Top 5 Reasons To Be Excited About E3 2015

It is 2015 and E3 is just around the corner so what should you be looking forward to out of this year’s conference? E3, is an annual trade fair for the video game industry, presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to reveal and advertise their upcoming games and game-related merchandise.

This year there is much to be excited about. Can the WII-U rebound from a sales slump? Will PS4 continue to out pace the Xbox One? Will Social Justice Warriors re-name Link to Twink and.. Let’s just forget about the last part and focus on the TOP FIVE reasons to be excited for this years E3.

Sony’s new VR equipment code named Project Morpheus


Not only is Sony expected to debut the head set at this year’s show, earlier this week they announced they have added a new studio team based in the English North West with the sole purpose of developing games and technology for the new VR head ware.

With the Oculus Rift being purchased by Facebook it will take either Microsoft or Sony to focus on delivering triple AAA quality games that make use of this new technology. Rumors have reported the coding for the platform has recently been patched into consoles via automatic updates making a

What to be excited about: That three major players in the Industry have their own hard-ware and will compete to provide the best device, software and pricing for us consumers.

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End


Let’s face it. There are virtually no “must have” titles exclusive to the PS4 and Xbox One. The must have games are still running off the old hard ware and at this point there is just not that definitive experience that only the next gen consoles offer. Enter Naughty Dog hot off of their game changing production of “The Last of Us”. Who is not excited about the prospect of the studio finally delivering that “must have” next gen console game?  That we will soon see part’s 1/2/3 of the series re-released in new HD versions for the PS4 is without question. The direction Naughty Dog will take the series considering a major motion picture based on the series is soon to be announced as well is yet to be seen.

What to expect? Playable Demo… or at the least a trailer. Possibly a trailer for the up-coming film as well or at least an reveal of who will be playing Drake. My guess is Bradley Cooper.



Kingdom Heart’s 3


Another must have KH3 is not exclusive to either console. It has been 10 years since the release of the original on PS2.  Announced officially in 2013 you can expect game play trailers and footage to be displayed during this year’s E3. I am expecting big numbers from this title based on past sales performance and a serious lack of RPG’s to play on next gen consoles. With Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 both sitting at 9+ ratings on most review site’s how can we not be excited by the third having footage revealed at this year’s conference.

I don’t know about you but nothing get’s me more excited than the though of hitting Mickey Mouse with a Mace in 1080P… How about you?

Silent Hills / Kojima/ Del-Toro Drama Resolution?


We all had a collective WTF moment when hearing the news about the Silent Hills project being canceled, Kojima leaving Konami, and finally the PT being yanked from PSN (consoles now being sold on EBay with PT pre-installed are asking $1000 for the unit!)  Perhaps we will get a hint of information about if this has a possibility of being saved, and Kojima, Del Toro and Reedus have all waxed poetic concerning continuing their partnership and friendship. This game being dropped from production hit me especially hard as I have recently developed a fond appreciation of the Silent Hill series, and for the risks Kojima was willing to take as a developer (respect also goes to Konami for supporting these decisions for 15+ years). Hopefully they can find a publisher wise enough to allow these three to continue what would have been one of the top games of 2015/16.

No Man’s Sky


Procedural universe? – Check

Ambitious project? – Check

The ability to explore outer space and land on planet’s without load screens? –Check


What is not to be excited about? The main issue with this title is just how ambitious the trailers have been. With the hype machine that was Destiny (and the letdown that followed) we have a right to be wary of the games shooting for the stars. But (and this is a big but) if this game can deliver on what has been hinted at it could become the next “Last of Us” type product: the type of product that sell’s consoles on its own. Could this finally be the adult version of Mine Craft more mature gamers have been yearning for? Will they deliver on what they promised? Will I be able to name a planet after The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? I need to know! E3 please deliver!

So what are you guys looking forward to seeing at E3 2015? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. Can the WII-U rebound from a sales slump? 

    No. There, I just answered this same question until Nintendo curt their losses and release a new console

    • From what I have heard they are doubling down and focuses on the WII-U Still, but who knows a new console could be the way to go… My suggestion?

      Sell a version of the WII-U minus the (expensive) controller and sell the console for 99$ with a game… would surely get a ton of attention.

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