Sony Needs To Have A Balance Of Remastered Games, Not Rely On Them

With the news of yet another remaster being released by Sony, it made me think “What AAA exclusive new titles do they have for the PS4 this year?” The answer is pretty much none at all. In July, Sony are releasing a God Of War III remaster, and in October Sony are releasing the Uncharted remastered collection. I don’t have a problem with remasters, and there are many games out there I would love to see remastered (Mass Effect trilogy anyone?)

Sony’s 2015 schedule can’t just be all remasters, there needs to be a balance of AAA exclusives and remasters. I am sure there isn’t many or even any people who buy consoles for games they could play on their old consoles, no they buy these consoles to play the best exclusives the console has to offer along with great third party titles.  It made me think the timing of the remastered collection of Uncharted and Uncharted 4 being delayed to 2016 suspicious, because I doubt Sony would have released both a collection of games and the brand new game all in one year.

Lets take a look at what Microsoft does, they do release remastered games (As does Nintendo) but unlike Sony these two companies have never had a year were they have depended on remasters to “stack” their exclusives for the year. Take last year for example, Microsoft had The Master Chief Collection, but with that they had Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive as exclusives too, and with that, ended up having a stacked Fall 2014 schedule. The same seems to be happening for Microsoft this year too with the rumored Gears Of War 1 remaster. If the Gears Of War remaster is coming out this fall that means once again, Microsoft will have one remaster and two exclusive games (Rise Of The Tomb Raider and Halo 5)

To show this isn’t an article just giving credit to Microsoft over Sony, here is an example using Nintendo and the Wii U. Fall 2013, Nintendo had the remaster of The Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker, but also had Super Mario 3D World in the fall as well. Sony on the other hand seems to have gotten the wrong message about remasters, it’s a great way of stacking your exclusive game schedule for the rest of the year, but it should never be your actual schedule for the rest of the year.

Hopefully with this years E3 fast approaching, Sony has some announcements to stack 2016 with new and exciting AAA exclusives as it looks like that might by all for 2015 in terms of new exclusives.

Let us know in the comments how you feel about Sony’s 2015 schedule, should they mix it up? Or are you fine with remasters?

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  1. good write-up.
    definitely agree.
    I’d forgive sony if their remasters were actually up there with how Microsoft does remasters like halo mcc or other halo anniversary games or the fable anniversary- where they completely overhaul the visuals and not just upgrade the frames or resolution and call it a game.
    also, halo mcc has the full package- all campaigns, modes, and even online modes from ALL of the games (had a rocky start, but online works like a charm now).
    Compare that to the god of war 3 remaster or uncharted collection – no visual overhaul (just texture upgrades and frames and resolution bump), and no online either. Just the campaigns…

    • Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Well if it works and is not broken like hmcc I can’t wait XD
    Uncharted 4 beta too :))

  3. Sony has already released exclusives this year with more coming before the end of the year. Remasters are fun to replay or play for the first time. PS4 has a lot of new players that has not played some of these great games. MS is doing the same thing and nintendo too. This article must be from a MS fanboy.

    • I’m a fanboy for all consoles. 🙂

    • True but you also have to think about the others that invested in a console for newer IP’s not remastered games.

  4. Good article, good points on the “stacking”. I enjoyed this read, very valid points. Hope Sony brings it’s AAA game to E3 this year… (Last Guardian would make for a KILLER fall)

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