The Fans Have Spoken – They Want Old Call Of Duty Games To Be Made Backwards Compatible

Microsoft have added a poll were fans can vote which games they would like to see made backwards compatible on Xbox One. Although non are currently leading, four Call Of Duty games are in the top 10 which shows an amazing demand for past Call Of Duty’s to be made playable on Xbox One. Only Call Of Duty can boast about having more than one game in a video game series to be in the top 10 (Let alone FOUR!)

Here are the official rankings for the Call Of Duty games in the top 10

#2 – Black Ops 2

#5 – Modern Warfare 2

#7 – Black Ops

#9 – Call Of Duty 4

Will Microsoft answer the overwhelming demand for past Call Of Duty games on Xbox One? Or will Activision step in now, and make a remastered collection due to this kind of demand? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Remastered would be sweet.

  2. But if they make one backwards compatible, won’t that be the same as them all becoming backwards compatible?

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