5 Reasons Why We Are Hyped for The Witcher 3

1. Approachability

I am going to be honest I have never played a witcher game. I had never really heard of the series until Witcher 2 and when I saw it I was mildly interested. In that time of my gaming life I was more into multilplayer shooters so I passed on the game. Well now I have seen the light and I am completely ready for this game. Witcher 3 knows that not everyone interested in the game has played the first two Witcher games. They have worked vigorously on the prologue to explain to old and new gamers to the series the backstory so new gamers don’t go in blind. But do not fret for those of you who have played the other Witcher games the choices you made will carry over and give you a different prologue experience than those who haven’t played depending on your choices.

2. The World

With so many open world games it’s hard to say which has the biggest world. Well I think we have finally found it in the Witcher 3. While Witcher 2 was a pretty big game in its own right it fails in comparison to the Witcher 3 which is set to be 30 times the size of 2. It even puts Skyrim to shame and all without any load screens when traveling around. With so many different areas to explore such as lakes, forests and many small cities I know I will spend many of hours exploring this expansive world.

3. Game Length

Open world games are becoming more appealing as the years go by because of how content each game has comparted to one that is linear. When I am paying 60 dollars for a game to me a game that I can beat in 12-15 is less likely to get a purchase than one that is say 40 hours. That is why when I heard that there will be over 200 hours’ worth of gameplay in The Witcher 3 I almost lost my mind. This is going to take open world to a new level and all that content for 60 bucks is a steal. While I am sure quite a bit of that time is taken up from riding around the country side in the very expansive world, most of it will be gameplay. Cd Project Red has confirmed that the fastest speed run took over 25 hours to finish. That is with doing none of the side missions and taking the fastest routes to the next story mission.

4. DLC

While I know most gamers cringe when they hear the word downloadable content fear not CD Projekt Red has your back gamers. They will be giving away for free 16 different DLC packages just for buying their game. You don’t even have to preorder the game to get this content either which many games will try and make you do. While most of it will be small like armor and outfits it’s the thought that counts. There will be paid story dlc though in the form of Hearts of Stone, slated to arrive in October, it will take Geralt on a 10-hour-plus adventure into the dangerous wilderness of No Man’s Land and the winding alleys of Oxenfurt. Then Blood and Wine will be set for the first quarter of 2016 and will add a whole new region of Toussaint to the game. This will be a 20-hour-plus adventure and the cost of both will only be 25 dollars. Which is really cheap for 30 hours of gameplay most games don’t have that much content for 60 dollars.

5. Fighting Mechanics

In the witcher 2 fighting involved a lot of rolling and sword swinging. While there was magic or as it’s called in the witcher series signs you never needed it to defeat an enemy. Cd Projekt Red have taken strides to fix that by making it just as important on how you use your blade as you your signs. Here are some of the signs you will be using, they should be mostly familiar if you played The Witcher 2. The flaming Igni and telekinetic Aard spells operate similarly, blasting an energetic force toward enemies. Igni’s small chance to set enemies alight is its differentiating factor, but as it levels and becomes a devastating, targeted flamethrower, it starts serving a different purpose than Aard’s fierce knockback and increasingly effective crowd-control. The Quen shield, like it did before, can deal damage by exploding when it takes enough damage. It also comes with the added benefit of converting damage into health when leveled appropriately.

Sign upgrades come at the cost of not upgrading Geralt’s alchemical skills, his overall hit points, the damage he deals, and the regeneration of his valuable stamina. Wild Hunt’s Ability Points are limited — you’ll earn one each time you level, and one for each of a certain rare, hidden obelisk you discover. As such, unlocking additional Sign skills is an agonizing decision every time. Improved area-of-effect for Aard means you won’t deflect incoming arrows this time around. Converting Axii’s confusion into full-blown possession, so enemies fight for you rather than stand around holding their heads, could mean your large Yrden slowing field doesn’t last very long.

With the improvements to signs and the already great sword play from past Witcher games. It will be at long hard wait till May 19th when the game releases. If there is any anything else that has you excited for The Witcher 3 let us know in the comments.

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