5 Video Game Series That NEED To Be Backwards Compatible On Xbox One

At Microsoft’s E3 event on Monday, Phil Spencer announced that Xbox One will be backwards compatible which shocked everyone as this was an extremely unexpected announcement. The first batch of compatible games were announced, and included games like Mass Effect. A few days later another batch of games were confirmed   for a future update, but it got us thinking… What series really need to made backwards compatible.

1. Fallout


Fallout 4 is coming out this year, and everyone who is a big Fallout fan wants to revisit this great series before the upcoming release of Fallout 4. This is also a great way to bring in new fans of Fallout who might have missed out on the previous two games on the last gen consoles. Allowing them to play the classics (assuming they sold their previous gen console) would be an awesome way on selling new fans on the franchise, and in the process get them hyped for Fallout 4.

2. Elder Scrolls


And Bethesda goes 2/2 which shows how great they truly were last gen. Oblivion and Skyrim were two of the all time great games of the last generation, both with an average of over 90/100. Now this entry also comes with another reason that isn’t just “because it was awesome” Elder Scrolls games suffered from some pretty nasty performance issues and times were loading would take for ever.

On a console like the Xbox One, the extra power from the Xbox 360 would help eliminate some issues that the Elder Scrolls games had. A recent Mass Effect video running on Xbox One showed, it is possible for backwards compatible games to have an increased performance. Mass Effect’s original long load times were vastly improved along with overall performance because it was running on the Xbox One. It’s totally possible this could happen again with Oblivion and Skyrim. To add to this entry, Skyrim is currently 3rd in the poll for most wanted backwards compatible titles.

3. Call Of Duty


Say what you want about Call Of Duty but this ultra popular series just has to be on this list. Many have asked for remastered collections, PS4/Xbox One remakes, but it doesn’t seem like it will be happening so maybe the closest thing to having these games on current gen consoles will be by adding them to the list of backwards compatible games for Xbox One.

I’d say Call Of Duty games from the 360 are the most requested games to be added to the backwards compatible list. With many fans there seems to be that one Call Of Duty game that they really want to see more than any other Call Of Duty game like Black Ops 2 which is very highly requested.

4. Mass Effect


Arguably the greatest trilogy of the last generation, and like the other games in this list has fans requesting for a remastered collection for current gen consoles. Bioware has made it clear that they do not want to remaster the original trilogy for PS4/Xbox One and instead want to put all their efforts in to making Mass Effect Andromeda the best Mass Effect game to date.

The original Mass Effect game is already backwards compatible, so it makes perfect sense to finish off the trilogy by adding Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 to Xbox One’s backwards compatible games.

5. Assassin’s Creed


Assassin’s Creed was another huge series that started in the previous generation, and is now one of the biggest current franchises in video gaming today. Many are fans of their Assassin’s Creed games, and would love to play them once again on their Xbox One’s. Assassin’s Creed games are also some of the highest rated games of the previous generation with Assassin’s Creed II receiving 90/100.

What video game series of the last generation would you like to see added to the list of backwards compatible games on Xbox One, let us know in the comments section below.

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