Paid Easy Fatalities Removed From Mortal Kombat X Due To Fan Backlash?



UPDATE: The micro-transactions are back post update.

According to this image it looks like paid easy fatalities have been removed from Mortal Kombat X. They are nowhere to be found on the Playstation store as of today. Could it be due to fan backlash or is it just taken down for a while only to come back again at a later date? Stay tuned to ThisGenGaming for more details.

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  1. Paid… easy… fatalities? What is they thinking? How is that a good idea? Or even fair for that matter? In a competitive fighter? That’s… that’s pay 2 win, in a $60 game.


    Gaming today is so polarizing. There’s so much good and all this bad. The bad used to be that a game was glitchy or something, now bad is pay 2 win day one DLC. Or heck, just day one DLC to begin with. Oh! My favorite is when it’s on the disc already, that’s cute.

    • It doesn’t affect whether you win or lose, so not pay2win.

      • Mhmm, I was under the impression it was easy-mode combos. Don’t know why I thought that. Brain fart I guess.

        I stand by the second half of my comment though.

        • Nope fatalities are purely a finishing move after you’ve achieved a victory. And typically aren’t easy to perform, hell I’ve been playing Sub-Zero since the original and I still don’t know how to execute any of his despite knowing all his special attacks.

          • damn right they’re not. and we’re given such a small window to perform them. Then Boon personally addresses the issue and puts in EFs……… Then charges for them. I hope he feels like the piece of shit he is.

  2. if you dont want them dont buy them..whats the problem?

  3. @Exare….
    u have to win BEFORE* you can do the fatality.
    how is that pay2win?

    note- i do not support easy fatalities*

  4. I just boycotted the whole game and voted with my wallet.

    Competitive games that use micro transactions to make the game easier is cheating.

    So thanks for making the game, but no thanks.

    • how does it make the game easier? fatalities happen after you have already lost last i checked

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