Mewtwo DLC Code 3DS/Wii U Giveaway!



It’s time for another ThisGenGaming competition! This time we will be giving away free DLC codes for Super Smash Bros for both the 3DS and Wii U! If you win make sure to let us know which code you need.

HOW TO ENTER: Just join in the chat and we will do competitions and other methods of getting rid of these pesky codes!

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  1. Leave your comments here!

    • i have a bag full of comments!!!!!!

  2. I’d love too see Sceptile make an entrance.
    I feel like it could be fun to have a water, fire and grass type in the game and they could try with type matchups and stuff.

  3. This is going to seem a bit basic, but King K Rool, he’d definitely be a heavy character, something we have a lack of, and a villain, something we also have a lack of.

  4. Spyro the Dragon would be cool :3 he has a ds game so its possible.

  5. i would love to see waluigi join the battle i feel like this might be his year if he can become one of the dlc character since he kinda never gets used at all

  6. I would like to se prof. Layton as a new smash character I would be an awesome addition to the roaster.
    I really want the wiiu mewtwo code please and thank you.

  7. Keep the comments coming. The first giveaway will happen soon!

  8. I would like to see Wolf again, just because he has been my my since day 1 in Brawl. 3DS code would be nice!

  9. I would like Squirtle back with Skin Changes of other water Pokemon like Piplup and Oshawott, A Wii U code would be so clutch right now

  10. For future dlc, I’d love to see Ivysaur make a comeback. A lot of people didnt care for him in brawl but he was one of my favorites. If i had to choose a completely new character to the smash universe i would want Krystal from the StarFox games. It be cool for another female rep in the series. (I’d love the code for 3DS version plz, and goodluck to everyone !!! :D)

  11. I really like to see Solid Snake again, he was just so cool in Brawl.

  12. Ice Climbers! Most unique character smash has had and much deserving of returning. Just a shame they left them out in the first place because of processing power problems

    • You won a Mewtwo code! Congrats!

  13. I would love to see Knuckles in the game, we only have one sonic character!!!!

  14. I would love to see Lakitu as a playable character! Imagine him running around spamming red spiky shells, the cloud he usually has would be a temporary floating jump similar to Peach. Otherwise, it would be unfair to everyone! XD

  15. Lopunny would be pretty cool, and it has a mega evolution for it’s final smash.

  16. I’d love to see Geno from Super Mario RPG in smash! I know its an old one, one of the most hyped characters to ever be requested, and a lot of people think its laughable, but that game was such a masterpiece. GENO WHIRLS INTO BATTLE!

  17. Since the return of awesome melee characters like Dr. Mario and Mewtwo I am still disappointed that roys still not in the game he was one of my favourites back then having him back would be awesome πŸ˜€ and I would like the 3DS version please πŸ™‚

  18. I’d love to see wolf back

  19. Rayman, because him being in my favorite video game series ever, when he was one of the first video game characters I have ever heard of? (Rayman brain games) Just yes. Whenever I imagine the move set he might have, I also get pretty happy, because I think he would be one of the most fun characters to play. I had typed up a little more about artsyomni and when I played that rayman game but had to log in to disqus so it disappeares, but really, just best of luck to everyone, and thanks for doing this giveaway!

  20. I wish the pikmin would get a character seperate from olimar. Maybe similar to pokemon trainer? Im trying to get the 3ds code

  21. I would have to say I want. Snake from metal gear solid. Or ratchet from ratchet & clank

  22. I wish they added tingle. He’s literally so funny that they should add him. He will tingle-kooloo-limpah the competition to pieces.

  23. Hans, from golden sun, the force of the four elements and djinn, need a code for wii u!!

  24. Give it to me the code… please

  25. I want solid snake from brawl he was my main!!!!! Thank you for the oportunity to receive mewtwo for free!!!

  26. i would really like if shovel knight was a character, he could have a really good moveset based from every thing that shovel knight can do in the game

  27. King K Rool. The series needs more villainous characters and K Rool is perfect for that spot.

  28. I wish they added young cricket from warioware. I mean just look at him! he looks awesome and ready to fight kung fu! I want the 3ds code btw

  29. We are giving the first code away in just 24 minutes!!! Get your entries in ASAP!

    • suscribed, nice videos ;3

      • Thanks!

    • Just subbed as well. Love the content

      • Thank you.

  30. i want geno from super mario rpg!

  31. I want to see Sceptile as DCL…

  32. Gotta be Paper Mario. I know there are basically four Marios in Smash, but the possibilities with the paper variant are great. Wii U!

  33. Shovel Knight

    • You have won a Smash Bros Mewtwo DLC code! Congrats!

      • Yay!

        • Congrats man! Contact me on Twitter so I can follow and DM you.

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  35. Shadow.

  36. Ice climbers, it would be fun playing him everywhere.I also need it for 3ds. I know hes gonna be my new main.

  37. Just 5 minutes to go until we give out the first code! Entries need to be in ASAP!

  38. i would like to see Ryu from street fighter in smash wii u , i would like the wii u code for mewtwo

  39. I really want fox to come in because he was a perfect addition to the smash community! I’m not sure why he wasn’t in 3ds/Wii U.


