Does Sony Need To Take Note Of Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Success?

During the Microsoft E3 2015 conference on Monday, fans of the console were ecstatic to hear that the Xbox One would offer backwards compatibility on Xbox 360. While there are only a handful of games available right now, most noticeably is fan favorite Mass Effect, Microsoft plans to have hundreds of titles available by the end of the year. With the games that will be backwards compatible, not only will they be free unlike Playstation Now, will receive a graphic upscale and smoother frame rate. With all the positive acceptance that has been garnered by this announcement, has Sony really looked at how well this has been received?

Microsoft’s announcement of hundreds of titles that will be backwards compatible allows Xbox fans who were tentative on purchasing an Xbox One through the Xbox 360 trade in special that is going to be valid until this Sunday June 20th know that their favorite Xbox 360 titles will be playable on the Xbox One. Breathing new life into the Xbox One, the Xbox One has seemingly been reinvented offering a far wider range of video games that fans love.

With an interview with Polygon, Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida called the news “Interesting”. Further going in to depth about the difficulty of backwards compatibility stating “Backwards compatibility is hard, I won’t say we’ll never do it, but it’s not an easy thing to do. If it was easy we would have done that.” But with this being said, potential PS4 owners may be discouraged to know that their PS3 games won’t work on their PS4 any time soon. Hopefully this announcement by Microsoft lights a fire under Sony to out do Microsoft and propel something even better.

While PS4 may not offer disc backwards compatibility, they do offer Playstation Now where PS4 users can play PS3 titles however, it requires a paid subscription fee of $19.99/month or $44.99/3 months. Undoubtedly this service is very expensive, and does the gaming experience really equate to the price. While very few PS3’s offered PS2 backwards compatibility, PS4 fans hope that they will eventually receive backwards compatibility sooner rather than later.

No doubt Sony will attempt to surpass Microsoft’s announcement of backwards compatibility. Thankfully competition generally results in better product. Simply meaning that the news of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One will cause Sony to improve their console and then vice versa allowing fans of both consoles to benefit.

Finally did Sony anticipate news like this by Microsoft at E3. With very positive feedback so far, the backwards compatibility announcement could have taken away from the Sony conference. big name company Gamestop praises the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility stating “It breathes new life” into Xbox 360 games. Being a company that specializes in selling video games, no doubt Gamestop is excited along with the many Xbox One owners.

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  1. Nah, they’re making way too much $$ gouging their fans with NOW subs and “Remasters” of 1-3 y.o. PS3 games.

    • LMBAO!!!!

    • Xbox has just as many remasters..

      • Um…NO.

        PS4: Uncharted Collection, TLOU, GoW3, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Journey, Tearaway…

        X1: Halo:TMCC, State of Decay and Gears

        And PS4 has more 3rd party remasters as well.

        • 3rd Party Remasters have nothing to do with Sony buddy.. and Half those games haven’t even been announced.. they are just rumors.. Like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.. Ratchet and Clank isn’t a remaster.. It is a completely reworking of the first title.. Which also is set to release with the New Movie. Journey and Tearaway.. those are indies.. Not massive titles.. Honestly who cares about them that much? Until Now.. TLOU:Remastered is the only 1st party remaster that has came out for Sony. Microsoft has two so far.. and more coming.. Gears of War is a remaster of the first game, a bit cheap if you ask me.. but who am I to judge? Just as God Of War 3 has little value to me remastered. Uncharted Collection and Halo are both good remasters, because their is a lot of people who didn’t get to play either IP depending on what system they were on Last Generation, Same with The Last Of Us.. I completely understand why they released that game on PS4.. It came a year later.. just like GTA V came a year later to PS4/Xbox One. It didn’t get titled as a “Remaster” even though it pretty much falls in line with the same thing TLOU did..

          Why do you even care so much though? Remasters are fine.. They don’t hurt you.. Just don’t buy them. It won’t hurt you at all man.. I promise. Relax.

  2. “WE WILL NOT CHARGE YOU, TO PLAY GAMES YOU ALREADY OWN”! That was the moment M$ won E3!

  3. 2 years into the era, almost anyone hanging on to a 360 has played all the old games they want to. PS Now on the other hand is for the 40% of owners who didnt have a PS3. so i doubt Sony is too alarmed. the feature is great for current users and some prospective buyers though.

  4. Its a “success” now lol? So Xbone sales have increase by 500%? 200%? 100%? 2%? I can run out and buy an Xbone and play all 0 360 games that I own? Because the reason I want to buy a next gen console is simply the fact that I can play 2 to 10 year old games (a very small number of them too right now) at almost the same resolution that my actual “next gen” games play at too?

    Seriously though, backwards compatibility is a niche market people. It means EVEN LESS on the console almost 2 years after launch and will mean even less next year and the year after that. It is still an AMAZING feature though and kudos to Microsoft t o fessing up to the console actually being able to it after denying it couldn’t.

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