ThisGenGaming – Mewtwo Code Giveaway #2

2 Mewtwo codes to give out! Join in the comments section to find out how to win!


New competition!

Have your say!

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  1. Hey everyone! Welcome to the Mewtwo double code giveaway!

    • I want to win europe 3ds

      • wiiU code

  2. How do I win?

  3. Alright, let’s do this

  4. Heeey!

  5. YAY

  6. I await your commands.

  7. Hello ^^hahaha

  8. Who’s ready for the code giveaway!

    • ME

    • me!

    • Me

    • me!!

    • I sure am.

  9. Lets do this!

  10. Hypeee

  11. LET’S GO LET’S GO!!

  12. If i win this its the first giveaway i win XD

  13. Yey

  14. I hope I win this time. 😛

  15. How is it I can win?

  16. hype#

  17. Even if i dont win good luck everyone!

    • thanks!

  18. 😀

  19. woop

  20. C’mon!

  21. So wat

  22. Hype

  23. niceeee

  24. #Sharethemewtwohype

  25. Mewtwo!

  26. Thank you for all the giveaways! Would be awesome to finally get MEWTWO! I’m teaching my little cousins how to play Smash right now :))

  27. Good luck everyone!

  28. this is a chatroom now XD not a comment section lol

  29. Damn my heart is beating faster than when a hamster is scared lol

    • Same haha!

  30. I’ll give you guys a warning. Don’t refresh or you could end up getting server’d.

    • Ok


  32. good luck to everyone!

  33. I did XD

  34. Everyone overloaded the server LOL!

  35. So when does this start?

  36. It exploted server

  37. And how exactly can we win?

  38. Im crossing everything irl XD

  39. when does it start im confuzled

  40. hype!

  41. There we gooo.

  42. Someone keeps calling me as I try to do this via phone

  43. HYPE!

  44. ayy

  45. Alright, have the download code page up.

  46. I want 3DS Europe

  47. I want to win european ads code please


  49. yeah 😛

  50. Lol all the hype slowed the server

  51. Saying i need mewtwo wont work XD

  52. Mewtwo needs me

  53. Hey, today’s my brothers birthday and he wants a mewtwo code. Can u plz give me one?

    • He asked for one from me and I can’t seem to get one :'(

  54. Good luck everyone

  55. I’ll cross my fingers for an 3DS EU code!

  56. Hype train is getting overloaded

  57. Guys stop asking for codes and win one. XD

    • XD

  58. Make sure not to spam the chat guys!

  59. Wait, is this all European, or could it work for the US?

    • Both

      • Thank god.

  60. I’d really get rid of the chat feed, plz stop begging

  61. I need mewtwo

  62. Hello

  63. Is it wii u codes or 3ds codes?

    • Both!

  64. what are da rulez?

  65. both

  66. 3ds Europe. Hoping for a miracle!!

  67. Unluckiest night ever lastnight

  68. 3ds

  69. There was a code uploaded on twitter no one used yet but i was in bed XD

  70. I needs a US 3DS code!!!!! HYYYYYYPE!!

  71. So what is happening?

  72. I want the Wii U european code 😀

  73. Woot woot!


  75. For the european wii u code!

  76. Stop spamming random words please

  77. Im so nervous

  78. 3DS

  79. stop spamming guys 🙂

  80. well wii u NA code for me 😀

  81. well I would like a chance to win a Wii u Mewtwo code pls and thank you! and congrats to all who win

  82. I could use the US 3ds code.

  83. Remember guys please look around the site and read around the articles please. Your support means we can do this more often!

    • Will do!

    • Thanks for giving me a oppotunity to win a mewtwo even if i dont win!

    • Don’t know if i should be hyped or scared

  84. How do I enter?

  85. I could also use the US 3ds code 😛

  86. how are we going to do this?

  87. Stop spam

  88. Hello

  89. So… what do we do to enter or whatever…?

  90. mwetwo?


  92. #ThisGenGameing how I enter

  93. On the right article now

  94. It’s my birthday today and this would be my only present! Please make it happen!

  95. TGG, do you think ill ever get a code 😀

  96. Hope I can win

  97. The hype! 100 comments already haha

    • lol

    • When does it start?