    • The tension is killing me

  41. Goku just because hes epic

  42. Would love to see Solid Snake return to the cast as well as Wolf. As for newbies, I’m liking the idea of King K Rool. I’m not really familiar with him his as a character but i imagine his moveset would be pretty unique and he looks cool. Finally Issac from golden sun although I think in reality he’s probably the least likely to happen. In other DLC type things I would like to see more stages from previous titles like 64 and melee, maybe FoD or even one of the more janky stages, saffron city or the zelda temple-esque from 64, it’s actual name escapes me just now. Also would maybe like to see perhaps costumes for characters other than the mii fighters as well as perhaps some more mii fighter classes for example someone suggested mage which i think would be really cool. Finally I would maybe like to see some more custom moves although I realise it would probably be incredibly difficult to think up more moves and it messes with the customs meta which people already argue is too complicated as compared to no customs however, I think it could be cool if given a shot.

  43. I would love to see Banjo and Kazooie! I’ve loved the game since i was a kid and would love to see his return

  44. i want to see geno as dlc cause he’s awesome

  45. I want Chrom thy teased him so much.

  46. We will extend the joining for 3 extra minutes. After that there will be a cut off point. Do not leave the site as you might miss your chance!

    • omg hype

      • Get hyped because in 3 minutes one of you lucky guys is walking away with a free mewtwo code from ThisGenGaming!

        • your killing me πŸ˜› But in all honesty, good luck to everyone.

          • Don’t worry we have 10 codes to give out! 10! Many happy people will walk away today.

    • You guys are being quite generous~ πŸ™‚

      • We love to give back to the gaming community! Always do free beta/DLC code giveaways.

  47. rayman. He is so badass. #Rayman4Smash

  48. IM SO HYPE
    but in all seriousness go to all and hf



      • YES!

  50. I wish mewtwo was added. Wait….

  51. —–CUT OFF POINT——

  52. Who’s ready for the first winner announcement?

    • Spongebob: “I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready”

    • please give it to me at

    • Me

      • me

    • Me!!

    • Me!

    • i am i am ready

    • Me. Looking for an awesome Wii U code.

    • Is it too late for the giveaway

    • Would Love to have a 3DS DLC CODE!!!

    • I Want it!!!!!!!!!!! 3DS

    • Please

    • I am! I want to play with MewTwo on my Wii U so badly. He’s been there my whole childhood.


    • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • I I CAPTAIN !!

      • oh wait should we put our email so you can contact us

    • The hype train is stocking up on coal, this is great!


    • I’m ready

    • I hope there is still some 3DS codes left my friend bailed on giving me his and it was a late birthday present too my gmail just in case:

    • When will the winner be announced?

    • My email is just in case you need to know thank you its kind of you to give away free mewtwo codes I would love to win but who you choose is completely up to you and I wish the best of luck to everyone and I need a 3DS code just in case you needed to know that too thanks good luck everyone

      • U too

    • I need me some 3ds love

    • I already have a Wii U code, but my brother took the 3DS one. If I’m chosen I would like a 3DS code!!

    • ME!

    • I need this man!

    • mememmemememme

    • pretty please! πŸ™‚

    • I gotta win

    • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • Me pls πŸ˜€

    • Me!!!!

    • Is this where I can join? I really dont play Super Smash but my Lil bro does and I want to get it for him..

    • Meeeeee

    • Me

    • Didn’t read your first comment. Here’s me replying! Thanks!

    • me!!

    • Mememe i wnt mewtu so badly

    • Would love to get one for my son

    • super hope I get the code

    • I am

    • Want to win hyped Mew2

    • My email is i hope i win the code huge fan of the site and ssb4 i have a 3ds and this will really cheer me up after having a rough week with 4 doctor appointments in the last three days and 1 of them leading to a short surgery

    • Me!!

    • I am!

    • Me! I would like a 3ds code if i win πŸ™‚ email is or twitter is @HunterZinfected

    • READY!!!

    • My body is ready

    • I am prepared!

    • 3DS plox tnx

    • Me im here


    • I’m ready! Email is

    • I have a 3ds btw and my email is

    • I’m ready for mewtwo

    • I’m ready email is

    • I don’t want it… I don’t want it…. I NEED IT!!!! if thats ok with you guys. My email is

      • Oh and I have a 3ds btw if that matters

    • can i have one plz

    • I would like a wii u code for mewtwo πŸ™‚ i forgot to register and therefore didnt get it… sad days. xD

    • I would love to have that Mewtwo
      My email is

    • Hi,are u still doing the competition?

    • Oh yeah,and my email is

    • i need this so bad friend keeps kicking me butt at this game even when i use my amiibos need code really bad
      btw i have new 3ds xl if that matters

    • I’m Reggie for the hype train! I need some Mewtwo action. Email is (3DS codes Please!)

