After So Many Great Game Announcements This E3 Could Half Life 3 Be The Huge Ending We’ve Dreamed Of?

Don’t be silly, that game is but a myth… or is it? What if, after the E3 we’ve had so far, with shock announcements that no one expected, there was one surprise left in store for us. If there was any conference at any convention that it would happen, it would be the PC gamer conference at E3 in what is the biggest year of gaming in history. Here’s why I don’t think it’s out of the realms of possibility.

We’ve already had some crazy announcements that people just didn’t see coming this year. Games like Shenmue III and the newest Ghost Recon games were pretty huge surprises, that were kept under wraps incredibly well. We know that the team behind Half Life 3 would never be able to live with themselves if the secret got out if they were actually making this game.

Then, on to the point about how hyped people would be/already are for it. This could go one of two ways. Firstly, the fans want it so bad and it would sell huge, even if it wasn’t exactly what people expected from it. That leads into my next point about it being over hyped and developers being too scared to let people down, and to that point I have three simple words. The Last Guardian. That game has been so hyped about for so long, that it has to be exceptional or fans will be disappointed. But the point is, the developers aren’t scared that they will not live up to the hype, because they believe in themselves to create a great game, like we know the folks over at Valve do.

At the end of the day it’s pure speculation, but doesn’t now seem like the perfect time..?

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