    • and still no Mewtwo…

    • Just start it already! Haha

      • Got to let other people get in. Some people got error’d so just waiting for the servers to calm down lol.

        • Where is winner announced in comments

    • Other section is close to 4000

    • yep

    • i want mewtwo

    • HYPEE

  98. when does it start?

  99. Gen you are a great person <3

  100. Man I’m hyped lol

  101. Guys, he’ll tell us how we can win

  102. I want to win 3ds NA please.

  103. Im double hyped because i just had a double espresso XD

    • XD

  104. i want mewtwo so bad

  105. John cena for smash

    • pls

  106. Good luck everyone


  108. Am I in the right place

  109. Just try and try again

  110. Am i in the right article lol

    • yes

  111. Does anybody want to trade my NTSC code for a PAL one (Wii U only) ?

  112. Better pick ike.

  113. Please let this be my birthday present!

  114. when we beginning

  115. I’m in school so maybe that’s good luck

  116. HYPE!!!!!

  117. 3ds us code please

  118. 3ds american code. How do we enter the giveaway from here?

  119. 3ds pls thank you!

  120. how do we enter

  121. Please start it >.< my brother is waiting impatiently XD

  122. wii u code pls


  124. us btw

  125. How do we enter?

  126. Guys slow down! let gen type. XD

  127. Shut up.

  128. mewtwo

  129. Hush, your comments aren’t helping advance it.


    • mewtwo ilove

    • Backslash!

  131. Is

  132. Can you feel it now mr crabs

  133. Hey spot spam

  134. Mewtwo…

  135. oh for … XD i knew that was coming

  136. 3ds code

  137. 150 comments already

    • 164 and counting

  138. Hope I will win this.

  139. 3ds code please I really Want it.

  140. please wiiU

  141. Why is it a good portion of these comments are 1 word?

  142. ok whats up? mewtwo i need

  143. Okay do you want to hear how you can win this next code!

    • yess

    • Yes

    • yes

    • yes we do!!

    • YES!!!

    • yes

    • yess

    • OF COUrrse

    • yesss

    • please yes

    • yes

    • yes

    • YES!

    • Yes

    • Yes plz

    • I do!

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • Ya

    • Yes

    • yes!

    • Yes please no treasure hunt

    • Dumbest question ever of course i do. Might as well go wander around this site whilst waiting for something to happen.

    • YES

    • yes

    • yes i need the code pls

  144. Please be a birthday present!

  145. I hope my brother gets this wish 🙂

  146. YES! 😀

  147. Yes pleasss

  148. A lot of people have birthdays in april

    • Or are liars

  149. If i can do one more thing in my life let me win. XD

  150. Stop spamming

  151. I’m in

  152. Alright, everyone quit with the comments. Just wait for the code.

    • no i need nwetwo

      • Your spamming of saying ‘mewtwo’ is not helping.

  153. Lag test

  154. HUSH everyone, Maaster is speaking

  155. Stop spamming

  156. pls

  157. Chill

  158. Lol peoplei doubt saying you never win will make you win, pluse no one will believe is your bday

    • Someone got a code from TGG for it being their birthday

  159. Beep

  160. boop

  161. Boop

  162. mewtwt pls

  163. lets go good luck everybody

  164. Can everyone stop with the 1 word comments? Please?

    • Can you stop complaining

      • You do realize flooding the comments will LOWER the chances of finding Gen’s post?

        • Well I don’t think crying about it will fix the problem

          • It’s not crying, it’s pointing out what most don’t realize.

  165. Beep

  166. come on!!!!

  167. bap

  168. beep


  170. o.o I look away for a few minutes, 52 new comments…

  171. Hey TGG what do you think is the best way to get a code other than actually getting one, like maybe killing someone?

    • wish to win one

  172. Did they already sent the codes? is there a winner?

    • Me

    • no

    • Hasn’t announced yet i think

  173. I’m the weener!

  174. mewtwo pls pls

  175. We probably have to wait for another 6 minutes

  176. 3DS please

  177. Okay there is a code hiding on one of the pages on the main site in the comments section. First to find it and redeem it wins! Go!

