Bloodborne vs Halo 5 – Which Will Be The Bigger Exclusive?

This is a huge talking point in the console wars. Everyone wants their console to have the better exclusive so that they can experience it, and so other people will flock to their console, improving sales figures. Until Bloodborne released we hadn’t seen any huge exclusives from this console generation and we were due some big ones. This years going to be great for console gaming, whichever console you chose.

Obviously Bloodborne has just come out and being the spiritual successor to the Souls series, it already had a pretty big fan base right out of the gate. This helped quite a bit in giving the game the push it needed to become huge and it really has been a fantastic hit, with reviews in the high 80’s and low 90’s being called the “first true next generation” game. This is a great thing, reviewers saying that drums up a lot of buzz for the console and for the game itself, with more people wanting to take a look at why Bloodborne is such a big hit. It also indirectly pushes game developers to focus more on the generation we are in, and not on increasing sales on older hardware too. It’s always spoken about how developers need to be pushed away from playing it safe and putting games on last generation and how they now need to appeal to the early adopters of this generation and deliver an experience that everyone was looking for when they slapped the money down for this shiny new box.

Bloodborne has come out of the gate so incredibly strong that it is hard to see any game knocking it off of its pedestal this year, is there going to be anything that rivals it or will it take the “Game of the Year”?

Halo 5: Guardians is another game that could be in the running for one of the games of the year, and quite possibly the top console exclusive if they can pull it off. We know it will be a huge game regardless as a lot of the Halo fanbase who are still on old gen will be looking for the next entry into the series and it is likely to be this gen only(I hope!). Let’s hope that 343 can sort out their networking issues in time for Halo 5’s launch as the problems that The Master Chief Collection faced at launch nearly single-handedly destroyed that game and quite possibly caused irreparable harm to the franchise and Halo’s legacy. With that being said, we know it’ll be a big game because every Halo ever has been a big deal and with a new story and the game going true next gen (hopefully) it’s going to gain some traction in the media.

A lot of people are calling this the final straw for Halo, it really is all going to come down to 343’s ability to pull off a good game. Let’s hope everything runs smoothly and we look back on Halo 5: Guardians as one of the best Halo games in the series and one of the best next gen exclusive yet!

It’s going to be a big battle between these two games. The fans of each game will call out the flaws of the other and it will get heated and intense, but stick though it and you’ll see passionate groups of people vehemently defending their favourite exclusive. It may even be a different game that snatches the “Game of the Year” and “Best Console Exclusive” title from them, but I think it’s safe to say that both of these games are going to sell huge for their own console. I think it’s worth mentioning towards the end here that both of these games are going to be great. There really is no wrong choice for this generation and there is no must have, just go with your gut, and get the console with either your favourite game sequels and developers from last gen, or if all else fails just get the one your friends have. This will be the biggest co-op console generation yet!

Let us know what you think, if you have an Xbox, was Bloodborne enough to convince you to get a PS4, and vice versa if you have a Playstation? Let us know down below!

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