Nintendo’s 2015 Event Fails to Impress Fans

Star Fox


E3 this year was a huge opportunity for Sony to show off upcoming virtual reality and for Microsoft to show off the HaloLens on games like Minecraft that are sure to be a hit, but Nintendo this year definitely disappointed their fans. In a brief hour-long event, Nintendo showed off games that failed to produce much hype. A lot of what Nintendo posted was old news – such as Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero, and Yoshi’s Wooly World. Overall, Nintendo’s Event felt unsatisfying and empty due to bringing us old news and giving us un-exciting new news.

Nintendo also kept their promises in regards to what they would not show at E3. Nintendo did not show off anything about their upcoming NX console, as stated previously by Nintendo. However, they did mention the console, and mentioned that we will get some news eventually. Another thing Nintendo failed to show was anything related to Zelda Wii U. Last year they showed off the game briefly and in the winter at the Game Awards it was shown off again with real gameplay footage.

However, this year at E3 they ignored the game’s existence all together, and instead showed us a new multiplayer Zelda game by the name of Zelda Triforce Heroes that didn’t seem to bring up much hype, and we got Hyrule Warriors coming to the 3DS. It looks similar to A Link Between Worlds, which was a pretty good 3DS game for the time, but will this game live up to that potential? It just goes to show that fans should never believe rumors that are part of the pre-E3 hype, because many fans were expecting a trailer and some official artwork of the game.

Most rumors were quickly debunked at the event. However, one rumor was true, and that rumor was that we were going to get a new Mario game, which came in the form of Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. Paper Mario fans might have felt some excitement, but Nintendo might have been better of by making a remake or a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, which was another rumor.

Another letdown was seeing an upcoming came called Fe. It is an anime-style video game, but the plot and the gameplay are still quite unclear, as most of it was shown off in Japanese. Unless you’re fluent in Japanese, it is still unclear to fans where exactly this game will be going, and right now it doesn’t look like it will be very popular here in America.

As for Star Fox Wii U, we saw some more gameplay footage and we got a title – Star Fox Zero. Not much was shown off, but what was quite odd was the puppet-gimmick at the beginning of the event. Nintendo created puppets of all the Star Fox main characters and puppets of the producers of the game. It was as odd as it sounds. It did bring some humor to the event, but it was still just another lame thing Nintendo did this year at E3.

More old news was brought to the table when we saw Mario Maker. We got a new look at the upcoming game, but it is still old news for Nintendo, and it probably would have been better off if the game was shown off at a future Nintendo Direct. It is set to come out September 11 of this year, and it seems to be the only big thing Nintendo brought to the table, despite it being old news. New features were shown off, such as getting instant feedback when you edit your projects in the game. The game can also be purchased with a booklet, which is just another collector’s-type item to purchase for the upcoming 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

To summarize, Nintendo barely made a dent in E3 this year and compared to what every other company did, Nintendo failed to create any hype for fans. There wasn’t really a single stand-out game this year that brought any excitement to fans. Nintendo’s event for E3 this year was a disappointment and an embarrassment, as they failed to show off any huge titles that would come to the Wii U this year. So, how does the future of the Wii U look to you guys? When do you think Nintendo will finally show off Zelda Wii U? What are your opinions about Nintendo’s event this year? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. A complete, total and utter failure.
    The only relatively interesting things shown were StarFox (Which I personally don’t care much for), the Metroid GF spin-off and the Mario & Luigi X Paper Mario crossover (Which, with a little bit of luck, won’t get infected by Sticker Star’s TOTAL SUCKAGE).
    Meanwhile,t he list of failures just goes on and on:
    1.-Mario Maker is exciting, but not enough to take up nearly half of the direct, especially considering we already know everything we need to know about it.
    2.-It’s good to see that the “SMT” X “FE” crossover is finally admitting that it isn’t either SMT or FE but some kind of mix of Vocaloid and Persona, but that doesn’t really mitigate the sense of betrayal.
    3.- Minutes upon minutes of SKY-EFFING-LANDERS, and yet another proof that even third party developers know what to do with Nintendo characters better than Nintendo itself.
    4.-Zelda Triforce Heroes is basically Four Swords down to reusing most of its assets from the previous game.
    5.-A 3DS port of Hyrule Warriows that makes the Wii U version feel worthless.
    6.-Yokai Watch: More like Yokai What? Another non-RPG with touch controls that nobody cares about.
    7.-Nothing on Zelda Wii U, basically confirmed for late 2016 release.
    8.-No Pokemon, at all.
    9.-No games for summer, most “Holiday 2015” games will probably get delayed into oblivion, closest Wii U game is Mario Maker in September, which creates a 4 month drought.
    10.-X releasing until December.
    11.-What the hell did they do to the voice of the Fire Emblem IF girl? Also, “Fates” is a stupid name.
    12.-Two Animal Crossing spin-offs: Because the sim isn’t boring enough, now you can buy a house builder and a Mario Party knock-off without minigames.

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