    • On mobile. Pages load too slow. Going to try, but no way

    • I probably lost already

  178. pls mewtwo

  179. Plz start

  180. Dick move

  181. what

  182. You just lagged the site…

  183. You know there are database problems with the site

  184. No fair! database error

  185. And now you’re telling everyone to go lag it more

  186. Gen

  187. :/

  188. Im not even in a place i can redeem it. Dick move

  189. I found it but it wont work

    • Really can i try

      • No! XD

  190. Why are you making us do this unneeded bs when you could just use a random number generator or something

    • Tru

  191. Gen!!

  192. I found it but it doesnt work. You guys should tell everyone first if it’s for wii u/3ds and Eu/NA

    • What system did you try?

      • European Wii U

        • Ah. Im na 3ds, but not in a location able to redeem

    • Whats is it ill try dm me Twitter @PokeMadness1996 please

  193. Y u make me do this os sad now ; cri ;

  194. How do you guys get so many codes tho? hm…

  195. I can understand why you wanna do it this way, it’s just so leggy x.x

  196. I found it but too late because of errors 🙁 was it a wii u code?

  197. Im so sad now ;-; i found one and got so hyped

  198. do this normally GEN

  199. Code has been redeemed!

    • can you do another one ? errors kept popping up 🙁

    • Kk

    • Aww

    • was that a wii u code?

    • it wasn’t working

    • Please don’t make us hunt not fair just announce winner please message the code on Twitter announce in here and Twitter

    • that wasn’t for 3ds?

  200. This is supposed to be a giveaway not a fucking treasure hunt with lag

    • +1

      • Leave then. It’s my giveaway

  201. ;-;

  202. Gen!

  203. Why couldnt i use it i found it 🙁

    • Must have been redeemed!

  204. isn’t there supposed to be a second one?

    • Yes

      • Hidden the same?

        • No that was just for one code.

  205. You’re making this way too complicated, why not just give the codes?!

  206. if there is another giveaway can you tell us if its wii u or 3ds?

  207. Did I miss it?

  208. Just use a random number generator, this lag won’t let us find it

    • if u use a random number gen, then if someone who really bought ti tries using that code, nintendo will just ban you, so sure if u wanna risk five dollars in the future for a ban, go ahead :3

      • I meant to choose a random person to win sir

        • ask a random person for the code? Like we kinda are now?

          • Omfg

  209. it was a wii u code right?

    • I hope so

  210. Don’t complain he’s giving these because he wants to

  211. Yeah i couldnt even navigate anywhere else, its unfair for some of us

  212. Gen it wasnt redeemed

    • Where would i find itX(

  213. It said error

    • it always does

  214. Where is/was it?

  215. Not that it was redeemed

  216. There were errors everytime I clicked on a page. 😮

    • any page

  217. Lot of complaining going on. Maybe we should cancel the giveaway?

    • No, just do it better. Lol

    • no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’d be fine with that.

    • sorry I wont complain

    • Noo! no complaining here!

    • naw i’m fine lol im just wondering why it didnt work when i type it in

    • Dear god no x.x

    • I did not complain :O

    • No it’s terrible that people are complaining please there’s lots of us who still want it

    • oh well ill try my luck next time lol

  218. NOO!

  219. So confused o.O

  220. i seems like it has been found by connor williams

  221. Haha.

  222. sorry wont complain again

  223. keep on the same

  224. Hide it again that was fun

    • NO IT WASN’T

    • Since it didn’t work tell me where itbis

  225. The next giveaway was going to be a question about smash bros in this comment section and first to get it right wins!

    • k!

    • Yees

    • the code i typed didnt work mane

    • kewl

    • What is question

    • hey man the code didnt work that i used, could you help me out

  226. yo i typed in the code and it didnt work
    i know i found it first so what the heck yo?

