The Witcher 3’s Load Times Are Over 1 Minute Long Even For Retrying Failed Quests

In this video we timed how long it took for The Witcher 3 to load after just failing a quest and restarting. This wasn’t to load a new area or the first time loading up the game, so over one minute for just restarting a quest seems awfully long don’t you think?

Note: Official load time length was 1 minute and 13 seconds.

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  1. Its The Witcher not a 100% PlayStation exclusive so it ISN’T a big deal then right? Nobody ever made a big deal about AC Unity’s 1 minute loading times either POST patch 1.05.

  2. With my external SSD drive I am somwhere between instantaneous and 10 sec on my Xbox One. Must be a problem with your drive? Are you playing on PC or Xbox?

  3. The load times are unforgivable when you are having trouble fighting a boss and die a lot. They’re taking about 60 seconds for me, and I live for maybe 15-20 seconds on each attempt. It’s definitely frustrating and not fun right now.

  4. you guys are seriously crying over waiting for a minute for load times? dear lord i couldn’t imagine what you guys would do on a ps1 load time

  5. God does my head in

  6. maybe going for an ssd….

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