Welcome to the New Golden Age of Video Games

Sit back grab your controller to the console of choice and enjoy for we are living in the new Golden Age of video games. As E3 2015 has shown, the number of new titles announced in addition to the innovations that big name consoles are making set us, the fans, in the ideal time for video games. With numerous titles set to be released all throughout the rest of 2015 and in 2016, fans of every console, whether they are a Xbox One, PS4, or even Ninetendo 3ds fan, you can expect to be busy playing your favorite titles and the new favorites recently announced.

In addition to a tremendous schedule of video game release dates, fans finally were given the games they want. Sony showed gameplay of Last Guardian and even said that it is scheduled to be released in 2016. Shenmue III’s kickstarter reached its goal in record time ensuring that fans of the classic will get Shenmue III. And everyone’s favorite Final Fantasy title, Final Fantasy VII is receiving a massive overhaul and is being remade with better graphics. And Speaking of better graphics, Xbox fans are ecstatic to know that the Xbox One will offer backwards compatibility and upscale the graphics of their favorite Xbox 360 once they are added throughout the year.

Not only is it the Golden Age for video game titles, but it is the Golden Age of innovation. Both Microsoft and Sony are hard at work at developing their own virtual reality equipment to further propel the gaming experience. New hardware like Microsoft’s Elite controller are offering new gaming experiences that we have yet to have. All of these innovations culminating into the ideal gaming environment. So rejoice fans of all consoles as the rest of 2015 and 2016 will truly be a time to game.

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