    • What is it dm me Twitter@PokeMadness1996

      • A07W86UH1PH5HNCC

    • i saw it

  227. This is so fucking bs just post the next code in the chat instead of us looking for it

  228. Imo there is a difference between complaining and helpful critisism

    • Exactly! They’re doing this whole thing wrong. I mean, they’re having us hunt a code down in a site that can’t even handle it

    • And plus, this whole thing is just for publicity. They’re forcing us to sub/follow for the ‘giveaway’. It’s not a giveaway if there’s requirements like these, it just means they want the subs/followers.

      • Of course it is. You make that sound like a bad thing

        • That’s because it is. This isn’t advertisement. You want to know why? The majority of these people will unsubscribe and un-follow you after this whole thing is over, and never head to this site again. This is basically trying to buy your way to fame, and it’s not something I agree with.

          • Well no one is forcing you to join in?

          • I dont mind the giveaway. You have to start somewhere, my biggest fear is guys like this

          • Well, that and the few errors that were made

          • I’m not talking about myself here. I’m talking about the hundreds that are desperate to get a code early. Do you REALLY think they all will stay just because you gave them the code? The majority will have a fit from it and never come back, and the lucky fellows that do win will most likely do the same.

            There’s different ways to advertise and reach fame. Buying it is the least respectable of them, and the most inefficient.

          • If that happens there won’t be any future giveaways because it won’t be possible to do it without continued support.

          • If you want to do giveaways, that’s fine, but if you want support, then earn it the right way. Make interesting, unique articles that’ll peak attention. ADVERTISE when you can, and not by trying to buy it.

            Hell, there are even sites that GIVE YOU website views. These are all (the latter isn’t the best, but if it’s what you have to do, it’s what you have to do) better alternatives than trying to buy your way to success.

            Also, try to have something unique about your website, rather than having it be something that’s been done plenty of other times.

          • We do have unique and interesting articles we are doing great. Best month ever BEFORE this giveaway. Doing this is all extra.

          • I’m not trying to burst your bubble, but plenty of other sites, such as IGN, Konami, etc, are doing the same thing as you. And they also have a good site that can support all their viewers. What you’re doing is ambitious, but your current site can barely keep up. I mean, say every time you went to a site like Twitter or YouTube, you had to refresh several times to get it to work, and even then it was laggy? It wouldn’t be enjoyable, and people would head to alternative sites for a better service.

            Same with the layout and articles. They’re a bit unorganized (I’m just a bit OCD with this sort of thing, haha.) and are done by plenty of others (Proto Mario is one big personality on YT that does it). If you want more views, then find something original, and try to extend your reaches OUTSIDE of video games. After all, there’s only so much going on in the game world.

          • Listen. We all want a code. We get it. We also get you dont like it. So what? Have some fun with it. Its a great channel with a great start.

          • And before you ask, no. I dont have a code yet Yufery

          • I’m just saying I disagree with this sort of thing. And I’m discussing it with the site owner/manager him/herself.

    • There was some people flat out complaining though. Didn’t mean everyone!

      • If that’s the case, why would you threaten to take down the entire giveaway if you knew it wasn’t everyone? Wouldn’t that be a ridiculous thing to do, given that you wouldn’t have good publicity from it?

      • 1 bad apple shouldnt ruin the bunch. Listen to what the people are saying please!

  229. Ok do it

  230. How do I unhook this account from my Twitter? I’d rather not have links to a site/group that pulls stunts like these for publicity. ESPECIALLY when they force you to Sub/Follow if you want to win.

  231. Welp good luck to everyone, can’t do anything on this site. It’s too laggy and everything loads up slow. I thought it was a giveaway not a treasure hunt.

  232. I’m ready

  233. ew

  234. Good luck everyone!

  235. Im ready m9

  236. Zzzzzzzz…..

  237. I’m ready!

  238. What’s the question?

  239. Question pls

  240. Guys give him time

  241. woah another one

  242. sweet this is my second chance

  243. Everyone relax. Guy isnt the flash out here

  244. So nervous hurry XD

  245. come on

  246. be patient you guys

  247. Sigh here we go

  248. Patience, patience

  249. this is poop shoes

    i found the code and it didnt work! plz help me

  250. Stop the spam and wait.

  251. patience

  252. Hey TGG whats the first code?



      • america?


