The Hype is Strong with Star Wars Battlefront

Last year, millions of Star Wars fans sighed with relief when DICE was announced that it was developing the long awaited Star Wars Battlefront for the Xbox One and PS4. Fast forward to 2015, which is building to be the biggest year for Star Wars that we’ve seen since the original trilogy released back in the 1980’s! With the 7 Star Wars film on the way this December, we look to EA and DICE to bring this iconic sci-fi series to life on next generation consoles with Star Wars Battlefront! Slated to release this Fall around of the upcoming movie, expectations for this newest Star Wars game are higher than ever after EA recently announced that they are going to release an official gameplay reveal trailer this week. We can only imagine what they have in store for us but everyone here at ThisGenGaming is hoping for custom armor/weapons, concurrent space/land battles and a whole host of other demands a mile long.



With DICE Leading the Charge, We have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

When the leadership at DICE gathered the entire company together and announced that Disney had given them the green light to create the next Star Wars Battlefront, they stood up and cheered. There was also probably been some of the jumping high-fives and celebratory break dancing. We may never know. What we do know is that this amazing Star Wars video game series is in great hands and will be one of the first Star Wars games to be released since Disney’s acquisition of the Lucasfilm brand 3 years ago. After over an hour of Alpha footage of Pandemic Studios original Star Wars Battlefront III was leaked last year, this is the chance to redeem the sci-fi first person shooter series to the fans. With an amazing catalog of games created over the years, the most notable being the Battlefield series, DICE will doubtlessly pour their collective hearts and souls into the creation of Star Wars Battlefront. After seeing the concept footage of speeder bikes darting through forest trees on Endor while movie authentic laser blasts fly all around, we’re thoroughly excited to see some official gameplay that could hopefully tide us over until this year’s E3 live demo.

EA Access

Xbox One Owners will get the to Play First (Sorry PS4 Gamers)

With the shaky launch of EA Access, a pay to play program that allows players to try almost full retail copies of video games a week before the official launch date for up to 6 hours of gameplay; subscribers will now finally have a Star Wars themed reason to keep paying $5 a month. According to one of Microsoft’s lead marketing officials, Xbox One will provide early access to Star Wars Battlefront for it’s late Fall release. No details on the when and how much of we will get to play, but this is a step in the right direction for people to get their hands on a game that is supposedly going to “break the internet” when the reveal trailer comes out tomorrow. It’s unfortunate that that PS4 players will be left out in the cold but it’s a harsh reality that 3rd party publishers are continuing with the trend of offering exclusive content to the highest console bidder at the expense of the average Star Wars fan.

Collectors Editions

Fake Collector Editions Look Sweet, Sparks Our Imaginations

As we draw closer to the release of the Star Wars Battlefront gameplay reveal trailer, some fans have gone completely overboard with their wish-lists for the perfect Collectors Edition. So much so, that they have created fake mock-ups of Star Wars Battlefront that include a relatively life-sized helmet of Boba Fett for the Xbox One and a Storm Trooper for the PS4. Each desired collection also includes a mini art book and printed schematics of specific vehicles in the Star Wars universe. On top of that, we would like to see exclusive weapons, Jedi or Sith leaders and multiplayer maps for each respective Collectors Edition to sweeten the deal. If we are going to open up our Han Solo embroidered wallets and shell out $100-150 for these sci-fi beauties, we need really eye-popping exclusives to back up each next-gen console. If the Xbox One gets Boba Fett as a playable multiplayer character, then PS4 owners should get a playable Mace Windu with official voice work from the legendary Samuel L. Jackson!

It seems only fair but let us know in the comments which exclusive add-ons you guys would like to be included in your dream Star Wars Battlefront Collectors Edition!

The Star Wars Battlefront gameplay reveal trailer is scheduled to air during the Star Wars Celebration event in Anahiem, CA. DICE will be hosting a panel at the Celebration April 17 at 10:30AM PT. There will also be an accompanying Twitch stream as well.



Are you hyped for Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know in the comments section below.


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