Fallout Gameplay Demo Revealed

Bethesda Game Studios have unveiled the Fallout 4 gameplay demo. Fallout 3 development started pre-production in 2008, but major development has been going on for the last 4 years. Fallout 4 starts in the days before the bombs fall. New face designing system, including “scuplting”. You can play as either male or female as normal, and a baby is generated based on the couple you make. 200 years after you enter the vault, you emerge the lone survivor of vault 111. The next gen version of the creation engine, including physics and lighting enhancements. We see the 10mm pistol return as well as HD V.A.T.S system. Bethesda have confirmed that Boston is the setting for Fallout 4. You can set up settlements across the world, collecting crafting materials across the wasteland. You can also fully customise all of your gear and armour as well as building yourself a completely functional base.

Fallout 4 will come out on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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