ThisGenGaming’s Top 10 Moments of E3 2015

With many amazing moments occurring so far during E3 2015, the hype level by fans is generally rising. So with that lets take a look at the top 10 moments of E3 2015 so far (in no particular order).

10. Nintendo and EA Try Their Hardest To Ruin A Great E3

Big name companies Sony and Microsoft dropped bombs of information left and right stunning the crowds at E3. However, determined to be the Waluigi and Wario, Nintendo and EA did the exact opposite. With lackluster conferences, both companies seem to have a clear lock on last place in the race that is E3. Maybe they’ll do better next time.

9. Kingdom Hearts 3 Unveiled Alongside Mobile Game

Talking about fan favorite remakes and unveils, Kingdom Hearts 3 was debuted at E3 2015 for the first time right alongside the Kingdom Hearts mobile game. Showing amazing graphics with beautiful delivery, fans of the Kingdom Hearts 3 series are thoroughly excited.

8. Square Enix Comes Out Swinging

Unfortunately no one was really expecting too much from Square Enix this year at E3. However they proved everyone wrong when then unveiled a whole slew of games including an immaculate Hitman title and a new spin on the Deus Ex series. For more information on what Square Enix did right, check out our article here:Square Enix E3 2015

7. Sony and Activision’s New Partnership

For many years Xbox 360 would receive DLC maps and weapons a month before PS3. Now due to a new partnership between Sony and Activision, things have changed and the roles reversed. Sony consoles will now receive DLC first marking a new change in a favorite series to many.

6. A Remake of Fan Favorite, Final Fantasy VII

Final fantasy fans were left in utter amazement when a trailer was shown debuting a Final Fantasy VII remake. The time old classic first being released in 1997 was speculated to be shown at E3 this year but was confirmed with a trailer. The trailer (shown below) looks absolutely immaculate.


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