Top 10 Games That Were Shown At E3 2015

After three days of E3 conferences, it’s finally over. All the games have been shown, and we ended up getting one of the best E3’s of all time. This article will rank the top 10 games that were shown at E3 2015, and trust me this was a tough one to do as the top 5 could have been between 20 games. Lets start with number 10 and that is….

10. Mirror´s Edge Catalyst

Faith is back, and better than ever, thanks to this gameplay trailer and explanation we now know that this game is a prequel to the original Mirror’s Edge, and will be showing us the origins of faith and introduce a brand new villain: Gabriel Krueger the man pulling the strings. It also seem like it will be an open world game, no load screens, just like Gta V.

Release: February 23 2016

Platforms:Pc, PS4, Xbox One.

 9.Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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