending on a few variables like how long was taken to complete the tower, amount of fatalities/brutalities executed, flawless victories, and more.My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-04-12 20-39-48

With the enhanced graphics from MK9 to MKX with the PS4/Xbox One, you now get the most brutally realistic fatalities to date. On the subject of fatalities, easy fatalities have been added to the game for the first time ever which only requires two simple button commands to execute a fatality. This has been done to help people who can’t execute fatalities, so everyone can enjoy the gruesomeness! You can only do easy fatalities if you have an easy fatality koin which you can earn throughout the game. Brutalities which first appeared in UMK3 also make there long awaited return to the franchise after almost 20 years!

The Krypt has even been revamped, before all you did in the Krypt was click to open tombstones up uMy Great Capture Screenshot 2015-04-12 21-17-31sing koins which got you a reward. Now it’s almost like a small adventure as you have to unlock doors to get in new areas were other tombstones are located.  These doors can only be opened using certain items that can be found inside the Krypt. There are also monsters and beasts hiding in the Krypt waiting to attack you, so be prepared as killing these enemies gets you a nice koin bonus. The new Krypt is a small but great addition to Mortal Kombat, and gives the Krypt some more depth rather than being just click and get your reward.

Added to the gameplay with Mortal Kombat X is character variations. When choosing a character in MKX you have a choice of three different variations, each variation comes with its own unique abilities. For example, my favorite character in MKX is Erron Black, and his three variations are Gunslinger, Outlaw, and Marksman. With Gunslinger you gain a standoff stance and revolver tricks shots, with outlaw you get a unique Tarkatan arm blade attacks, and finally with Marksman you gain special long rifle attacks. Perfecting each character variation will take time because with different variations comes totally different special moves and inputs for combos so essentially it’s kind of like having three different characters with just one character.

Also new to Mortal Kombat is stage interactions which was introduced in Netherrealm Studio’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. Stage interactions allows players to use parts of the stages environment to their advantage. The parts that are interactive will be glowing, and by pressing the R1/RB button near the glowing object it will cause the player My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-04-12 23-06-08to interact with the object. These interactions include jumping off objects to get away from an opponent, swinging off branches, throwing objects including an old lady (seriously) it’s just a shame Mortal Kombat X didn’t also include the stage transitions from Injustice too or Stage Fatalities which were included in MK9. The disappointment with arena’s doesn’t end just there as there are only 13 arenas in Mortal Kombat X which is much less than Mortal Kombat 9’s 25 arenas.

Mortal Kombat X’s story mode is similar to Mortal Kombat 9’s story mode. You watch a cutscene and then you have a fight, watch a cutscene and then a fight, and so on. There are some new additions to the story mode though, Quick-Time Events take place during cutscenes which are pointless as failing QTE’s doesn’t have any effect at all other than a slightly altered scene, there are no game overs which is kind of a shame as it would have been cool to have “death scenes” for failing a QTE similar to Resident Evil 4. There are 12 chapters in story mode, and shouldn’t take more than 5 hours to complete.

The Final Verdict

Mortal Kombat X is another solid entry into the Mortal Kombat series, I thought it would be hard to top Mortal Kombat 9 but Neatherrealm Studio’s proved me wrong with this excellent game. The story mode is good, the amount of content will keep you coming back for months, the finishing moves are as brutal as ever! It’s everything I wanted Mortal Kombat X to be and then some. If you are a fan of Mortal Kombat then this is the easiest purchase of the year for you, if you aren’t a fan of fighting games then I’d still recommend it because of how fun the game is. To sum this all up… Go buy Mortal Kombat X on Tuesday you won’t be disappointed.

+Fun gameplay

+Amount of content (Living Towers, Faction War, Story Mode, Krypt, additional Towers and minigames)

+Finishing moves are as brutal as ever

-Lack of arenas

Final Score


If there are any questions about Mortal Kombat X that you want answering then let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Better on Xbox One

    • Stupid comment.

      • Facts

        • Both versions are the same. Both versions are amazing.

        • Oh, now that you wrote the word “facts” i see that it wasn’t a stupid comment. Even if what you wrote was true it would still be stupid because there is no reason to write it. But i guess you will probably fail to recognize how little significance your statement has.

          • I think it’s even more idiotic to respond to my stupid comment. Need some attention?

          • Write a stupid comment to gain attention, person responds to your dumb comment and you call them out for seeking attention….

          • Check out his comment log. I had to do it. I think this is THE original fanboy:)

          • Thanks

          • I need attention? Was that a counter argument? Your saying i need attention because i respond to a stupid comment? Your comment was as console fanboy troll as it gets and I’m seeking attention for commenting. You don’t seem too old.

          • Enjoy MK x bros

        • Would you mind sharing those facts? Considering they probably have the same specs and run at the same framerate? Is it better on Xbox One because you switch to your cable in just a button press? Or is it the Skype app? lol

          Fanboys are ridiculous.

          • Ridiculous!

          • So that would be a NO? No facts.

          • Peasants shouldn’t be allowed an opinion until they’ve owned a real gaming machine. A PC.

          • The whole idea of “which version is better” for most games is irrelevant. For consoles the difference is typically, not always, minimal. A slight difference in resolution, a difference in frame rate, but usually not a significant variance that makes one console version definitely better.

            PC versions being best should go without saying. Not sure if I ever recall a game that was worse on PC than console.

          • Yeah, I’ve owned a gaming PC. It wasn’t worth the money. I ended up buying more games on my consoles, because more games that I play are on consoles, and more of my friends are on consoles. I don’t have to spend so much time adjusting the video settings on every game to maximize the graphics.

            I liked PC for games like Elder Scrolls where you can mod without limits, but console games just work. I don’t have to worry about bloatware DRM shit running in the background, don’t have to fix .net issues, or kill all of my other threads running in the background from Windows. I just pick up a game and play. Don’t act like PC gaming is a revelation.

    • ew

    • Yeah, better for trading in and getting the PS4 version.

  2. I’m going to have to wait and see. I have this ‘problem’ where most of the people I know, won’t play fighting games – I always beat them in game. So, if I get this, I don’t want to fight ‘randoms’, as it’s ok, but the rage quit and the verbal incontinence that seems to proliferate many is kind of a game wrecker.

    I’ll probably pick this up used. I’m both excited to see this come to market and sad at the same time.

    As for what platform this will be ‘better’ on? That’s not a fact that any one person can lay claim to – until the dev kits on both sides mature, it’s pretty much the same damn thing.

    • I thought they were supposed to penalize rage quitters this time.

      • They will be, but that doesn’t stop everyone. If they’ve figured out a way so that the usual tricks of unplugging a cable, or powering off the modem or router won’t time out the connection and cause the other party (in this case me) lost time, points, etc. I may jump on board sooner, than later.

    • Which console it is better on is a personal preference but I would go with ps4 due to its dpad. Xboxone’s dpad won’t do it for me for a fighting game. If you prefer the sticks then just go with what feels best for you.

      The great thing about MK is that it is great as a single player and multiplayer game. Hopefully the online mode will work great (no stability issues) and the online community will be dedicated to finishing fights. Seeing as how matches are only 2-3 rounds there should be no excuse to quit. People who are getting their butt kicked should finish out the match and take the L.

      • Well said. I’m not sure I wanna dump 60 into it just yet. Looks fantastic though!

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