How Fallout 4 “Won” E3 2015

We all knew it was going to be a big year for gaming this year. We are finally starting to see developers really making the most of the hardware and the tools that they have been given leading to beautiful 1080p 60fps pieces of entertainment for us gaming consumers. Now that I’ve given credit where it’s due, I want to talk about a company that always has gamers in mind and how their brain-child broke the internet for about 2 weeks straight. If you were on the internet at all over the last month, even if you aren’t a gamer the name “Fallout 4” was trending globally on almost all social media outlets. Let’s talk about what they did right.

To start with, I am going to play devils advocate in that I do think Bethesda left it too long after the “Survivor2299” website hoax to give us something. I think there could have been lessons learned from how long it took them to acknowledge that Fallout 4 was a thing as if this were pretty much any other game, a lot of support and hype would have been lost. It just so happened that the internet loves this franchise to death, so what could’ve been bad for the company turned into a surreal, adrenaline filled moment.

Enough of that, we need to talk about how Fallout as a game beat every other game at E3 this year. It all starts with the company behind it and how strong the previous entry into the franchise was, leaving fans hungry for more. The best thing they did, in my opinion, was nail down the first conference of the convention. There was so much buzz about E3 this year, and all of that was channelled into the first thing people could look at, which was the Bethesda conference.

The trailer was also a huge part of the hype for this game for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it was the world reveal of the game and there was finally a nod from Bethesda to say that it exists. Step two of this plan was that the trailer came out roughly a week before E3, making sure every fan had enough time to get hyped about the trailer and what we were in store for at the convention. Thirdly and lastly, the trailer was in engine. Throughout the trailer all I could think about was, this is pretty much gameplay. This trailer takes place inside the game engine, right were every single one of us will be when we play the game.

Now a lot of people said the trailer looked bad. If you are one of those people, I will politely ask that you do not buy this game. Bethesda levelled with us here, telling us “this is what the game will look like”. The people who say that the trailer looked bad, are the same people who looked at the Watchdogs trailer and the base game and complained then. This was Bethesda showing how great of a company they are, and how much they care about the fans.

All of the above built this great looking game in to the international hype machine for gaming that it has become. I can’t remember a game in recent history that I have been as excited for as this game, and I know that it is almost impossible for Bethesda to let me down after that E3 showing. Also console mods for Xbox, because I’m an Xbox fanboy.

What do you think? Will it be everything it’s being hyped up to be? Or are we going to see a mediocre Fallout that is way too overhyped? Let us know!

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