E3 2015: What Happened With Nintendo and EA?

With companies like Bethesda, Sony, Microsoft, and Square Enix delivering amazing E3 2015 conferences, Nintendo and EA seemed to have such a lackluster conference. Lets see what both companies did wrong.



Nintendo has taken a different approach to E3 than any other company by taping their conference in advance which effectively rules out technical difficulties mid presentation. But after the Nintendo’s E3 video shown today, fans are left puzzled and wanting more. Common questions include: Where’s Zelda Wii U? What exactly is the NX? What is this “Fe” game title that was shown? With the announcements leaving fans more confused than excited, fans may begin to turn away from the new NX console and these new releases.


With Nintendo’s decision to not talk about the NX at all, fans are left wondering and waiting. However I fear that if Nintendo waits too long, then fans will turn away from the NX without giving it a proper chance. The lack of this big, jaw dropping development, it left their conference without a clear standout winning announcement. To see more on the NX decision, check out our article Here.


Where they lacked greatly in their NX development, they did announce quite a bit of games. However, none of the games seem to be the next Majora’s Mask or Super Smash Bros. hit. Some excitement is surrounding the Hyrule Warriors for 3ds but fans seem confused and let down regarding the new Metroid titles. They failed to give fans a reason to care about these new titles other than them being apart of a big name series. And with the reveal of the new amiibo’s, Nintendo didn’t mention the availability issues present.


Overall Nintendo’s conference was a 5/10. While there was an abundance of game announcements, they failed to meet the high standards set by Nintendo fans.



While EA is generally known for sports titles such as Madden and Fifa, there is a thing as too much sports. During the EA conference EA naturally focused heavily on sports as it is their bread and butter but didn’t seem to focus on new titles. In addition to the excess focus on sports, there were interviews that seemed irrelevant and just as a time filler, specifically the Pele interviews for Fifa.

Also with almost everyone having a smartphone, mobile gaming is becoming a larger focus for companies. EA focused heavily on this field when they revealed that a Star Wars mobile game is on the way. And other EA mobile titles like Simpsons Tapped Out will be coming to the Apple watch.

While EA is expected to talk about sports titles considering how there is a new sports title release every year, EA could have shortened the time spent on these sports titles solely because people expect these games. By auditing more time to maybe Mirror’s Edge Catalyst or Need For Speed. With too much emphasis on their sports titles, I feel that EA’s announcements were shrouded by the Madden 16 or NHL 16.

Let us know what you thought of EA and Nintendo at E3 in the comments section below.

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