    • I need mewtwo mewtwo is love mewtwo is life I want it for both or 3ds
      my email account is

    • Man i would suck dick for a mewtwo

      • I’m here

  53. super meat boy

  54. Gg to all

  55. ME

  56. gl

  57. Gl to all

  58. HYPE

  59. I KNOW
    GOT MY 3ds right next to me

  60. wow hype intensifies

  61. Gl y’all

  62. my body is ready

  63. I pray for myself, but I can manage in case it isn’t.

  64. My heart is racing, I rlly want this I know he is my main

  65. Get hyyyypeddddddd

  66. Winner has been announced and it’s Tucker Pike!

    • congrats πŸ˜€

    • Congrats!

    • congrats man

    • May i ask quickly, Is this us or UK?

      • Both.

        • Thats pretty neat!
          Was worried this was another US only.

          • We will accommodate for the winners choice. We have a select range of everything!

    • Great job my friend congrats

    • congrats bro!!!!

  67. Gg

  68. bg 4 me ):

  69. Please, can I have it? I would love to see ryu from street fighter or young lik from majora’s mask so he could use all the masks

  70. I was so close, maybe nextime

  71. Just wondering, how many are being given out? First I heard One, then Five, and now Ten?

    • 10!

  72. But don’t worry that was just one of ten codes to giveaway! So keep the entries coming. Let your friends know because the more entries the more codes we will give out!

  73. so when someone wins do they get to pick if they want 3ds or wii u?

    • Yup and region.

  74. I think that Sora will be a good character for SSB, because heΒ΄s the Keyblade hero! I will be very happy if I win a code for 3DS

  75. Squirtle Splash’s In

  76. Keep the entries coming everyone and keep on this page because you might miss your chance to win!

    • Any idea when we might expect the next code?

      • 45 mins

  77. Tingle. Obviously~

  78. These comments have me thinking. What about a koopa from mario kart? He could have a move similar to warios bike. Skull kid/goron as playable? Maybe even bringing back roy!

  79. I’m keeping mine as spyro :0 big part of my childhood <3

    • That and crash bandicoot, but unfortunately he was only in one nintendo crossover with spyro

      • true i love crash πŸ˜€ and sparks could follow spyro

        • Maybe even add eggman, knuckles, shadow, amy, or tails.

          • i was thinking tails or knuckles :0

          • What about a “seven sages” character, where each skin would be a different sage with unique play style

          • that would be interesting πŸ˜€

    • oh wait, if anyone knows who Taokaka is from BlazBlue :3 that would be a cool DLC character

  80. how about ryu or roy?… oh…

  81. Geno!!

    • Congrats you have won a Mewtwo code! Contact us on Twitter so we can follow and DM.

  82. Metal Sonic with how he looked from Sonic Heroes. A counterpart to Sonic, who sacrifices speed for power. His Final Smash would be “Metal Overlord” Where he goes to the background and gives free aim across the field. How he would attack normally is beyond me tho…

  83. Bayonetta would do for me.

  84. Hatsune Miku should be in smash. And the leak would be her weapon it would be so perfect lol

  85. dora the explorer

  86. I’m actually switching my pick too Grovyle.
    I’m just taking into consideration that he seems more fit too be a fighter.
    He could use leaf blade and so forth. His up special could be using vine whip in order too recover.

    • I feel like they would go with septile in order to use the mega as a final smash, but the grass type idea along with greninja and charizard is intriguing

  87. Linebeck? I would love to see him in smash

  88. I’d really like to see Captain Rainbow in Smash Bros. He’s really odd and not really known by many people outside of, and possibly even within, Japan.

  89. I’d like to win!

  90. Keep the comments coming because the next giveaway is in 43 minutes! Make sure to let your friends and followers know that we are doing a giveaway for the DLC codes because the more entries the better it is for the site.

    You know what that means? More giveaways. If this does well we could seriously do another 10 DLC code giveaways tomorrow. Making that 20 codes! So keep em coming and let everyone know!

    • 20 codes!?!?! Texting my friends now

      • Yes. If we get more entries and visits we could easily arrange another 10 codes for tomorrow. 9 more for today for sure though.

    • this is the best day ever honestly, thank you c:

  91. Can I have one please?? T.T

    • If you say who you’d like as DLC then maybe! If you win of course.

  92. Id like to see Young Link from Super Smash Bros Melee return, but this time with an updated moveset based off of the items he uses in Majoras Mask.

  93. bobbsy the bob cat : what could posobly go rong

  94. i already put solid snake can i put in another entry?

  95. King K Rool from Donkey Kong. We need more DK characters and bad guys.

  96. Toon link with the mask and ryuu from street fighter xD I would love to olay as them

  97. I would like to see Ryu, Liquid Snake, Ridley, and maybe Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia!

  98. I want to see Squirtle… ? xD

  99. This is a cool giveaway. Imagine Iwata as a smash character and his final smash is “bringing Nintendo directly to you.” It would paralyze everyone for a certain amount of time.

  100. Hi I would like to enter in this if I’m not late a character I would like to see as a future DLC in smash would be Impa from the Legend of Zelda series. She has a lot of potential thanks to hyrule warriors

    • Not late at all as we have 9 more codes to give out!

      • Ok that’s a relief I’m really trying to get him in my 3DS version because he was one of my top 5 favorite characters in melee

  101. Ghirahim should be made from an assist trophy to a playable character. It would be so easy for them to make his moveset and everything.

