Who Had The Best Exclusives At E3 – Sony or Microsoft?

Being rival companies, Sony and Microsoft are locked in a constant battle to out do one another with exclusive game titles to draw more potential fans towards their console. Big name exclusive titles include the Halo series on Xbox and the Uncharted series on Playstation. E3 2015 was no different when at the end of day 0, both companies revealed a slew of console exclusives that have fans buzzing. So lets start with what exclusive games were announced for each company/console.


Sony/PS4 Exclusives

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn
  • Last Guardian
  • Street Fighter 5
  • Dreams
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Shenmue III


Microsoft/Xbox One Exclusives

  • Gears of War 4
  • Forza Motorsport 6
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Gears of War Ultimate Edition


While Sony announced quite a few exclusive game titles that shocked fans, Microsoft announced a handful of exclusive games deciding to focus on their newly revealed Xbox One backward compatibility. With that being said, does Microsoft’s fewer amount of exclusive titles hinder their chance of having better exclusive titles. It seems that both companies took a different approach with their announcements of exclusive titles.

Sony seems to have announced far more new IP exclusives like Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn whereas Microsoft showed off a lot of returning series like Halo and Gears of War. Seemingly pitting new versus old, Microsoft’s somewhat conservative approach towards console exclusives have left fans with extensions to their favorite series whereas Sony offers the birth of new game titles for fans to become attached too while also adding on to their already existing gaming series.

With their decision to branch out and unveil new titles for fans, I feel Sony had the better exclusive game titles. While the Microsoft exclusives are all fun games and series, they were continuations of fan favorites rather than the reveal of a potential new fan favorite series. Sony fans now are hyped for the new game Horizon: Zero Dawn in hopes that it may spark a whole new lineage of titles, in addition to the long awaited Last Guardian title that was finally demo’d after 6 long years.

Despite the extensive reveal of new IP’s, they also are adding on to existing fan favorites like the award winning Uncharted series. Taking into account the desire to continue playing as their favorite character in their favorite title, Sony found the right balance between new console exclusive IP’s and the return of fan favorite titles such as Street Fighter and Uncharted thus forth having the better unveiling of console exclusives.

Who do you feel had the better exclusives at E3? Sony or Microsoft. Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. The best outcome is the outcome that happened: both companies had a great E3. As for who had the better presentation I think it was Microsoft as a company if however, you’re talking about an individual game I liked Fallout 4 the best.

  2. Hey your list is missing a few big E3 exclusives for the XBO. Getting pretty tired of this ignorance. But hey, whatever helps your little agenda.

    Sea of Thieves
    Rare Collection
    Fable Legends

    • exactly

    • Not sure any of those titles would or should change his ultimate appraisal…he’s specifically praising the idea of new game franchises for the new generation, and in your list we have ReCore, a title w/ potential solely down to its creators as we saw nothing other than some vague cg trailer w/ absolutely nothing to go on as to what the game will actually be. You have Rare Replay which would be good fun, but they are all old previously released titles. You have Sea of Thieves which is the only actual new ip revealed w/ some form of gameplay on your list, but it looks like an mmo & potentially a free to play title which is fine if that’s someone’s bag, but we are seeing way too many titles like these IMO & Rare would’ve been better utilized creating an experience that it’s fans would be familiar with…not sure there’s much crossover between cool platformers & mmo wandering games. Fable Legends is barely desired by even it’s core fanbase as it retains very little of what made fans enjoy previous entries, yet another free to play asynchronous, asymmetrical, mmo deal that seems solely devoted to playing the same small handful of missions ad nauseum. It’s not some huge conspiracy, it’s just that only the hardest of the hardcore are excited by games primarily or solely because of their platforms. If MS had announced a new ip like Horizon, it would’ve taken the crown in this piece & most others. MS had a great show but just like the article said, it’s all safe bets & well tread ground.

      • You’re just a delirious fanboy what a load of crap! You’re so far up Sony’s butt that it would be a total waist of my time pointing out all the wrong in your reply. Welcome to my ignore list. Sheesh!

        • John you totally showed us as Xbox fanboy too

          • Move along troll.

          • I am not even trolling.

        • Ok I said Recore was a CG trailer, which is a certainty.

          I said Rare Replay is a collection of older titles, again a fact.

          Sea of Thieves is an mmo pirate sim, devs themselves have said as much.

          Fable Legends is a vastly different entry from the previous titles, MS agreed with me.

          You are right that it might be a ‘waist’ of your time to point out what was wrong w/ what I said because you’d be spending all of it trying to figure out exactly what was wrong about it.

          Also funny that you point out someone’s lack of paragraph usage in the same post where you illustrate your own horrid spelling. Glad to make your ignore list! I consider that an honor & privilege.

  3. Why would you put timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider on Microsofts list, but not put timed exclusive FFVII remake on Sonys list?

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