New Mortal Kombat X Patch Is Live For PS4

The new update for Mortal Kombat X (Version 1.04) has gone live today for PS4 users. Here is an image of the fixes included in this patch.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-05-05 17-42-22


It was 3GB in size, and it has seemed to have also fixed issues with the Jason DLC for PS4 users. Prior to the update, PS4 users could download Jason to their PS4, but it wasn’t possible to choose him in the character select screen. Along with the Jason fix we also get a shortened time to access online features fix.

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  1. I do not see this update. I have even manually checked for this patch and nothing

  2. Yea me neither help I want to kick ass with vorhees man

  3. the link they give us in the update history never works for me. i wish they’d just list the changes.

    the faction page loads a lot faster on ps4 now, rooms seem to load a little faster, but connecting to online seems the same.

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