  254. Just keep really feeping it


  256. Cant take this stress XD

  257. Just wait and be patient..

  258. the caps abuse is real

    • Ikr XD

  259. Just give him some time

  260. Come on question

  261. I gtg soon hurry please?


    • Yeah, kid, you probably can’t even tech. Keep it in your pants, thx.


        • dude chill the hell out


          • bitch please Im not in the fucking mood right now so kiss your ass

  263. Watch my phone lag ruin me

  264. what is this

    • The little hope I have left

      • #Relatable


    • john cena will never be in smash 😛

      • Its a joke genius

      • i know, but a man can dream lol

  266. Not being rude but by hte time the question arrives i gotta go :<

  267. I want Mewtwo code plz

    • Everyone here does

      • I know 🙂

    • He didn’t say question

  268. people on here cant take jokez

  269. This is taking way too long :/


  271. WHY???????????

  272. Sigh.

  273. This isnt fair

  274. 420

    • monday 😉

      • If i get mewtwo thats all i am doing, milky bong rips and mewtwo!

  275. he gave up

  276. 423 and im STILL BLAZING

  277. Everyone needs to stop bitching, you should be lucky to even have the opportunity to even receive one of these early codes. Have some decency and patience

    • Thank you.

    • Yes

    • thank you a voice of rerason

    • I agree but we have been waiting for a while and some people DO have to go

    • ABSOLutely

      • I see wut you did there 😛

    • Exactly He’s doing more than Nintendo would.

  278. R.E.L.A.X.

  279. 433 and growing

  280. still p bummed i found a European code

    • where is it

    • Do you have an 3DS european code?

      • A07W86UH1PH5HNCC go nuts

  281. I don’t know what my hands smell like but it is stange…

  282. like fuck man! i was right there! SOME BENEDIKT ARNOLD BULL SHIT

  283. The reason why there isn’t a code going out yet is that we’ve had some complaints from 2 users in the chat and I’ve been replying to them.

    • LMAO

    • okay 🙂

    • No problemo.

    • Oh lol

    • I love you!!!

    • i found the first one fair and square and it was European. i feel like should be compensated lol

    • I hope you dont mean me. I was supporting you

    • I hooe its not not complaining i hope

    • take your time no rush

    • seriously people need to chill out we’re lucky that we can even attend this

    • Leave it to the people who beg without gratefulness.

    • I hope the codes will be sent out soon

    • i hope the codes come out soon

    • take your time

    • Thank you for holding contests like these, It’s giving people like me to get in on the Mewtwo hype train. Best of luck to everyone!

    • Dang that sucks. What were the complaints about?

  284. Gen please do it

  285. Are there any more?

  286. I really gotta go :<

  287. Take your time

  288. Okay 🙂

  289. I will probablu want to murder myself if i miss another code because of lsat night ;-;

  290. its been 50 minutes sense you got 750 follewers

  291. You can argue later, we don’t have all day you know

    • Okay then leave lol.

  292. I have no idea what’s going on

  293. Do what you gotta do meng xD

  294. Good Lord…

  295. Is ok

  296. Not ok for me ;-;

  297. I needs Mewtwo!!!!

  298. Just be patient friends

  299. Pls dood pls

  300. Im playing project M so meh.

    • Project M is bullshit.

  301. Seriosuly i got 3 mins please do it.

  302. My patience has come to it’s end….

  303. Guys, saying mewtwo a lot will not speed it up…

  304. Can anyone see this comment

    • yep

    • nope

  305. I will literally suicide if i dont even have a chance to win it cause of last night when i saw a unused code but my wii u was flat

    • You… realize you can input them online, yes?

      • When im in bed? im on a desktop mac 😐

    • Stop pitying yourself, other people have waited for exactly the same time as you.

      • And im not pitying my self so shove off.

  306. i will wait all day i dont have work today!

