Why Microsoft and Sony need a great E3 after Bethesda’s showing last night

I don’t think I need to express the importance of E3 for Microsoft and Sony, especially in the first couple of years after putting their most recent console on to the market. They need to put out an extremely positive image and attempt to sell consoles. This is especially important for Microsoft, with the Xbox trailing the Playstation by as much as 2:1 in most regions. They need to hit it out of the park in order to beat their competition but Bethesda have given them a huge mountain to climb after announcing and teasing the likes of Doom, Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4! Let’s talk about what the big dogs need to do to stay relevant in this years E3.

Firstly, I think it’s fairly safe to say that MS and Sony probably have the biggest budget for investment into their E3 showcases, with stock holders desperately wanting to make as much money and sell as many consoles as possible. It only stands to reason that they should have the winning conferences. Although I don’t want to make this article a “Bethesda is the best” show, it does seem that MS and Sony have their work cut out, and are going to need to pull out all of the stops to stay both relevant and on top.

Again, pulling from the only conference we’ve seen so far this E3, fan interaction is gold. When you give the fans a reason to cheer, they come away feeling like you’ve really given them something. MS and Sony are going to need to “woo” the crowd much like Bethesda did, whether that means announcing games they want to see, or even simple things like making sure the people presenting the gameplay demo’s are entertaining and excitable! The fans need to feel like they chose the right conference and get excited about what this company has to offer for the next year.

There needs to be absolutely no filler like we have seen from previous years conferences. We don’t want these companies to focus all of their energy on showing us the new and coolest comic books made in the Gears of War universe, just to listen to someone who doesn’t really care about games stand up and tell us why to watch their TV show or read their book that closely resembles the in game lore. Gamers are all about the action! We want to see gameplay demo’s filled with action, new things that we haven’t seen before and not too much talking. It irritates us when people book a 90 minute conference that easily could have been fit into a 60 or even 45 minute slot. It seems like Microsoft and Sony think that the longer the conference, the better the content which just isn’t the case at all.

But most of all, we want to see games of all varieties and new features coming to our systems that gamers will enjoy. We want to see new IP’s as well as new instalments of much loved franchises and new features to make our home consoles feel more game friendly, rather than just entertainment boxes. We may also get to see what Windows 10 looks like on the Xbox One and see some of the features to come with that. There is just so much potential for these guys, lets hope they get it right!

I’d love to hear which conference you guys think will blow us away this year. Will it be Xbox, Playstation, or neither?

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