Writers WANTED For E3 2015 Coverage

We are looking for a few new writers just for E3 2015 coverage. This include the news articles of announcements and also articles on the E3 2015 games, conferences, and more. There will be a set payment for the week of E3, and further details will be given if you apply for the E3 writing position

If you are interested please click the link below and fill out the form as soon as possible as we are not accepting many new writers for E3, and expect them to be filled almost instantly. Best of luck to everyone who applies.

ThisGenGaming E3 2015 Writers Form   (This form must be filled out to be considered for the position)


Here is a short FAQ for anyone considering the writer position

Question: How many writers are you looking for?

Answer: Not too many, around only 3 or 4.

Question: How long would we be writing for ThisGenGaming?

Answer: From Sunday 14th of June until Sunday 21st of June.

Question: What would I be writing specifically?

Answer: We want our E3 writers to cover the conferences including all announcements and events plus post E3 opinionated articles.

Question: Will I be paid for the work?

Answer: Yes you will be paid for the week of E3 article writing. All pay details will be sent via email.

Question: Do I need past experience to get the writing position?

Answer: It would help your chances, but it’s not something that’s needed. All you need is good writing skills and a passion for video games.

Question: When does applications for the position end?

Answer: Friday 11:59 GMT.


If you have any more questions then please let me know either on Twitter (@TGGamingReviews or by using our contact form here)

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