  102. Next code giveaway is in 12 minutes! Who’s ready?

    • I’m Ready!

    • On it!

    • ok I’m ready

    • I think everyone here is ready. Now lets do this! πŸ™‚

  103. 10 minutes until the next one! Everyone who hasn’t entered yet needs to enter within 10 minutes or they will miss the 2nd code out of 10.

    • can i enter the same character again? Or will you include the first entries from first giveaway?

      • First entries are locked in.

        • ok can you take out my recent post?

  104. good luck for everyone, i need the 3ds code! gogogogo!

  105. I want Wolf to come back. I used him so much in Brawl and it’s a shame he isn’t in Smash 3DS

  106. Can I have it?

  107. id like to see waluigi because too bad, waluigi time!

    • Wah!

  108. 3DS Please. Ideally would love to see Banjo Kazooie.

  109. Please can I have one? πŸ™ I would love to see ryu and young link in ssm4

  110. I honestly think that rayman would be a good fit in the game, as ubisoft have a history of helping nintendo with their starting lineups since the wii and wii u and rayman legends was an exclusive in Japan for the wii u.

  111. I’d like Rayman in!

  112. 5 minute warning for the next code! Who is excited?

    • <3

    • oh ya!! Its show time

    • s2



  115. I wanna see snake again he was a badass fighter!!!!!!!!

  116. hadouken destroys the competition!!

    • Bankai!

  117. King K Rool is the bae

  118. IF I WIN ? How to receive the code ? And Where ?

    • DM via Twitter.

  119. Last chance to get your entries in for the 2nd code. Only one more minute until the cut off point!!!

    • Who ever wins congrats!! πŸ™‚

    • Klonoa

      • @Xeyzon on twitter πŸ™‚

  120. Banjo and Kazooie obviously! Favourite game!

  121. Whoever wins congrats!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  122. i wouldnt mind seeing Krystal from star fox


    Get ready because someone is getting a Mewtwo code

    • yes!!!!!!!

    • Alright lets do this

    • YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!

    • i can only hope <3

    • HYPE

  124. I’d like to see Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog saga

  125. Cloud Strife please lol

  126. WHO WON ?

  127. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube account!

  128. Inkling would be an awesome fighter!

  129. I’d love to see Roy make a comeback! Roy’s our boy! πŸ˜€

    • are you Gio from miiverse?

  130. Adam Rogers is the winner of the 2nd code!

    • noooice

    • congrats

    • Congratulations!

    • Awesome! I’d like a wii u code. How do i claim?

      • Contact me on Twitter πŸ™‚

  131. Congrats Adam!!!!!!

  132. Who thinks we should do the 3rd giveaway… right now!

    • Yes!

    • Everyone

    • it would make my life

    • I do

    • please!???!?!?!

    • YEAH

    • Lets do it!!!! (Joey wheeler game face on!!!)

  133. congratulations! May you be in the smash hall of fames!!!

  134. Banjo and Kazooie we want to get out of the shadow and into the battle.

  135. I’m in a good mood so lets do the 3rd code right now!

    • yay!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yes!!!!!!!!

    • Alright!!

  136. Snake sneaks back from Brawl!

  137. Get ready because the 3rd winner is being announced in seconds!

    • Probably not me lel

      • dude i like your profile picture!!!

        • I haven’t changed it in forever. Lol

    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • we can only hope that one of us wins

    • here we go

    • Yay

    • WHAT? Awesome.

    • THE HYpe IS REAL

  138. yeees!! good luck everyone!

  139. 3DS version please! See my previous post

  140. Banjo & Kazooie. (email the code to: )

  141. 3ds version please

  142. Wolf and Banjo & Kazooie


  144. 3DS version

  145. 3DS VERSION

  146. I hope I can get a 3DS code!

  147. wii u version us,

  148. Neku Ouyeah is the winner of the third code! Congrats!

    • congrats meng

      • ty!

    • Congrats Neku!!

      • ty πŸ˜›

    • YEAH I LOVE U <3

      • πŸ™‚ Contact us on Twitter so we can follow and DM you details.

    • cool c:

    • Mang I’m so great at guessing if I’ll win things.

  149. Congrats Neku

    • thx!

  150. congrats

  151. Grats

  152. Congrats all right!

  153. πŸ™

  154. congrats

  155. Squirtle Splash’s In

  156. how many codes are there?

    • 7 left

      • That is correct.

        • ok

        • when are you giving away the next one?

          • 15-20 minutes.

          • ok lets see who wins this one

          • Do we have to say a character each time?

          • Nope. One entry is enough.

          • Alright. Thanks for clarifying that.

        • I like to keep details like that so I was just counting

  157. Congratulations! Can I please get a mewtwo code?!

    • we have to wait for the fourth giveaway.

  158. Congrats

  159. Squirtle Splash’s in

  160. Gotta be Paper Mario!

  161. when is the next give away?

  162. Sceptile

  163. Wolf

  164. I still gotta roll with Grovyle my bro!

  165. smash character banner: Iwata bringing the fights directly to you!

  166. Roy

  167. Use the hashtag #TGGMewtwoGiveaway and let everyone on Twitter know about the competition. If we get 10 new entries in 5 minutes we will do the next code right away!

