Elder Scrolls Online Xbox One/PS4 Beta Code Giveaway

Hey everyone! We have another giveaway here on ThisGenGaming. To enter just leave a comment in the comments section telling us what your favorite Elder Scrolls game of all time is.

Winner will be announced in 24 hours! Good luck!

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  1. Leave your entries here!

    • Oblivion for sure! Need ps4 north America beta key please!

    • Oblivion Was Very Fun But Skyrim is My Favorite. Would Love To Try Out ESO On Ps4 North America.

    • oblivion was my favorite but skyrim also kept me inside for a long time grinding that out

    • skyrim yeah!

    • Skyrim for the win! If i win please email me at 17krautky@fpsct.org. Thanks guys!

    • I like oblivion and skyrim. Want win

    • ok, online the best, thx for giveaway :3

    • Morrowind for sure ! Just shows that graphics Dont make a game!

    • I only play skyrim because there are so much quest,place,etc… so I don’t have time to play the other ES but now I want to try the online version the trailer make me so excited^^v

      • Its too late right?=-=

  2. My favorite Elder Scrolls game is Morrowind.

  3. Skyrim

  4. Skyrim!

  5. Morrowind on Xbox.

  6. My favorite elder scrolls game is probably oblivion.

  7. My favourite elder scrolls game has to be Morrowind by far!

  8. Skyrim for sure

  9. Skyrim as its the only one I’ve played, loved it though

  10. Oblivion got me into it but Skyrim is my all time favorite. Would love to try out ESO on Xbox One!

  11. My favourite elder scrolls game has to be skyrim. Dragons!!!!!!

  12. Oblivion has the be my favorite just because it what really got me started into playing games. Really want to try ESO for the Xbox one. Thanks!!!

  13. Definitely Skyrim! I’ve spent most of the year of 2013 playing that game and it was great. 500h of my life gone (‘:

  14. Skyrim is the only one I played a substantial amount of time. RT’d, followed you on Twitter and subscribed to your YouTube! Hope I win!

    PS, let me know where to send the bits of string if I win.

    Alex Grigsby
    @grigsby81 on Twitter

  15. Skyrim is definitely what really got me into the series, such a great fun game. I really need to go back and sink some more time into it.

  16. Probably Oblivion. I liked the coliseum concept.

  17. Oblivion is probably my favourite, made for an awesome summer 🙂

  18. Oblivion was my favorite due to its amazing story compared to the other games.

  19. Skyrim and oblivion. Good luck everyone

  20. Skyrim !

  21. Skyrim hands down

  22. Gonna go with Skyrim. But loved Oblivion and Morrowind too. Would love to test eso on xbone and help out

  23. oblivion 😀

  24. Oblivion Was Very Fun But Skyrim is My Favorite. Would Love To Try Out ESO On Ps4

  25. Skyrim hands down!

  26. Oblivion for sure! I need a ps4 north America beta key please!

  27. Skyrim was amazing i loved it and i hope i can test this beta out so help me decid if i should pre order elder scrolls online or not

  28. I know Skyrim’s going to be the most popular answer, but I gotta say Oblivion. Have some good memories having friends come over and just passing the controller around.

  29. Skyrim for sure! Had good times with that game (:

  30. Its a toss up between Oblivion and Skyrim

  31. Middle school life was morrow wind on the original xbox, but now I’m on ps4

  32. I started with Morrowind and have continued from there. So I have to say that Skyrim is probably my favorite because it was such a big change in the franchise.

  33. Personally my favorite was morrowind on the original Xbox can’t wait to try ESO on the one!

  34. Skyrim hands down! Thanks for doing this, it’s awesome! I’d love an Xbox One beta key for N.A. servers. I’m really interested in the game and I never had a computer capable of playing it. Winning this would be amazing! Thanks for the consideration. Best, – Tyler!

    • If for some crazy reason I win, you guys can contact me at @TyGuyMusic on twitter or tyler@whiteraverrafting.com via email. Thanks so much!

  35. oblivion was my favorite but skyrim also kept me inside for a long time grinding that out lol

  36. Need for ps4

  37. skyrim for sure.

  38. Skyrim for the win! If i win please email me at 17krautky@fpsct.org. Thanks!

  39. Skyrim for sure! I spent countless hours glued to that game. Hope the mmo is awesome. Ps4 <3 🙂

  40. easy peasy lemon squesy

  41. Skyrim for sure, need beta on ps4

  42. I like oblivion and skyrim. Best games.

  43. Skyrim! Still playing on PC with a ton of mods. Although I have started Oblivion and it’s not bad so far.

  44. Online the best! ^_^

  45. Skyrim. Makes the best Gamerpoop as well.

  46. To date, skyrim

  47. By The Nine!!! OBLIVION!!! (PS4 North America)

  48. Daggerfall ps4 noth america

  49. can i get a code please ?

  50. Skyrim was my first game I like to win

  51. Yeah i would like to play this one the one on pc doesn’t work at the please send to address baileymichael371@gmail.com

  52. Oblivion for sure. Great gameplay, awesome quests, nostalgia overload.

  53. Oblivion, period! Pure love!

  54. For me my favorite elder scrolls game is oblivion. Where most people would say skyrim I would like to say i loved oblivion much better. I mean you can go to oblivion any time you want unlike in skyrim where you had to get a quest. I also thought that the atmosphere was amazing it had the lets get a quest and do that for a while type of feel. but skyrim had that viking type feel to it. This is my favorite elder scrolls game.

  55. Oblivion because they didn’t work on voice acting so they improved gameplay so fans would I joy the game and awesome story

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