Explaining The Xbox One Backward Compatibility and Why 18 Titles Isn´t That Big Of A Deal.

At Microsoft’s E3 2015 Media Briefing there was a confirmation of Backward Compatibility Coming in December, but its available now for Preview Members.

This preview members have noticed there are only 18 Titles available right now and have started panicing because Microsoft said 100+ titles, well that is because this is like a Beta of the feature, and it is not 100% complete so the rest of the titles are going to arrive progresively and when it launches for all the public in December, then and only then there will be 100+ titles available.

As you saw at the press conference they showed Mass Effect on Xbox One and at least for me, this is an awesome confirmed addition to this program, people who enjoyed this gems from the past now have this amazing oportunity to experience them in a whole new way, its like when you remember you saw a movie a long time ago, like, lets say, Star Wars and year and years later suddenly the entire saga is available on digital devices and is remastered and you go back to that moment in wich you experienced this movies for the first and you think: “Man, we have come a long way, and look at us now!”.

that feeling is what we are going to achieve once this feature is complete, we could say the same with the God of Warremasters throught the years, or The Master Chief Collection, even The Last Of Us Remastered and even if this games from the Xbox 360 aren´t remastered they are giving you the opportunity of moving on from that console and have those experiences in whole new other way.

So don´t panic, because remember, IT´S FREE, and we all like free stuff right? And you will be able to use old discs and give them new life, aren´t you tired of having to clean up all those unused discs, or have tem doing nothing in a box inside a wardrobe?

And for those of you who are thinking, Why did they not put it from the start? Well as you heard Phil Spencer say: “We thought it wasn´t possible, but now it is” so maybe they needed some  more time to figure it all out, but the thing here is, they are doing it, they tried hard and made it all possible, so don´t be like that and enjoy the things that live and the rest of the people give you, and if you still don´t like that it wasn´t there from the start that means that you are not confortable with Microsoft so remember that there are other options, there is Sony, Nintendo, and probably some other strange company I don´t know about but if you are not happy with something you can always change it so you are happy, keep in mind that the main objective of Videogames is to have fun, and travel to worlds that don´t exist and be people that you aren´t because I think that specilly lately that objective has been lost, and with this featur Microsoft is trying to help you relive all those moments from your childhoodor you teen years in your adulthood, or even let the new generations experience those same things you did at their same age, but hey that, after all is just my opinion.

Stay tuned for more info on E3 2015

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