    • Gah if only I used twitter may I use google plus

      • Sure. Let everyone know!

        • ok

    • done c:

    • I did it on google plus

  168. Zekrom would be nice.

  169. i need a wii u code. I would love a Reggie playable DLC character

    • Reggie vs Iwata

      • Fight of the century

      • fight of the century

  170. Going to go with tails on this try

  171. Just tweeted it out πŸ˜€

    • Same

  172. Still has to be Paper Mario!

  173. Rayman!

  174. I think krystal from starfox

  175. omg whats happening!?!?!?!? SCEPTILE AND SHREK!!

  176. Paper mario

  177. Just retweeted, and I changed my mind. Would definitely love to see Blaziken as a playable character, despite the potential similarities to CF.

  178. I want zero from megaman x

  179. Reggie would be cool too. Final Smash: MY BODY IS READY! Thumbs Up if your posting on 3DS!

  180. I want to see ninten in there!

  181. did it

  182. Professor E Gadd would be cool to see

  183. Remember #TGGMewtwoGiveaway on twitter let everyone know about us! The more chance we do more codes!

  184. Iwata final smash bringing Nintendo directly to you.

  185. I want zero from mega an x in smash as dlc

  186. Keep using the hashtag on Twitter please! #TGGMewtwoGiveaway let everyone know about it! Also subscribe to our youtube please!

    • I did both

    • I just finished doing that I will try my friends on kik

  187. Snake is bombing up the battlefield…. OBJECTION!!!!! get it?!

  188. Goku !

    • plz brandon xD

  189. Zero from megaman x

  190. When is the next code?

    • I believe if enough replies came in it was going to be now, but it’s probably going to end up being later

  191. How did you acquire all these codes?

  192. Ok,thanks!

  193. imagine pancakes being in smash. Im sure pac-man and Kirby would argue who gets to eat it.

    • kirby would justy eat pac-man. Then eat the pancakes

      • haha that would make sense.


    • It’s a randomizer

  195. How about if we 10 #TGGMewtwoGiveaway tweets on Twitter we’ll do the next entry. GO! Remember to link to our site and tell everyone to join for a mewtwo code!

  196. The more entries we get we will do 10 more codes tomorrow!

    • Sweet

  197. I never played mewtwo for Melee

  198. I Enter for Wii u Mewtwo, US

  199. 3ds code please

  200. 3DS


    • make your mind up!!!!!

  202. 3ds!!

  203. Just so you know, They will contact you about what version and region after you won.

  204. would really like to see ice climbers coming back again as DLC. For the giveaway i need the Wii u version

  205. alot a people competing for the 3DS

  206. I did my twitter entry god I hope I win XD

    • you’re not alone yet we are all competing for this

    • a wild suicune appeared.

    • what twitter entry?

  207. 3ds

  208. I’m never lucky on these types of things

    • same

      • Maybe we’ll get lucky

        • maybe

  209. PLEZ Spongebob 3DS

  210. Isabelle for smash pls

  211. Is anyone here looking for an EU code?

    • Me. For Wii U Specifically.

      • Well you just won code #4

        • Contact me on twitter, I’m pretty sure it’s @rockorking

    • What is an eu code

    • Me, the 3ds one

    • A code for Pal players, I think. People who have the European version.

      • Oh

    • Me for the 3DS

  212. What’s that

  213. Roy for next DLC. Man, i miss the fire.

  214. I1m looking for a 3ds code . someone can help me ?

  215. I hope the fifth is soon

  216. I need a EU 3DS code πŸ™

  217. If Monkey D. Luffy was playable we would have no food as he would eat those items.

  218. I REALLY need a US 3ds code, a bunch of my friends managed to get codes, but i don’t have a wii U, so i was unable to get one D;

    • Same with me

  219. Code #5 giveaway coming soon. Keep letting people know on Twitter, Facebook, everywhere.

    • I took it a step further and told some of my friends on KIK

  220. I REALLY need a US 3ds code

    • Same

  221. US code please


  223. I would love to see Wonder Red in Smash!

  224. 3DS US code for this sad little person for not having a mewtwo, please. c

    • Ya

  225. Seriously, though. Do you guys think Paper Mario would be a good addition? I know there a couple different Marios, but he’s a bit different, right?

    • He would have the hammer

      • it has the potential for a completely new moveset, but add it in the smash will probably be a clone.

    • Yeah I guess so

  226. Have i been entered into the contest?

  227. What about red’s 6 instead of pokemon trainers 3?

    • You realize pokemon trainer was red right

      • Im not entirely sure thats right. It is defiantly not the red seen in gold/silver when talking team comparison. Also, red tends to hide his face and is less outgoing

  228. Wonder Red for Smash!

  229. Ruby rose for smash dlc

  230. I really need mewtwo

  231. I wanna see Blaziken and this boy in this video:

    US Wii U code, please.

  232. Meep, hopefully!!

  233. V-mon would be a good choice too.

    • Eh but that’s a hard one since he can digivolve into many different things

      • depends on ulforceveedramon or imperialdramon paladin mode as choices.

