What Happens To The Batman Arkham Series After Arkham Knight?

While everyone is getting excited for Batman Arkham Knight to come out June 23rd, (hopefully) because it has already been delayed a few times. I have been counting the days because I am a very big Batman fan, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were two of my favorite games from last gen. I plan on spending hours on hours going through everything the game has to offer even the hundreds of riddler’ trophies. Rocksteady also plans on adding quite a few dlc packs over the next 6 months after launch one including Batgirl story dlc. With all that excitement coming up soon I can’t help but look at the future of the series and wonder what will happen next.

As you may have heard by now Arkham Knight is Rocksteady’s last foray into the Arkham series. For those that do not know they made Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. They did not make the Arkham Origins game that was actually made by Warner Bros. Games Montreal. Which brings up the question with Rocksteady stepping down from the game after they finish the trilogy will another studio take over the series.

This could be a possibility because Rocksteady has gone on record saying that they wanted to end the series on a trilogy. Go out with a final bang rather that drag the series on longer than it should, I do admire them for that. We as gamers all know plenty of game series that because they were so popular have had way too many sequels that killed the series for many, Call of Duty is easily the first one that comes to mind.

While I do understand why they want to stop and I respect the decision I also love the Arkham series and don’t want it to end at the same time. This game has been such a big seller for Warner Bros. Games that I do not see them just letting it go after Arkham Knight. This leads me to wonder on who they might find to replace Rocksteady with. My hope would be Monolith Productions which just finished making Shadow of Mordor which was a very highly rated game. The combat in that game was great so we know they have the pedigree to pull off a batman game.

They also made Gotham City Imposters so they have some background with the batman universe. If they don’t I would have to say I would want Warner Bros Games Montreal to take another crack at it. While Arkham Origins wasn’t great I still found it to be a rather good game. It suffered a bit from some bad bugs and the fact that they shoehorned Joker into the story which at that time was overkill on the character. Besides that I thought it was a good game and wouldn’t mind them making a second batman game.

Those two are the only ones I would want making anymore batman games for WB(they own the rights to the IP) unless they outsourced the project to another video game developer. If they end up making another Batman game I think they would have to do a reboot and go away from Arkham and make the game there own thing. The Batman Arkham series is Rocksteady’s baby and I would love for it to stay that way.

With Rocksteady taking their leave I am very intrigued on what their next project would be. The only non Batman game the studio has made was Urban Chaos two console generations ago in 2006. There have been rumors of Rocksteady taking on another DC focused game which I would be all for. Maybe a Superman or Justice League style game who knows but with Rocksteady’s pedigree they could pull off anything.

What do you guys think about the future of the Batman series? Will they keep it going with a new developer and reboot it or end the series completely?

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  1. You’re happy because the game is ending but you also want it to continue..can you make up your mind please?

    • it’s called being conflicted. please learn how to read and comprehend. you are lacking severely in that department.

  2. make a superman game next

  3. Struggling to see superman working-class just too powerful. I could however see a different continuity of Batman given life by them… Potentially. Either that or a new iPhone of their own or taking on a different franchise and Different genre of game.

  4. Rocksteady IS confirmed doing the Batman: Arkham Asylum/City remaster project for current gen though yes? With those 3 games on my PS4 (AA, AC, and AK), I’d be happy if Rocksteady retired the series on a high note.

  5. I think the series should continue because arkham knight batman series should continue after 2016

    • calligraphers motor cars for the new series of Batman and Alfred, like everything else in the house can be improved so Batman series should drive the market in 2016

  6. So we got a release date for Batman: Return Arkham in October.. After that its going to be weird not having a Batman game to look forward too. Im hoping money will rear its ugly head and motivate the studios to move forward with the series but i doubt it.. Part of me wishes they are working on a Justice League Game using the same engine and game style. With the JLU movies kicking off it would be stupid to bury Batman in the gaming scene.. too much money to be made.

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