  307. *patiently waiting*

    • not

      • I am

  308. I’m at work now

  309. This chat is laggy as hell rn

  310. Mewtwo! Mewtwo! Mewtwo!

  311. Competition has been cancelled until further notice keep a look out on Twitter for updates.

    • Why

    • 🙁

    • Awwwwww…



    • Nooo 🙁

    • 🙁

    • aww :c ok 😀

    • I will luckily I joined twitter yesterday

      • Same

    • That’s ok take whatever time you need

    • Ok then. Better luck next time i guess.


  313. Dudes, just chill, if you don’t get mewtwo hre you will be able to buy it for 3.99

  314. Good job guys

  315. WAT!?!?

  316. We don’t have to like speed enter our codes right?

  317. Nice job.

  318. I WAS COOL UNTIL THIS like come on mane!

  319. OMFG

  320. YOU JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. WOWWWWW I have been waiting sooo long 🙁


  323. Darn. Hopefully we can win one later

  324. IM SUICIDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THE WORLD


  325. Wow you just brought a bad rep to this website

    • No there’s good reasons to it. We are re-evaluating the process is all! Listening to feedback!

  326. Guys stop! Shouting at him won’t help!

  327. All good things must come to an end… But this is just sad….

  328. back to the stream. cya nerds.

  329. Nice, we get a chance to win something free and people act like they deserve the right to win it

    • hay we are just mad because we have been waiting here a whole hour!!!!!!!!!!!

  330. The maturity level of the human race has hit an all time low

    • ikr

  331. Rip in im really feeling it.

  332. These reactions are sad haha.

  333. Oh shush, you all brought this upon yourselves. Seems unfair to punish the people that wait patiently because of the moaners though.

  334. You complaining about me

  335. Here is where we find out the true subscribers vs the spoiled brats @thisgengaming

  336. well looks like we lost 10 good people today from suicide

    • ;^;

  337. You call those guys good people?

  338. *sigh* you guys need to grow up, seriously and just wait.

  339. Im reading comments not doing anything

  340. ok for those of you who are bitching and whining shut the fuck up!!!! He is doing his very best you should be thanking him for even doing this let alone him spending his time bringing this stuff to us. so if you cant respect him then leave

    • Im doing nothing

  341. Im out ! No more waiting for 2 days and something like this happens! I’ve been waiting at this laggy site and you mean to tell me it was cancled ? I’ll just get it on the 28!

  342. I like cheese.

    • I like trains

    • Im eating cheese right now.

  343. Im gonna go back to project M

    • i heard the new update for it is god

      • Its pretty awesome.

        • I need to get the update, but i like the mechanics of the new one soo much

  344. ok for those of you who are bitching and whining shut the fuck up!!!! He is doing his very best you should be thanking him for even doing this let alone him spending his time bringing this stuff to us. so if you cant respect him then leave and don’t come back

    • I did nothing but i gtg anyway class is starting

    • heard ya the first time

  345. does anyone wanna play smash on 3ds in the mean time?

  346. I mean it’s a shame, but like. I can understand it being frustrating having kids bitch and moan about something that wasn’t theirs in the first place. Take your time Gen

    • Someone understands

  347. Even tho the whining was a problem, the fact the site even did that is so immature when you think about it

    • We’ve replied to you and said that this was done to re-evaluate the process of giving codes to make it fair for everyone! Listening to the critics is all.

      • send me one just for the lolz 🙂

        • can i get one please? i won be able to buy mewtwo due to my location :c

    • Its their website, their codes so they can do whatever they want with them. Case and point

  348. But I mean, he kinda said he would….

  349. 15 minz ago there was 0 comments

  350. Sorry about the cancellation guys. As previously stated this was done to re-evaluate the process of giving codes out so it’s fair for all 🙂

    • soooooo when????

    • we should just have a smash tourney for it to be honest!

      • agreed

    • understandable dude also thanks again for doing this now I have a second chance to get mewtwo

    • no problem bro jus do what u can, we can always buy it later so no harsh feelings lol

  351. well then, that was a great waste of time… darn people bitcin got this thing cancelled.