  234. Here’s my raffle ticket

  235. I want Monkey D. LUFFY in smash cause i like One piece πŸ™‚

  236. I can’t even tell whos winning

    • I think its all random.

  237. I would like Wolf to return and 3DS Code please

  238. meeeeeeeee

  239. Banjo and Kazooie / Paper Mario.

  240. Waddle Dee and I have the 3DS version

  241. Number 5 please

  242. i SERIOUSLY need a US 3ds Code D:
    I’d like Toon Zelda to be in Smash.

    • I just need mewtwo

  243. I want to see Edna from the incredibles cause it would be really funny NO CAPES

  244. the character i would like to see join the roster is dixie kong. Shes a female character and a very famous character in the donkey kong series. i voted for her on the ballet πŸ™‚


    • Me

    • ME.

    • I DO

    • Me

    • me

    • plz bb cakes

    • ME

    • Me

    • me

    • Me

    • Lets do this

    • i do! Please be me! i Would be a happy camper! πŸ™‚

    • I need mewtwo

    • Me

    • I do!

    • Who doesn’t lol

    • I do πŸ˜€ have I been entered?

    • Me!!

    • Me

  246. I Really would like the 3ds please!
    In future dlc i would love to see the inkling from Splatoon!

  247. I want Sceptile again xd


  249. I do I lost mine due to email hacking

  250. Lara Croft!

  251. My excitment and nervousness is hard to contain. I want mewtwo so bad

    • I know

  252. If you want code number #5 right now then please let everyone on twitter know. Just tweet the following and copy and paste it if you want

    “Who wants a Smash Bros Mewtwo Wii U/3DS DLC code well go to to win one”

    • Done!

    • Did i miss the last give away?

    • Done! =)

    • Its done

  253. lets go all right!

  254. Done

  255. Did it

  256. Twitter = ninteboi

  257. Please tweet the following for code number 5.

    Who wants a Smash Bros Mewtwo Wii U/3DS DLC code well go to… to win one

  258. Did it

  259. Have I been entered?

  260. I did


  262. i did it

  263. We need more entries for code number 5 to happen so please tweet the following

    ” Who wants a Smash Bros Mewtwo Wii U/3DS DLC code well go to… to win one “

  264. I entered first boi

  265. pls

  266. Trying not to miss announcements while watching all of the mortal combat fatalities on their youtube channel

  267. I do


  269. hi

  270. I WIN BRO
    Pls i really would love mewtwo code

  271. I was furst

    • Dude it aint a race he selects the winner

  272. I’d love to get a 3ds code pretty please! As for the character id love to see maybe one of the battletoads from way back when

  273. 3ds

  274. 3ds


  276. Man, lots of 3DS owners.

    • I think its because most didnt want to splurge for the wii u version after getting the 3ds a month early

  277. Wii U code!

  278. im really feeling it! im still waiting my code ><

    • hey your back.

  279. Okay for the 5th code we are going to do some Smash Bros questions and the fastest to answer gets the code of their choice! So watch the screen and don’t leave!

    • Seems easy enough

    • Challenge accepted.

    • Let’s go

    • yes

  280. Like I said before, US Wii U code please.

  281. 3Ds version

  282. me plez let me get it i subbed retweeted

  283. 3ds plz

  284. 3ds

  285. Pls dont post the question in an hour that would be mean

    • Ya

    • XD

    • Frankly, I’d find it hilarious.

    • Nah question is going up within 5 minutes!

  286. What color is sonic?

    • blue, duh

    • Blue

    • Blue

  287. BLUE

  288. bLUE

  289. i win

  290. Hmm the questions seem logical

  291. FRICK

  292. BLUE

  293. LOL I DIED

  294. Blue

  295. His eyes are green, or black.. it depends

  296. FIRST

  297. Blue

  298. what is link’s Up B

  299. I WON

  300. he’s yellow

  301. Spin attack

  302. bomb (just kidding!)

  303. Sword slash

  304. Spinning his sword.

  305. Heroe’s spin

  306. Sword slash

  307. whats the name of jiggly down B?

  308. Its called Heroe’s Spin

  309. Hero’s spin

  310. REST

  311. King got it first. I dont have codes though im just passing the time till the mod does the official question

  312. Rest

  313. Rest

  314. It falls asleep.

  315. First

  316. “Major opening”

  317. lol no i beat you all

  318. Pretty sure Sanic is Black????

  319. Babar that was an hour ago

  320. Thats Shadow

  321. i suck at typing, totally not gonna get it

    • my keyboard is kinda broken lol

    • I just realized that my messages are delayed as f. Like I’ll reply in 30 seconds but it says 2 minutes ago when I refresh o.O

  322. omg these kids can’t tell I’m kidding LOL.

  323. Lol badar i get you xD I’m not a kid

  324. jk im 15

  325. question is up in a few minutes




    • im still waiting my code! whats up? ):

      • It’ll take some time but it’s coming I have answered this 3 times now man.

        • oh, im sorry xP!

    • cool beans

    • I’m going to be so sad if i lose :/ eh whatever, it IS a contest. so.

    • still have more?

