Tower of Guns Review

I have experienced many different feelings while playing video games over the years. Happiness, anxiety, fear and sadness among many other emotions all of which I enjoyed for different reasons. That’s the point of video games really is to experience new things that you could not in real life. While Tower of Guns made me feel something I thought I never would from a video game and that is nauseation. This is more because of the fast pace and constantly changing camera angle. Once the action starts it’s like a constant roller coaster and not in the fun way. I would not recommend playing this for multiple hours in a row.

The game starts off simple you choose one out of 10 weapons ranging from a pea shooter to a portable pizza oven loaded with saw blades. All 10 are completely unique from each other and are unlocked as you complete different challenges. Then you select a perk to go with your gun such as triple jump or immune to fall damage and you are good to go start a mission.

The game is very brutal and fast pace even for the most seasoned fps player. Even though most enemies drop health, you’ll find yourself dying often. You can level up each gun when you collect XP from fallen enemies and you can even boost yourself with random pickups. As you play throughout each level you will get different perks by collecting blue orbs to aid you in your fight such as rockets and jet packs.

The enormous tower is made up of visually different environments but ultimately they’re all the same randomly-generated room. Each time you die you are sent into another level which is confusing so much that you never really get a sense of where you are going in the tower besides up. The levels vary dramatically they can switch from sprawling and massive filled with all kinds of moving platforms or hidden passages, or they might be a simple room with a handful of enemies.

The level structure seems to play out like this you start off in a room you shoot the door and go through that door. From there you start getting shot at my all sorts of varieties of weird guns from turrets to spinning objects of death. You go through a few more rooms and then end up in a boss fight. You will also play a lot of the same bosses over at the end of each section of a level. With no difference between the boss battles besides what they shoot at you the encounters get dull really quick.

I cant say this game even has a story it seems to have random conversations on screen that don’t make any sense. Not only from a piecing together a story stand point but more like why is this in the game. At one point there is literally a conversation between a mouse and a person talking about the Department of Motor Vehicles. I would rather the game literally tell me nothing about what is going on then what is in the game. To make it even worse is that it shows all these conversations while you are getting boxes of bullets shot at you which throws you off. From what I have gathered is that it seems to switch between groups of people that you are talking as. One person to another but it changes based on the level even though there is no indication of changing characters.

While this game does have some of replay ability. It’s more in the line of trying to beat your time than actually adding new material to the gameplay. For a price of 15 dollars this game does not have the depth that it needs to sustain a purchase. While this game does have a good concept the execution is lackluster and is a wasted opportunity on a new take on gaming.

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