Tanya DLC Goes Live For Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pass Owners/PS4 Version Not Working

The good news for Kombat Pass owners, you can now download the character Tanya to play in Mortal Kombat X. The bad news is if you own the PS4 version you won’t be able to play as Tanya just yet. The reason why you can’t play as Tanya yet on PS4 is because of the same issue that occurred with Jason last month, the option to choose the character is there but is blacked out.

The Xbox One version is working fine and Tanya is playable after downloading her.

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  1. I’m not am unreasonable person. Understand unforeseen things happen so while I was desperate to play as Jason (also please do his boiler suit coatume skin) although on ps4 we couldn’t use him (without the netflicks workaround) due to a problem that had to be patched , fine ok these things happen, but for it to happen AGAIN with Tanya it takes the piss.

    Come on guys get your shit together the kombat pass wasn’t exactly what I’d call cheap considering you don’t get all the extra costume packs (aside from the themed ones released ,like the horror one)

    The steel sub zero costume we don’t get is fair enough as its to pay for the prize pool but to not get all this years costume and characters dlc for that £25 price of the kombat pack is bad enough.

    And then it doesn’t even work , one of the incentives to buy the pack was we got early access to the content.

    You screwed up Jason on his release day, ok mistakes happen but to happen a second time with Tanya now too I’d bang out of order.

    Lol one funny thing about it the computer player can use her as much as it wants lol ,

    So whoever a job it is sort it out I would like to play predator and tremor on release day please lol

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