The Evil Within: The Consequence DLC Review (Xbox One)

For those of you who played the first Evil Within DLC the story picks up right after where the assignment left off. You are still the protagonist/ antagonist depending on if you’re looking at it from the perspective of Sebastian or Kittman. You wake up in the hospital as Kittman thinking it’s all over but it becomes apparent quickly that you are still in the mind of Ruvik.

From the beginning the gameplay is a lot of what you saw in the first DLC, a lot of hiding and crouching behind things. It seems Tango Gameworks took a liking to the style of gameplay from alien isolation and implemented that into it for the first and most of the second dlc. While it was a nice break from the action in the first dlc, in the second dlc it seemed poorly implemented for the most part. The one highlight was creeping around and throwing the glow sticks as a light source to find your path in a dark room. While it did raise the tension level when you are walking around in the dark with what seems to be zombie monster characters all around you. It would have been better if you were actually avoiding some kind of monster that is trying to kill you instead of just finding your way around.

I did like the new bad guy character types as they were a nice mix up from the regular bad guys. The suicide grunt version of the evil within zombies will have you running for your life as they swell up and try to blow you up. While the new characters were a nice addition to the gameplay I did have a gripe with the health system. I prefer the main games health system which involves health packs and syringes like most games. The dlc decides to make it to where when you hide behind cover you get your health back. I found that to be a bit on the dumb side because there were areas where there was nothing to hide behind. So there was no way to recover health in certain areas when you need it which doesn’t make sense why they went that way for the dlc.

In the later half of the dlc you come across a saw-offed shotgun which takes you back to how the gameplay was in the main game where you actually get to shoot the zombies. I found it way more enjoyable gameplay wise than the sneaking segments in the game. This is the only gun you will get throughout the game but it is all you will really need. I wish the sawn off shotgun would have been in the main game, because being able to shoot off only one round before having to reload it makes fighting sequences way more enjoyable. You have to be able to shoot run and reload which makes it so much harder than the normal shotgun. Which was way overpowered in my opinion especially when you add a higher ammo capacity to each clip.

What the dlc did leaps and bounds better than the main game is the story telling. Both dlc’s showed way more of what was going on with the story than the main game ever did. It mostly shows the reasoning behind Kittman actions but does shed more light on Sebastian’s character as a whole. Also when it comes to the recordings they tell a lot of information when it comes to the story. So you will want to try and find all of them if you want to uncover all that was going on.

While the environments were standard run of the mill stuff for Evil Within and I mean that in a good way. The highlight was when they used blood red as the color for the entire environment in some sections. It added to the already creepiness of the game and I would have liked to have seen this effect used more. You will make your way through many different locations some familiar and completely new environments. All this culminates into a fight scene at the end of the game that makes for my favorite best boss fight from both dlc’s and the main game.

While I did like this dlc as a whole and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the Evil Within. I feel all of it should have been in the main game from the get go. Taking this out of the main game and making this dlc seems a bit like a cash grab. This contains so much of the story that it should have been in the game and makes the main game feel that much more incomplete after playing through it. I would have like to see a dlc where you play as Joseph instead since his story was not as vital as a whole to the game as Kittmans’ was.

The Consequence cost 10 dollars just like the first dlc The Assignment. I would recommend getting the season pass which gives you both dlc’s for 20 and another pack which has not been released yet. Playing only one or the other will not give you the whole story and you will either be lost or not get the complete ending if you choose just one. The third pack will give you a set of new missions where you play as the gatekeeper “the one with the mallet that laid down traps”. When you go to the online store to buy the season pass it says all the content in it will release by May so you will not have to wait that long for it.

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