Was Nintendo Right To Not Preview The NX At E3 2015?

After what seemed like a lackluster E3 conference, Nintendo stayed true to its word by not talking about their new NX console. With many big name companies like Sony and Microsoft unveiling new hardware like the Elite Controller for Xbox or information on Project Morpheus, Nintendo refused to talk about their new NX console that is currently under development. With fans knowing little to nothing about the new NX that is under development, we are left puzzled and surrounded by speculation and opinion.


While the need for secrecy is important when creating a new console or game, the lack of information that encompass’s the NX may turn fans away from Nintendo’s new console. With lack of information fans have nothing to get hyped about. And while Nintendo did announce many new Nintendo 3ds exclusive games, fans seem to be asking for more; more explanation about upcoming games like the long awaited Legend of Zelda Wii U.


Let’s weigh out the pro’s and con’s of leaving out the NX:


  • Concentrated on upcoming games and not a console that won’t be done
  • Adds some mystery to the NX itself
  • Allow themselves more time to perfect development of the NX


  • Left fans wanting more information; literally any information at all.
  • With some mediocre game announcements, Nintendo didn’t have the same wow factor other companies had in their presentations
  • Potentially turning away interest on the NX as it seems like a myth


Overall, Nintendo’s decision to not discuss the NX was a risky move which I feel may have hindered their overall E3 2015 conference. With out the jaw dropping wow factor, Nintendo have left fans disappointed and wanting more. While there are reasons why Nintendo would choose to not to discuss the NX, the decision has left everyone wanting some form of information. However Nintendo is known for its incredible skill in innovation so there is no reason to knock the NX just yet. Though some information would have been nice for the fans and would have buffed up Nintendo’s conference.

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