  327. whit

  328. Yay five min

  329. HYPE

  330. Let’s go. May Panic! please guide me in my quest to secure that ever elusive #151.

  331. Everyone 5 min warning beep bop


  333. ThisGenGaming Mod . a few seconds ago

    • gr8 b8 m8 8/8

    • mewtwo

    • Mew2

  334. 405

  335. M2

  336. Lucas mewtwo

  337. Lucas and Mewtwo.

  338. I would really like to see ghirahim in the competition he has enough moves to be a set and his final smash could be his last form

  339. Mewtwo first then lucas but mii costumes of link came out first

  340. xd

  341. omg i’m nervous

  342. 3 MIN WARNING!

  343. Mewtwo to be exact

  344. BOIIIII

  345. lmaoo. These guys responding to the first thing they see.

    • don’t hate on people because they’re hyped, it makes you a killjoy

  346. Question is:
    How many fingers does Mew Two have?

  347. 3?

  348. 3 fingers

  349. Better online wifi Would be great dlc

  350. 3 on each hand

  351. 3 haha

  352. Mewtwo!!!!!!!!

  353. 6

  354. Why is this happening, oh my lord.

  355. Skip the DLC and fix Pit

  356. Pls me pleas e Rayman is the character I want

  357. 6 fingers total


    • I NEED THIS ;-;

      • Same

  359. lol i said it already


  361. 6?


  363. ThisGenGaming Mod . a few seconds ago

    • Earthbound/Mother

      • Incorrect… xD

        • Actually no, he comes from Earthbound (AKA mother)

  364. The hype is real




  366. omg


  368. What color are Wario’s Shoes?

    • Purple

  369. How what daft

  370. Green

  371. hyyype

  372. Grayish purple green

  373. brown

  374. Earthbound

  375. 1 min warning boi

  376. He’s going to ask what color is his underwear or something.

  377. Earthbound

  378. Black

  379. Mario’s Neutral B ?

  380. fire balls

  381. Fireball

  382. Firwball

  383. ThisGenGaming Mod . a few seconds ago



  385. Fire flower

  386. please MEWTWO plez plez plez


  388. Zorolda

  389. mewtwo

  390. premias

  391. peach down B?

  392. HACHAAA

    • hahaha i died.

  393. toad block


    • !!!!! your message says “in a few seconds” WTF I WENT TO THE FUTURE #hype

  395. BE READY!

    • im ready

  396. ThisGenGaming Mod . a few seconds ago

  397. Turnips

  398. Earthbound

  399. Mother

  400. Earthbound

  401. Earthbound


  403. Earthbound

  404. Earthbound

  405. Sceptile

  406. Its Mother 3….

  407. It’s Mother 3 lol.

  408. I wanna win

  409. Mother 2

  410. If you subscribe to my Youtube you get ThisGenGaming’s respect! πŸ™‚

    • Did it

    • already am

  411. mother 1

  412. Mother 3 uncultured swines

  413. We need ghirahim I shalm spam dis

  414. The answer is yes.

  415. my Yt is Frumpy Gaming


  417. So did I

  418. and i

  419. Okay here are the quick rules.

    • Dude what is the question?

  420. i did

  421. Frampzy Gaming**

  422. ThisGenGaming Mod . a few seconds ago

    • Miiverse!

    • If you keep on doing this you will be banned. It’s tricking other users.

    • Wind waker

  423. pls

  424. Pennsylvania


    • deal

    • ME

  426. It’ll work again, watch.

  427. Legend of zelda windwaker

  428. sp

  429. Gg

  430. idk

  431. Remember to reply to the question and not a new comment. Here.We.Go.

    • ok

    • Mario

    • ok

  432. Wat question


  434. JK

  435. ThisGenGaming Mod . a few seconds ago

    • Mother 3

    • earthbound

    • mother 3

    • Mother 3

    • earthbound

      • dang it man stop it!!!!!!!

    • earthbound

    • mother 3

    • Mother 3

    • I’ve warned you and you didn’t listen so you’ve been removed from the competition.

  436. Teks stop

  437. oho, almost moved my mouse there.