  352. wii u


    • would be fun 🙂

    • That be awesome but would take to long to set up and do

      • IT WILL TOTES BE WORTH IT! I could wait an hour for it to be set up

    • That would be SO EPIC!!! Especially since I would win! >:)

      • in your dreams buddy! my sonic wrecks! youre too slow ;D

        • yoshi don’t care 🙂

          • Lucario makes you all his bitch

          • yoshi is a nerd! but that down air is too diesel! does like 28%

        • cant beat my CP falcon

          • i have played so many caps with sonic, its honestly like the best match up in the game. i love that shit

    • that wold be cool

    • The should do it for the last code.

  354. y’all talking mad shit about sonic! COME ON STEP IT UP!


  356. **My email is! Please I want Mewtwo so bad! I don’t have a Wii U and I’m not sure if I’ll have enough money to buy him later. I would appreciate with all of my heart it if you would consider me. Thank you very much! :D**

  357. Are there any more mewtwo codes for 3ds? I don’t have a wii U so I would be really grateful to be able to get him 🙂

  358. Are there any more codes for mewtwo on the 3ds? I don’t have a wiiU so it’s impossible for me to get him otherwise :/

  359. Well here I am. How do I win.

  360. Is it over…? Nah? Wat?

  361. How do we join the contest?

  362. Just wondering if i may “Win” a code. I have been waiting for mewtwo ever since my cousin said he will come. It would mean the world to me if i could win and if i ever can repay you guys i would. Thank you ThisGenGaming for doing a giveaway.

    Ps: I also love pokemon

    Thank you guys

    From LightHawk797

  363. No need to rush to decide to who you’re going to give the code. I’m just entering to this completion for you and my little brother Alex. In a few weeks it is his birthday and I want to give him the best birthday present. I chose this present for him because he loves to play SSB4 3ds and he really wants to have mewtwo as a character in SSB4 3ds. So I wish good luck to everyone and hope you pick the best 🙂 🙂 .

  364. how do you win

  365. i wunt mewtwo im the number 1 mewtwo fan

  366. Keep checking back here everyone! There could be another giveaway soon!!

    • Can I please have a mewtwo code? I can’t afford a Wii U. D:

      I only have a 3DS…

  367. I really need a way to get a 3ds code

  368. Hey I really want to get a mewtwo 3DS code thx!

  369. I hope I win one.

  370. Hope i get that code i love ssb4 and if i dont get picked i understand that it is random
    Email is

  371. Hey

  372. How can i get mewtwo dlc code for 3ds

  373. Mewtwo is the Top Reason why I bought Smash wanting to play as him at last. I wanted to feel how to others felt playing as Mewtwo.. ..

  374. I would like to join the competition my email is I only want the code for the 3DS best of luck to all of you. I have one question about mewtwo if you have mewtwo on the 3DS could you transfer him to a wii U copy without mewtwo and still play him on the wii U

  375. i have 3ds and my email is

  376. thx 🙂

  377. sup

  378. here

  379. I’m right back at it again

  380. Could I have one code please

  381. I’m here. When are instructions posted?

  382. One 3ds code email is

  383. Cant wait to see who wins the code huge fan of ssb4 if i dont get picked i dont care i can wait 9 days to buy but hey its free
    Email: camachotony24

  384. I would like to join the competition my email is and would like to wish good luck everyone (I would like the 3DS code if possible)

  385. I want it my email is


  387. Please want it so bad!!! Email

  388. I want a Mewtwo code for Wii U please! Unless this is done already. Sorry if it is.

  389. Mewtwo code here
    Nintendo 3DS
    North America

  390. is it too late to enter?

  391. is it too late to enter?

  392. Plz really need that code

  393. how will we know how we will get the code

  394. I hope the code is real, ’cause I really want mew2!

  395. Soooo… How do I join in?

  396. hai im not up 2 date on the whole giveaway thing can somone fill me in plz

  397. code?

  398. I need a code for mewtwo on super smash bros for my 3ds pleas I need it really badly iv never ever got any thing with a code befor on any game

  399. I need a mewtwo dlc code for 3ds pleas

  400. yes please

  401. I would like one too

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