  438. yeah same

  439. Well that’s been ruined I was about to post the question then.

    • lol

    • mother threeeeeee

  440. DAMIIT

  441. MOTHER 3 is the answer

  442. welpp

  443. nooooooooooooo

  444. Dang

  445. πŸ™

  446. Fuck

  447. πŸ™

  448. such a pro troll

  449. xD

  450. everyone shut up so he can post a question

  451. Ask a different one

  452. πŸ™

  453. Good job tens

  454. teks

  455. jkjk

  456. I really need mew two for 3ds

    • so do i

    • I need Mewtwo for the Wii U

  457. shut the hell up guys

  458. Okay sorry about that guys. Question is coming so be ready.

    • will do

    • YES. Did I get it right? Kappa

  459. YES

  460. I would like Ice Climbers as future DLC

  461. dude shh

  462. When was Smash Bros on the N64 released in North America. Need the full date! Day/Month/Year! GO!!!!

    • 1999

    • jan, 21, 1999

      • noooooo it was April 26, 1999

    • April 26, 1999

    • June 1 1999

    • April 26, 1999

    • 4/27/99

      • are you shitting me I was off by one day. GOD DAMN IT

    • April 26, 1999

    • January 21, 1999

    • April 26, 1999 in america

    • 26 april 1999

    • 1999

    • 26/04/1999

      • 24/6/1999

    • 26 april 1999

    • April 261999

    • 4/26/1999

      • Darn, so slow on mobile

    • january 21, 1999

    • jANUARY 31 1999

    • 4/27/99

    • January 21 1999

    • April 27, 1999

    • January 21 1999

    • 1-2199

    • January 21, 1999

    • 2 slow, but Jan21/1999

    • jANUARY 21 1999

    • September 29 1996

    • WHAT i didn’t know it was reply DAMMIT now i lost but
      April 27, 1999

    • January 1st 1999

    • April 26, 1999

    • January 21,1999

  463. april 27 1999

  464. FUCK

  465. i hate this

  466. april 26 1999

  467. april 27 1997

  468. GOT IT

  469. April 27 1999

  470. April 26 1999

  471. January 21, 1999


  473. Ah shit, January was the JP release. whoops.

  474. he said to post as a reply

  475. i answered!

  476. would non replies count?

  477. well at least i tried

  478. i replied him

  479. who won it?

  480. yeah, lol. I might be getting a code through reddit tho, so not entirely fussed.

  481. please tel me I won

  482. at this point i will never win!!! πŸ™

    • same

  483. Woah. Was I not supposed to answer like I did?

  484. Damn it was april 26, 1999

    • thats what i said πŸ˜€

  485. Zack we both lost

  486. I hope I win I lost the code from email hacking

  487. wfoi[euhpe98twghdh;

    My final is April 27, 1999

  488. It was 4/26/99

  489. Who won?

  490. i lost

  491. I want to see Toad or Waddle Dee as a character c:

  492. :I

  493. omg

  494. So….

  495. the amount of

  496. who won?

  497. yeah some random person who never talked in chat won

  498. nvm, my reddit source might have just fallen through.

  499. Who won?Β²

  500. I was the first to say the correct date (in america), do i win

    • as a reply to the question?

      • yep

  501. Who won

  502. got it, but I didn’t directly reply, hah. Is that dq?

    • Congrats

  503. …I was the first

  504. Anymore codes?

  505. 2 more

  506. idek anymore

    • I have you as first, but idk

      • You’re right he was first! Congrats It’s the B!

        • Congratulations! No prize for figuring the first though πŸ˜‰

  507. All these people begging for codes and saying they were first. Smh.

  508. i will not be happy if i don’t get one for 3ds

  509. FRICKEN A

  510. Yeah so my internet kind of blew up lol sorry about the wait but I did find out who won!

    • please say it was me

      • It was me please

    • tell use

    • Do I get a code for being a day off? Pls.

    • 10$ monopoly says it’s not me!

    • The answer is April 26, 1999

  511. so who won?

  512. It was me πŸ™‚

  513. Me to stop crying over email hackerswho steal codes

  514. if we stop commenting we will know soon

  515. It’s The B is the winner!

    • who?

    • WHHAAT

    • Lucky

    • It saddens me so much that I was a single day off.
      RIP my hopes and dreams.

    • How?

    • Congrats, It’s the B!

    • wtf

  516. Nice job

  517. i hate everything

  518. OMG

  519. NO WAY

  520. gg


  522. Congrats The B


  524. Congrats, man.

  525. Congrats

  526. I’m happy for you

  527. Anymore questions?

  528. i said it before him on my side D;

    • Yup yours also shows up first on my side

  529. Screw this I get my email hacked only to find a already used code and now this

  530. Omg


    • arent you banned?

      • ??

  532. congrats

  533. Anymore codes?

  534. Im sorry for those that didnt get it, but THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • No problem

    • Gg

    • Congrats man happy smashing!!!!!!!

    • no problem

    • gg

  535. It okay u deserve it

  536. i said it before him ;-;

  537. i desperately need this code πŸ™

    • same

    • me too

    • Dont we all xD

    • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Do yourself a favor and look in multiple places for what you want

  538. Snake should really be included

  539. Im gettin the next one

  540. I want Shantae

  541. Am I the only real kid here


    • No

  542. How about ditto for smash

  543. Guys we have like 5 codes still left calm down! haha

    • Any 3ds?

    • THE Hype!!!!!

    • Make another question…

    • I refuse to calm down as I’ve been calm all this time.

    • *heavy breathing*

    • whens the next one? im hungry but dont wanna miss it

    • Mew2 hype!

    • i literally gave the answer at the same time ;-; timestamps match up perfectly

      • At least you weren’t a day off and before everyone else. :’^(

    • how many are 3ds?

    • I’ll happily take one at

    • are there any codes left now?

  544. I never won ANYTHING in my life my luck is terrible


  545. So how do I obtain the code???

    • Did you try the code?

      • I havent received it yet

  546. Roy is also an option but then we would ha too many sword fighters

  547. First of all I want to thank everyone for visiting the site. It’s you guys coming over that helps us do these competitions. Thank you everyone!

    • And thank you for the giveaway. <3

    • No prob

    • We are glad to support you!!!

    • No problem! πŸ˜€

    • Yes thank you for the giveaway πŸ˜€